Icemist talks about her favorite ships/couples from each arc by Icemist

Icemist shares their favourite ships from each arc.

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Hi! It’s Icemist, and today I will be saying what I think is the best ship from each series. These are the groups: DOTC, TPB, TNP, PO3, OOTS, AVOS, TBC, & Super Editions.

DOTC: SkyXBright
Story: Clear Sky & Bright Stream are both part of the group leaving the mountains, even though Bright Stream was hesitant at first. They journey for sometime, and Bright Stream is expecting kits. But there is a hawk, and the hawk carries Bright Stream away, and she dies, with her unborn kits.
Clear Sky(Skystar) & Bright Stream are my favorite couple in DOTC. They are really cute together, and we can actually see the good Skystar. With Storm & Star Flower, it’s not the same because he treats Bright Stream a lot better. It was so sad that Bright Stream died, and she was carrying kits too… All the Gray Wing ships were good, but not good enough. We can see the true love between the two.

TPB: GrayXSilver
Story: Fireheart, Graystripe, Cinderpaw, & Brackenpaw were out in the forest, and Graystripe fell in a river. Silverstream, a RiverClan cat, saves him. The Graystripe & Silverstream start meeting up and they fall in love. Silverstream is expecting kits, but dies in childbirth.
Graystripe & Silverstream are my favorite couple in TPB. It’s actually my 2nd favorite ship in all of the series! It’s SO ROMANTIC. Most of the time, the toms and portrayed as the one who saves everyone and blah blah blah, but this time, it’s the she – cat! Silverstream saved Graystripe from drowning in the river. They loved each other a lot. It was SOOOO sad when Silverstream died. I feel that Graystripe loved Silverstream more than Millie, but that’s just my opinion. GrayXSilver!!!!

TNP: CrowXLeaf
Story: Crowfeather & Leafpool have feelings for each other on the Great Journey. Crowfeather saves Leafpool from falling off a cliff. They meet up in secret and decide to run away together. But Midnight warns them about the badgers so they go back to the clans. Then Leafpool realized she was expecting his kits, and that was the reason for PO3 & OOTS.
Crowfeather & Leafpool are my favorite couple in TNP. They are my all time favorite couple in Warriors. They are so cute! When Crowfeather realized that Leafpool was in danger when she died, he was so worried. They ran away together! Honestly, I feel that Crowfeather will choose Feathertail, & CrowXFeather is pretty good too. But CROWXLEAF FOR LIFE.

PO3: JayXHalf
Story: Jayfeather goes to the Ancients and travels back through time or something(I was always confused about that) as Jay’s Wing. Half Moon & Jay’s Wing(Jayfeather) fall in love, but they leave each other since Jayfeather has to go back to the clans & Half Moon must lead the tribe.
I know this wasn’t really in PO3 that much, but there weren’t any good ships in PO3. Jayfeather & Half Moon’s life for each other is so real, and they are ADORABLE.

OOTS: TigerXDove
Story: Tigerheart(I know it’s now -star, but I will always think of him as Tigerheart) & Dovewing travel upstream together and fight off the beavers. They began meeting up afterward, and Dovewing broke up with him because of her Clan. But, when Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, & Tigerheart came to ThunderClan, Dovewing & Tigerheart became closer. They ran away together to have kits & then came back. Tigerheart is now leader of ShadowClan & Dovewing moved to ShadowClan.
I might get hate for this. I know. But I really do like TigerXDove. It’s really cute. They are both great parents & very supportive of their kits. They really did love each other in my opinion. I don’t understand why a lot of people hate this ship? I think it’s very cute.

AVOS: Alderheart & Needletail
Story: Alderheart is going on this quest to find SkyClan, and Needletail joins them later. Alderheart grows to have feelings for her and Needletail doesn’t like him back. Alderheart & Needletail used to meet up at night so that Twigbranch & Violetshine could play together. But then Darktail happened, and Needletail died…
I love this! I wish Needletail could’ve liked him back, it would’ve been amazing!!! Alderheart was jealous of Rain lol. The interactions between Alderheart & Needletail were amazing!!! AlderXNeedle!!!!!

TBC: RootXBristle
Story: Bristlefrost saves Rootspring from drowning in the lake. Rootspring begins to have a crush on her. Later, Bristlefrost does too, and they fall in love. All the Dark Forest plot happens, and Bristlefrost dies. Rootspring is well let’s just say, very sad. (DEPRESSION)
I ship this with all of my heart. BristleXRoot is meant to be! I hate Ashfur so much I wish I killed him instead of Hollyleaf & Bristlefrost. I can’t believe she’s dead. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US ERINS?? I know Rootspring only had a crush on her in the beginning, but it turns into true love. Amazing.

Super Editions: CrookedXWillow
Story: Crookedstar and Willowbreeze fall in love. They have kits, but Willowbreeze dies in childbirth. Yeah, most of the clan relationships don’t have much story. They have chemistry, but no “story”.
I love how Willowbreeze was able to look past Crookedstar’s jaw and see the good in him. Crookedstar was so sad when Willowbreeze died, it was awful! Their relationship was so sweet, I wish Willowbreeze could’ve lived.

Well, that concludes this article! I hope you enjoyed this article and please comment what article you want me to do next! Hasta luego!!!

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