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Dragonclaw lists their 10 least favourite characters

Hi guys! So this is my first article, and I hope you guys like it! Warning: spoilers!

So this article is about my least fav characters so far! I’ll do a fav characters too, soon! Oh, and by the way, I’m only on The New Prophecy: Dawn, so please correct me if I say anything wrong, but make sure you don’t have any spoilers in your comments! 🙂

Ok, let’s start at my top ten least favorite characters. (10 is he/she’s almost just neutral, 1 is I HATE HIM/HER.) Oh, and these characters are in Arc 1 and Arc 2.

10. Midnight
So, I liked Midnight at first, but then she led the cats to the tribes, while Purdy tried to warn them, but she interrupted him! She could have at least told them why she didn’t tell them about the tribes, even though they were probably actually supposed to meet them…

9. Cloudtail
I don’t really like him because, well, he’s just plain rude! And, in the first arc, when he’s a kit, he’s hard working and brave and stubborn, but when he’s an apprentice, he depends on twolegs for food and he became fat! Then, now that he’s a warrior, he fixes his weight, but changes his personality(a little). He’s more stubborn, rude, and seems to only care about Brightheart!

8. Leopardstar
I don’t like her because she seems kinda evil. She’s cunning, wants Sunningrocks, and didn’t even help Stonefur when he got killed by Darkstripe and Blackfoot! And she joined Tigerclan, so it kindov looks like she’s a coward, while also evil. But I do like her name!

7. Crowpaw
He’s rude and kind of, in a way, like Squirrelpaw. So I dislike how he acts to the cats on the journey to Midnight (especially how he acts towards Brambleclaw), while he’s really nice to Feathertail. But I also feel bad for him.

6. Blackstar
It’s just his personality. He’s a bit mean and rude, WHICH I DON’T LIKE. So…

5. Scourge
I don’t like Scourge. I just don’t. Firestar offered him to hunt while he and Bloodclan left, which is really lucky and good (especially for the Clans offering that) but he was just like Nah I’m gonna take the whole forest instead. And he tried to kill Firestar! That’s a no no.

4. Brokenstar/tail (I kinda feel like he’s a forgotten character)
Who would kill kits?! It’s his fault that so many kits in Shadowclan had died, so maybe that’s why there aren’t so many Shadowclan cats? And then, when Thunderclan was giving him hospitality and taking good care of him, he literally attacked them!

3. Dustpaw
I did not like Dustpelt when he was an apprentice, because he was always so mean to Firepaw/heart! He and Sandpaw made fun of his old kittypet life, until Sandpaw/storm finally sided with Fireheart instead.

2. Bluestar (right after Tigerclaw betrayed her)
She was such a strong and smart cat, until Tigerclaw actually betrayed her. She should have been mentally prepared, even Fireheart warned her but she completely ignored him! In the end, she thought everybody was a traitor and I hated that! And it was kinda annoying after a while.

1. Hawkfrost
So I’ve only read him talking for a little, but I’ve gotten to where he said that someday the 4 clans would turn into 1?? Something like that. And if he’s just like Tigerstar… uh oh. And he seems so…ferocious? Not caring? Oh, he has a heart of stone.

So that’s it! I hope you guys liked it! And I bet you guys are wondering why I didn’t do Tigerstar, it bc he’s so common. I wanted to do something else! Thanks guys!

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  • Good article, but I’m assuming that you didn’t finish reading Warriors yet? Sorry if I’m wrong😬…
    For Bluestar, I’d say her falling into a mental breakdown is a really good plot point. It gives Fireheart time to struggle with being deputy, as well as taking care of Bluestar and her duties. Let’s not forget that by the time TPB begins, Bluestar is very old – cats who were in her generation are already elders. Her daughter is already a mother. She had to deal with the death of her Redtail, who was her deputy for a LONG time, Lionheart, her next deputy as well as a close friend, and in the end, Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw is obviously a questionable choice, but looking at it without bias, he is actually a logical choice. So she was aged, had lost two deputies in a short time span, and so of course she didn’t want to believe that Tigerclaw was a traitor. After all, there was no clear proof – he’d been a loyal warrior ever since he became one. I think she was slowly falling into paranoia ever since the start of the series, and, as I said before, it’s a good obstacle for Fireheart.

  • Some of your opinions on these cats might change the further you get into the series. But maybe not 😁.. I’ve hated these cats at one point or another too. Wonderful article!

  • Heck great article but I have to tell you that Dustpelt actually becomes good after being mates with ferncloud he just changes into a kind warrior. Cloud tail on the other hand changes after and he does care about Bright heart but he becomes a great warrior.

  • Great article! I respect your opinions, but personally I love Crowfeather and Hawkfrost is ok, he’s not as bad as Tigerstar. But Hawkfrost DID kill Hollyleaf and try to kill Ivypool, so that’s a big no-no. And I like Dustpelt, but he is a grump. I feel like Cloudtail gets better as the books go on, but in the first arc he was a bit of an idiot.

  • I have one question: WHY IS IT THE TORTISESHELLS WHO ARE THE ATTRACTIVE ONES? I get that tortiseshells look nice and all, but calicos and tabbies look nice too!

  • I don’t agree with the Bluestar thing, She’s very old, she had lost 3 deputies by that point (one for treason) and at that point it must’ve felt like the world had turned on her.
    Also, Blackstar is a straightup hollow brainless cat. He just went along with whatever anyone said to him. He was convinced by Sol to let his clan crumble and die, he agreed to kill Stonefur, no questions asked and took part in Brokenstar’s tyranny

  • Great article! My least fave characters:
    1. (TIE!) Bramblestar & Tigerstar 1
    2. Rainflower
    3. (TIE!) Daisy, Millie, Hawkfrost & Thistleclaw
    4. (TIE!) Bristlefrost, Russetfur & Blackstar
    5. (TIE!) Mapleshade & Tigerstar 2
    6. (TIE!) Leopardstar & Berrynose
    7. (TIE!) Ashfur, Scourge & Breezepelt
    8. Mousewhisker
    9. Rowanstar
    10. (TIE!) Darktail, Sleekwhisker & Needletail
    11. OneSTAR
    12. (TIE!) Hazeltail (sorry she’s really annoying) & Dustpelt
    13. Tornear
    14. Sol
    Tysm for reading!!! Sorry if I disliked some characters you like!

    • Just saying your least favorites are so unbalanced. 90% are evil cats so you basically hate them because they are evil or killed cats. It should be there traits that you hate instead.

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