Giving Lion King Characters Warrior names while telling backstorys and translations! by Minnowpaw

Minnowpaw gives warrior names to Lion King characters.

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Hi it’s Minni!! You might also Know me as Foxpaw/flame! And I am giving some Lion King Characters Warrior names…..So let’s start!!!!

1.) Scar
WOOHO MY FAVORITE IS FIRST!!! Okay I was thinking, he already has a prefix ( it’s scar in case you were wondering), but I still thought we should dive into the history of this Villan. Scar was Born to Ahadi an Uru, but he wasn’t born with the name Scar, his real name is Taka. Which translates to Garbage. (OOF) MEANWHILE, Mufasa name is translates to KING. Poor Child. BUT WAIT THERES MORE!! He has TWO different backstorys, according to the Lion Gaurd he was named Askuri which translates to warrior, (Hahaha a worthy name,) in both versions he was jealous of his brother. And if I type anymore ima run out of room. Okay but quickly if u want to know how he got his scar watch the Lion Gaurd for more info. Anyway his warrior name is Scareye!

2.) Simba
Simba is a pretty straightforward character, we know what happened to him. So ima jest tell you what his name translates to… Translates to Lion or Power depending if it’s a Noun or Verb. So I give you the name……Lionfire. idk why maybe cause he yeeted Scar into the fire and watched him get eaten by hyenas. 😢 Sheesh!That’s dark Disney!!!!!

3.) Nala
Nala, which means queen or successful woman, is also a pretty straightforward character, so let’s cut to the chase, she is Firelilly, because she’s pretty like Lilly, but fiery like well fire!

4.) Zazu
Zazu his name has Hebrew origin which means Movement. He is a bird who is serious and gets to the point quickly. (Aka Mr. Banana beack.) Lol. According to Hearos Wikki “Zazu has two different backstories.

According to The Lion King: Six New Adventures books, Zazu gained the title of majordomo after his mother Zuzu retired.

However, according to the book Friends In Need (which takes place years before The Lion King), an adolescent Zazu is about to be eaten by Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, but is saved by a then Prince Mufasa. As thanks for being rescued, Zazu hopes that he can be of service to the future king.
Zazu starts to follow Mufasa around, much to the young lion’s annoyance as Zazu keeps disrupting his hunts and his time with his betrothed Sarabi. One day, Zazu notices vultures circling and questions Mufasa about it. However the young prince does not wish to deal with it and has a nap. Zazu goes to see what the vultures are interested in and discovers Sarabi trapped in a gorge. He goes to alert Mufasa, who uses a tree trunk Zazu points out to him to rescue his love interest.
Afterwards, Mufasa accepts that Zazu is useful and declares that when he becomes King, Zazu will be his majordomo, which happened when Mufasa became the new King of Pride Rock.” – Heros Wikki he is now Coconutflight because he’s a bird and this…. “I’VE GOT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS DIDILI DEEE ALL OF THE STANDING IN A ROW, BIG ONES SMALL ONES SOM AS BIG AS UR HEAD!” – Zazu singing to scar in the Lion King

That’s all I have for today but I WILL make a part two.. MAYBE.

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