My mixed emotions about Hawkfrost!! by Rockypaw

Rockypaw shares their thoughts on Hawkfrost.

Art by Ospreysplash

Alright so when Hawkfrost died I didn’t know how to feel I mean I liked him but I hated him it was a lot of mixed emotions. So I am going to talk about them.

1.) Sad: he was a good character at some times, he was always loyal and brave and determined he didn’t want to break the warrior code and fail like Tigerstar did.

2.) Angry: this was an angry because he was a good character and and angry because he was a bad character. So yeah I was also angry at his death for many reasons.

3.) Glad: he was an evil character which made me also not like him, he was ambitious and wanted to rule the forest/lake territory, this made me not like him because he was like Tigerstar.

4.) I don’t know the name for this but lets just say wow/oof moment: I mean his halfbrother killed him with the end of a fox trap thats a big wow and a big oof. Like it’s very wow/oof that his own halfbrother had to kill him to protect his leader!

5.) Surprised 🙀: Like I was reading and they fought and I was like “OMG two halfbrothers who just spent a while training with each in their dreams mentored by Tigerstar himself are fighting!” And when Brambleclaw grabbed the fox trap and stabbed Hawkfrost I was like, “OMG Brambleclaw just killed Hawkfrost, and OMG it was Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost who the prophecy “Before there is peace blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red.” was about.

6.) The ACKKKK moment: I was reading and Hawkfrost died and I was like “Aghhhhhh, Why but also thank you!” So yeah I kinda THREW LIKE LITERALLY THREW the book across the room.

7.) This is the IDK feeling: Like he died and I didn’t know what to think like should I think finally or Oh come on or alright then like what should I feel.

8.)The alright then feeling: So yeah he dies and I’m just like” Alrighty, welp that was interesting, So Hawkfrost is dead, Brambleclaw proved his loyalty by saving Firestar and killing Hawkfrost his own Halfbrother and alright then.” Yeah that was definatly also a, Alright then, kinda feeling.

Well I hope you liked this cause I don’t know how I managed to write these over 350 words but that was interesting and I hope you enjoy cause this is my second article I made my first was the “My favorite and least favorite warrior cats.” So yeah thanks for reading bye!

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  • Also Hawkfrost ended up this way because of a tragic event as a young child. Watching your brother drown when you are absolutely helpless affects a child greatly. He found out his father used to be a powerful warrior and even a leader so he accepted Tigerstar offer probably in a similar way Ivypaw accepted Hawkfrost for her DF mentor. If anything people who are desperate to prove something are the most easily manipulated, Tigerstar used that on Hawkfrost since he knew that his father was powerful because his mother told him and Moth when they were young. When Hawkfrost was killed for the second time we expect some sort of reaction from his beloved evil father however Tigerstar called him useless and pathetic. So do you still think Hawkfrost was always rotten to the core? Or is it just the young lad had a burning ambition and beautiful potential but was misguided by his father? Do you still remember his gold days? As youth?

  • Great article! My main issue with Hawkfrost is that he killed Hollyleaf, one of my favorite characters. Still, great points 🙂!

  • Hawkfrost I felt like was a lousy villain. Kill Firestar in a fox trap. Wow so creative.. I think the Erins could’ve done a better job with Hawkfrost.

  • I’ve always liked Hawkfrost as a villain because he was less obviously evil than Tigerstar and was much more complicated.

    • Hawkfrost was unique, interesting and far more complex then we could ever know or imagine. He was a very interesting villian.