Analysing “Mary Sues” in Warriors by Wolfsong

Wolfsong takes a look at the alleged Mary Sues of Warriors.

Art by Ospreysplash

Hello! This is Wolfsong, and this is my very first article! Today, I will analyse cats that people call “Mary Sues” and I’ll explain why they are not.

Let’s go!

What is a Mary Sue? A Mary Sue is a fictional character that is entirely perfect, with absolutely no flaws. For example, “Starstar was the leader of every clan. She was the most beautiful she-cat in the forest, and all toms fell in love with her. She was immortal and had no battle scars, and had magical powers. She knew how to hunt, fight and heal the best, and she fought foxes, badgers and dogs with ease.” This is an example of a Mary Sue. Now let’s move on to my topic. I’m going to explain characters that people call “Mary Sues”, when they are not.

First, let’s talk about Spottedleaf. People think she is a Mary Sue, because she has a perfect personality, with no flaws. I’m going to explain why she is not.
So, when Firepaw first joined the forest, he fell in love with Spottedleaf. When Clawface was sent to ThunderClan to steal some kits, Spottedleaf defended them, and Clawface killed her. Spottedleaf joined StarClan, and in the great battle, she was killed by Mapleshade forever.
Conclusion: Spottedleaf is NOT a Mary Sue. If she was, then she wouldn’t have been killed by Clawface and Mapleshade and would have fought them off.

Next, let’s talk about Feathertail. People think she is a Mary Sue because she has a perfect personality, and even though she died, she killed Sharptooth by herself. Well, did Feathertail kill Sharptooth by herself? No. She dislodged a stalactite from the cave roof, and it killed Sharptooth. However, Feathertail died of force of impact while killing him.
Conclusion: Feathertail was KIND OF a Mary Sue. She had killed Sharptooth, but she only did that by dropping a stalactite on him. If she was a COMPLETE Mary Sue, she would have killed Sharptooth all by herself and would not have died.

Moving on to Hollyleaf. People think she is a Mary Sue because she was “too loyal” to the Warrior Code and she could “miraculously” save other cats. I’m talking about why she is NOT.
After Hollyleaf found out that Leafpool was actually her mother and not Squirrelflight, she killed Ashfur so he wouldn’t tell anyone about the truth, and tried to kill Leafpool. But she was frustrated that nothing changed, and revealed the secret at a gathering. She then disappeared in the tunnels and met Fallen Leaves, but she returned back to her clan. During the Great Battle, she died saving Ivypool.
Conclusion: Hollyleaf is NOT a Mary Sue. If she was, she wouldnt have killed Ashfur or tried to kill Leafpool, and wouldn’t have been killed by Hawkfrost.

Dovewing is next. People think she is a Mary Sue because she was too “perfect”. I’m explaining that she is not.
Jayfeather and Lionblaze realised that Dovepaw was the third cat. Dovepaw had powers to see and hear far from her natural limits. She

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