Giving Warrior Cats Keeper of the Lost Cities Powers by Mosskit

Mosskit assigns powers from KotLC to Warriors characters!

Hello, kitties, today I’m going to give warrior cats Keeper of the Lost Cities powers! For short, I’m just going to call it KotLC. Anyway, enjoy (:

1. Hawkfrost
I feel like he would be a Hydrokinetic (can control water), not only because he’s a RiverClan cat but because he just seems watery to me.

2. Dovewing
She would definitely be a Telepath (can read minds). It just suits her, and because of her ability to see super far and hear really well, she would probably end up a Telepath

3. Firestar
Empath. Empath. Empath. Empath means you can tell what people are feeling if you touch them (or if they have really strong emotions you can just feel it in the air). Empath definitely suits Firestar

4. Ivypool
I think she would probably end up Talentless, and be getting the scorn. Then she’d get jealous of Dovewing, who does have a power, and go to Exillium and get really good at skills

5. Lionblaze
Probably Pyrokinetic (can control fire), if I’m being honest. It’s a weird, brutal, and uncontrollable power, kind of like Lionblaze’s ability to fight without getting hurt

6. Hollyleaf
I imagine her as a Hydrokinetic too. I don’t know why, but don’t you think water suits her? And water is calm, which is really what Hollyleaf needs at this point

7. Jayfeather
Telepath as well, because he basically can already read minds

8. Tigerclaw/star
I think he would be just fine as a Shade (can control shadows). It just suits him

9. Shadowsight
A Shade as well, because Spiresight said he will ‘see into shadows.’

10. Tigerheart/star
A Psionipath (can make forcefields) because he’s super protective of Shadowsight and Dovewing

11. Rootspring (spoilers for ALitM)
Empath because he loves Bristlefrost so much, and after she died he was like “I never got to tell her my feelings for her!” (end of spoilers)

12. Bristlefrost
Empath for the same reasons as Rootspring. It would be so much easier if they both knew their feelings for each other!

Well, that’s all I’m gonna do. Should I make a part two? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! 😀


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