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Frogpaw shares their favourite characters from the series.

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Hi everyone! I’m Frogpaw, and this is my first article so please excuse any mistakes or errors. I am going to be talking about my top ten favorite warriors characters with one being my most favorite out of my favorites and ten being my least favorite out of my top ten favorites. So let’s get started!

SPOILER WARNING: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR Midnight, Moonrise, The Apprentice’s Quest, Thunder and Shadow, Shattered Sky, River of Fire, Hawkwing’s Journey, Lost Stars, The Silent Thaw, The Sight, The Sun Trial, Thunder and Shadow, Path of Stars, Rising Storm, Skylan and the Stranger, SkyClan’s Destiny, The Fourth Apprentice, Fading Echoes, and The Last Hope.

10. Briarlight
How can someone not love this amazing cat? She was always so optimistic and was always like a light through everything. Even when she was dying, she still kept on looking towards the bright side, towards good times in StarClan. Her persistence and determination has put her on my top ten favorites list.

9. Leafstar
After reading Firestar’s Quest, I immediately went and read SkyClan’s Destiny as I was eager to see what would happen to SkyClan and the cats of SkyClan. Specifically, I was keen to learn how a particular cat, Leafstar, was doing as leader of SkyClan. Leafstar is a courageous yet logical character who is willing to do whatever she can to help her clan. Leafstar served as a phenomenal leader who guided her clan through difficulties while acting as a caring mother, even though the clans typically looked down upon a female leader having kits while in the position of leader. Leafstar faced many challenges and even if she struggled with those challenges, she still continued to make decisions that she felt were necessary for her clan. As a well-written character, Leafstar has achieved her place on my top ten favorite characters list for never being afraid to shatter stereotypes and pave new ways for her clan.

8. Violetshine
When Violetshine, as Violetkit, was introduced in The Apprentice’s Quest, I didn’t think much of her. And throughout Thunder and Shadow, I didn’t really like her as she seemed too passive and selfish. After reading Shattered Sky, though, I saw Violetshine in a new light. I noticed that she was determined and was actually really strong despite having gone through a lot of harsh things as a kit and apprentice. My love for Violetshine’s courage, bravery, and admirable ability to take risks while dealing with Darktail made her join my top ten favorite warriors characters list.

7. Rootspring
I feel as though Rootspring is—undeniably— quite underrated. I’ll admit that I myself had not included Rootspring in my top ten favorites list until I came to realize that he was actually a character that was really relatable. As a young apprentice, he desperately wants to fit in as he feels shadowed by his father who is seen to have a quirky personality. Rootspring strives to hide his talent of speaking to ghosts, yet only realizes that his ability is a gift that can help everyone. He realizes that he does not need to fit in and can be his own self. The changes that Rootspring goes to are relatable for me as I have gone through that transformation of feeling that I should try hard to fit in to accepting myself as a unique and different person. Rootspring is a dynamic character who’s inner and outer struggles make him who he is— and a member of my top ten favorites list.

6. Hawkwing
Reading Hawkwing’s Journey made me really love Hawkwing. Seeing him as a struggling hot-headed young warrior rising from the death of his brother to becoming a sensible and practical deputy in a clan wrestling with difficulties was really interesting to me. Seeing all the mistakes he made and all the obstacles he had to go through until he became the deputy of SkyClan was something that I enjoyed reading about. The strength and dedication that he possesses is something that I really came to love. I also really like how he’s a really nice, caring, and supportive father to Violetshine, not to mention that he is very supportive towards his mate. Hawkwing is such an incredible character!

5. Jayfeather
It is easy to see why someone might dislike Jayfeather. He is incredibly grumpy, cold, and sharp. He’s also quite stubborn, and he is not exactly friendly. Still, this unique personality of Jayfeather’s is a breath of fresh air in the world of Warriors. It is something different from the repetitive personalities that most other cats possess. Of course, there are other cats with sharp tongues such as Crowfeather, but Jayfeather was the first point of view main series character who had such a personality. I love Jayfeather for not being afraid to be who he is and I like him because he is such an interesting character to read about!

4. Gray Wing
Warm hearted and selfless, brave and loyal, thoughtful and empathetic, (I could go on and on) Gray Wing has earned his place as fourth on my favorites list. Gray Wing was a character that I instantly came to love. He was an amazing father to Turtle Tail’s kits and provided nothing but the utmost best care for them. He was also an amazing father to his own kits in the short time that he spent with them. Something that I especially love about Gray Wing is how selfless he is. Over and over, he puts others before himself. He wanted to stay in the mountains yet he threw his own wish aside and followed his younger brother to make sure he was safe, Gray Wing courageously put himself in the midst of a fire to save the other cats even if that means risking his own life, and so much more. I love Gray Wing for everything he really is, from selfless to thoughtful to empathetic.

3. Graystripe
Thinking back to the first Warriors book that I ever read, Rising Storm, I remember being extremely confused, at first, why the main character, Fireheart, kept on having imaginary conversations with some cat named “Graystripe”. Let’s say that I have gone a long way from having no idea who Graystripe was to having him third on my favorites list. He is funny and easygoing and is always there to provide a sense of comic relief in the world of warriors. His friendship with Firestar is also something I admire. Their friendship is realistic as they argue with each other yet exhibit loyalty and care for each other at the same time! Graystripe is such an extraordinary character with a fun-loving personality!

Relatable in so many ways, it is no surprise that Alderheart is my second favorite warriors character. Just like Alderheart, I also tend to overthink things. Just like Alderheart, I also feel excessively nervous sometimes. He is also super kind, loving, and hardworking. In the role of medicine cat, he always does his best to help everyone around him! I also adore Alderheart for his relationship with Twigbranch. Alderheart served as an older brother figure for Twigbranch and helped her get through tough times. He is also compassionate as he always understood how his clanmates felt. Alderheart is a kind and loving character who easily weaved his way into my heart as my second favorite warriors character.

1. Ivypool
I’ve put Ivypool at the top of my favorite warriors character list. Why? Her bravery. Her resilience. Her intelligence. Her determination. That and so much more. Ivypool is a character who I didn’t like at first. However, as Omen of the Stars progressed, I came to adore her because of the inner transformation that Ivypool went through. As an apprentice, Ivypaw seethed in the background as her sister, Dovepaw shone in the light. Simply, Ivypaw became envious of Dovepaw and the Dark Forest easily preyed on that weakness. However, Ivypool did not just let her envy swallow her up— she stayed strong and as she became a warrior, she learned that she could help her sister. She learned to accept herself as who she was, and in turn, developed a lot mentally. Ivypool’s transformation from a jealous apprentice to an honorable warrior even with various flaws has made me adore her. And also has made her my favorite character!

Honorable Mentions
• Squirrelflight
• Duskpaw
• Stormfur
• Sandstorm
• Foxleap
• Firefern
• Cinderpelt
• Crookedstar
• Lionheart
• Pebble Heart
• Bristlefrost
• Cherrytail

Thank you so much for reading my article! I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite warriors characters. Who are your top ten favorite warriors characters? Do you like some of my favorite characters? Do you dislike some of my favorite characters? Who is your favorite of my top ten favorite characters? What makes your favorite characters your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 😀

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