Is Oakheart really Bluestars mate by Weedpaw

Weedpaw wonders if Oakheart really was the right cat for Bluestar.

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Hi, y’all! So I assume that you all know how Bluestar mated with Oakheat but did she really love him or was it more of a high school love? I think that she would do better with some other cats but it’s kind of up to you to decide. Well, let’s go over the facts (and some opinions):

Bluestar X Oakheart

Bluestar (at the time bluefur) finds Oakheart on sunningrocks which at that time was thunderclan territory. She doesn’t drive him off her territory but why? I think that it’s because she is charmed. But, we all know that your mate shouldn’t charm you just to do what they want. She agrees to meet secretly with him at fourtrees, so she is willing to break the warrior code for him. And, when they have kits Bluestar gives them away to Oakheart. Now I’m not saying that she doesn’t love her kits, but she doesn’t love them enough to keep them in her clan. Her ambition is too great. She can’t be the mother figure in their life because she needs to be a deputy of her own clan. She does do a good job as deputy but still. She still loves him even when he died but she is almost obsessed with him! I mean she mornes him wich isn’t wrong but then a while later she is still morning him so much that in the attack she just stays in her den and can’t even fight Tigerstar (Tigerclaw at the time)

Bluestar X _________

Now I think that Bluestar would have been better off with mating Whitestorm. I mean he obviously cares for her. When her memory is slipping away he stays with her to keep her company. And, Firestar did make him deputy, meaning that Whitestorm was a trusted member of thunderclan. Whitestorm was the only cat Bluestar trusted in the last three books of The Prophecies Begin. Yes, it would have been awkward as he was Bluestar’s sister’s son but if he wasn’t related to her and wasn’t so much younger I think they would have been the perfect mates.

If you have other opinions please let me know!

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  • White storm is her nephew!
    (Snowfur was Bluestar’s sister, and Whitestorm is Snowfur’s son. I know all warriors are related but not this close ☹️)

  • I agree, Whitestorm and Blue’Star would have been better mates, they’re just too closely related

  • Great Article! Thrushpelt is always available, and really cares for her, im not saying that shes better with him, but still..

  • Look,I love Whitestorm as a character but:


    The franchise made it clear that Oakheart was a caring,selfless mate.He sacrificed everything caring for the kits so Bluefur could follow her dream of becoming leader.After all this,it seems unfair that he should just be replaced.

    However,I do think that Whitestorm would have been the perfect alternative deputy for Tigerclaw after Lionheart died.I have always seen Whitestorm and Lionheart as close,so he would look for advice from the former deputy.

    Anyway,I respectfully disagree with this article.

  • Excuse me,are you saying Oakheart was a bad mate?Oakheart,who took in their kits and found them a foster mum,protected them with his life,all so Bluefur could achieve her goal of becoming Leader?Oakheart was an amazing,understanding,compassionate,caring,selfless mate who would do anything for Bluestar!

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