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Saddest Deaths In Warrior History by Miststar

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Miststar lists five of the saddest deaths in Warriors

Hello there! It’s Miststar! If you don’t know me, I am a new Riverclan warrior. Anyways-today I am going to talk about the saddest deaths in warrior history. I will explain a little about the cat and how his/her death occurred. There will be lots of spoilers so if you hadn’t read up to Warriors: The Broken Code: A Light in the Mist, I suggest you don’t read this article (or if you don’t mind spoilers then sure). Okay, I’m babbling-sorry. T-T Let’s go!

5. Bluestar
Bluestar is a ThunderClan cat who had a sad start. Her medicine cat Goosefeather saw good things in her and was quite fond of her-or perhaps it’s because she’s his niece. Anyways she had a sad start because her mother and sister died when she was a warrior-her mother died because of a battle with WindClan and her sister died because of a monster (I think?? I haven’t read it in a while). She then fell in love with Oakheart, gave birth to Mosskit, Mistkit, and Stonekit, Mosskit died, and then she gave her kits away to RiverClan so she could become deputy instead of ThistleClaw. Blah, blah, blah she became leader-moving on! Tigerstar-a evil cat-led dogs into ThunderClan using a rabbit trail. The dogs eventually did attack ThunderClan. And brave, noble Bluestar sacrificed herself by killing the leader dog to save her clan. *sigh* So sad *getting emotional here*. Next cat…

4. Silverstream
Silverstream is a RiverClan cat. Her mother and siblings died because of sickness leaving her father Crookedstar to take care of her (much like Leopardstar but that’s a different story). She had a very short life which is awfully sad. One cold, winter day, she saw some ThunderClan cats hunting on the other side of the river. A fluffy gray tom (guess who it is!) was chasing a vole across the ice when it snapped beneath him. Silverstream saved him of course and after that Graystripe wanted to meet her again. Eventually, they grew to like-even love-each other more and more. Fireheart tried to stop this but failed. Silverstream did get pregnant and one day she gave birth on Sunningrocks. Something was definitely wrong so Fireheart sent Cinderpaw over but it was too late. Silverstream died due to blood loss before she could even meet her kits, watch them grow into warriors, be proud, etc. *sniff sniff*

3. Yellowfang
Yellowfang. *sigh* I really do love her. She’s a ShadowClan warrior. Or she was one. She could feel other cats’ pain and couldn’t bear to be a warrior anymore and decided to become a medicine cat. She made a mistake though. She fell in love with Raggedstar (or Raggedpelt back then) and gave birth to three kits-two she-kits and one tom. The two she-kits sadly perished and Yellowfang thought that was her punishment from StarClan. Ironically, she was wrong. Because the tom survived was the punishment. Brokenkit was raised by another queen who didn’t want him. Brokenkit grew mean and hot-tempered. In the end, Brokentail killed his father Raggedstar to become the leader. Brokenstar was an awful leader. He trained kits at 5 moons and they ended up killed sometimes. One day, he blamed Yellowfang saying she killed the kits! Yellowfang was then banished from ShadowClan. Long story short she then joined ThunderClan. One day there was a fire in ThunderClan territory. Sadly, she died saving a clanmate because she inhaled too much smoke. T-T

2. Spottedleaf
Please note that I’m going to talk about her second death, not her first. Spottedleaf. She’s a beautiful tortoiseshell who mistakenly thought Thistleclaw was a good cat-maybe even considered being his mate. But she was wrong. After visiting the Dark Forest, she vowed not to like him again. One day a young kittypet tom with a flame-colored pelt walked in. I believe they had feelings for each other-maybe even considered mating each other. Sadly though, she was killed by a ShadowClan warrior before they confessed feelings for each other (or something like that). Spottedleaf still visited Firestar’s dreams and still loved him. She helped sort out Sandstorm’s feelings, telling her that Firestar only loved Sandstorm. Spottedleaf promised Firestar that he would see her in Starclan. But she couldn’t keep her promise. In the battle against the Dark Forest, she died saving Sandstorm “her last gift to her beloved Firestar”.

1. Bristlefrost
This, in my opinion, is the saddest death. Or it may just be me because Bristlefrost is my favorite characther. Bristlefrost is a Thunderclan warrior. I don’t know too much of her kit hood though I’ve been following her for the whole Broke Code series. She and Rootspring first met when Rootspring fell into ice-cold water and Bristlefrost had saved him. Rootspring (Rootpaw at that time) admired her bravery and at gatherings, he would try and talk to her. Bristlefrost didn’t accept him at first (perhaps annoyed by him?) but as they continued to meet over and over, Bristlefrost did seem to get more close to him. After Ashfur chaos, Shadowsight, Rootspring, and of course Bristlefrost took “trips” to the Dark Forest often. By then they were super close-even love-each-other-mate close. They had decided to choose their clans over themselves but I believe they doubt that. But in the great and perhaps the last battle with the Dark Forest, Bristlefrost died saving Shadowsight by drowning herself and Ashfur. What really is sad though is that Rootspring promised to leave his clan to join Bristlefrost after the battle and Bristlefrost doesn’t even get a chance to be in Starclan or have kits with Rootspring! I love Bristlefrost a lot so you can imagine how devastated I was (okay, I’m a little exaggerating). I was like “HOW COULD THEY KILL THEIR MAIN CHARACTER???”

Well, that’s it for today! I will be waiting for Warriors: A Starless Clan: River, lol (coming out on April 5th!!! Today is March 14). Thanks for joining me! I hope I did not bore you out. I promise to answer your comments as quickly as I can! Please give me tips, article ideas, your opinion, etc. Bye, y’all and may StarClan be with you!


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  • My favourite cat out of all the cats you listed was Spottedleaf. I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” when she died the first time and the second time. I was devastated and I almost threw my book across the room

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