Cats that really need books! by Foxtooth

Foxtooth lists cats they think should have the chance to tell their own stories.

Art by NatameSecrea

Hi! I’m Foxtooth, this is my first article!

Today, I’m going to be explaining why certain cats need super editions, novellas or graphic novels! I think you’ll understand my reasoning! 😀

1: Darkstripe

Now, hear me out. Darkstripe is a bad cat, a really bad cat. But there’s so much potential for a good hero to villain story! Keep in mind, Tigerstar was his mentor, imagine the story possibilities! I think this would work best as either a novella or a graphic novel, starting from Darkstripe’s kithood and ending after Firestar kills Darkstripe’s ghost in ALITM. If it was a novella, it would be called “Darkstripe’s Thirst”. Unsure what the graphic novel could be called.

2: Ashfur

An Ashfur super edition would be perfect! There’s so much about this guy that we know, but don’t know at the same time. His time in Starclan, more of his relationship with his sister Ferncloud and of course, how he came to love Squirrelflight. The book could start with Ashfur’s kithood and end when Ashfur discovers the entrance to the dark forest. The graphic novel epilogue could be the events of ALITM. It could be called “Ashfur’s greed”.

3: Barley

We need to know more about Barley’s past with bloodclan! This would work best as a super edition, I think. It could start with Barley’s kithood and end after Ravenpaw’s death. The graphic novel prologue could be him dying and living a peaceful afterlife with Ravenpaw. It could be called “Barley’s worry”

4: Boulder

Anyone remember Boulder? I do! Boulder was a shadowclan elder who joined the clans in Yellowfang’s secret. This cat is absolutely begging for a novella. We need to know his thoughts when he joined Shadowclan, why he left to join Bloodclan, why he returned from bloodclan and of course, how he died. It could be called “Boulder’s Loyalty”

5: Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe is a cat who fills me with absolute anger and hate. But I’m not gonna say that he isn’t begging for a novella. Think about it, Bumblestripe was one of the impostor’s biggest supporters! And keep in mind, one of the named codebreakers was Dovewing, the cat who (rightfully) rejected him! I think that Bumblestripe may have some underlying Ashfur-style hatred, enough to betray his deputy and enough to wish exile on his former mate. It could be called “Bumblestripe’s anger”. It could start with Bumblestripe falling for Dovewing and end after the imposter’s defeat.

6: Longtail

We need to get Longtail a super edition, there’s no doubt. We know so much about him, but we know so little at the same time. What was his kithood like? What was his apprenticeship to Darkstripe like? Could it be the reason that he was so loyal to Tigerstar in the beginning? We need to know! It could start with Longtail’s kithood and end when he’s crushed by the tree. As for the epilogue graphic novel, TLH fight! It could be called “Longtail’s strength”

7: Whitestorm

As for my final entry in this list, we have Whitestorm! A cat who desperately deserves a novella. It could start from his kithood and end with his death to Bone. Whitestorm has so much explained about him from other cats, but what’s his perspective? I want to know! And I think we all want to know too! It could be called “Whitestorm’s wisdom”

Anyways, that’s all guys! I’m excited to write many more of these articles in the future! Sincerely, Foxtooth!

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