My Top Ten Favourite and Least Favourite Characters by Ivyshadow

Ivyshadow lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

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Hey, it’s Ivypaw/shadow aka Swift back with another article! Here I’ll be ranking my favourite and least favourite cats!
(Please note that this is all purely my opinion and that I respect yours :D)

Let’s start with my top ten favourite cats:

10. Clear Sky
So I know Clear Sky is a controversial character, but I like him because of his character and development. He started off as hopeful as he journeyed to the forest territories, and then after he got a taste of power, he became more greedy, but hurt cats along with it. Eventually, he learned, and helped settle down as a Clan and raise his family with Star Flower.

9. Feathertail
At first, I liked Feathertail, but not particularly. I thought she was kind and sweet, but overall I was pretty much neutral. Then I found her kind of Mary Sue-like, especially after I joined the fandom and everyone talked about how “sweet” and “kind” and “beautiful” she was. I found her very overrated, and didn’t like her anymore.
Then, A Shadow in RiverClan came out. As I read it, I started to like her more and more, and found her grudges and complex relationships interesting.
Overall, now I really like Feathertail but we’ll see how long that lasts!

8. Spotfur
I really like Spotfur, but I really have no idea why. I guess I like her because she’s rebellious. I also like her relationship with Stemleaf. But I think she shouldn’t have named her kit Graykit because she barely knew Graystripe.

7. Tawnypelt
I love Tawnypelt because of her fierce independence, pride in ShadowClan, and selfless nature. She had the courage to reject Tigerstar himself! Tawnypelt was a little annoying in A Vision of Shadows, but I still really love her.

6. Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf is amazing! She was kind of annoying with the whole “follow-the-warrior-code-lalalala” thing but she got a good redemption arc in Hollyleaf’s Story and Omen of the Stars.
(Also Ashfur DID turn out to be evil so…)

5. Alderheart
Aldy is so sweet! I think it was definitely a change to have a cat basically fail at being a warrior, but I’m glad he found his way as a medicine cat 😀 I also love his relationship with Twigbranch! I will admit, though, that his chapters were kind of boring sometimes.

4. Jayfeather
Yes, I know that Jayfeather is overrated, but I still like him because of his grouchiness and uniqueness. I think it was also a change to have a blind cat as a protagonist, but he had to become a medicine cat because he wasn’t “good enough to be a warrior”, when it should have been his choice.

3. Mapleshade
Mapleshade is that one girlboss that we all need. I find it sad that she’s the only female villain other than Sleekwhisker. Her story was really sad, and I really want to punch Appledusk in the face sometimes. Mapleshade’s backstory is really what stood out to me. She didn’t start out as evil or ambitious enough to kill her leader, it was her events that shaped her, and it makes her a very interesting character.
(P.S.: Frecklewish belongs in StarClan)

2. Squirrelflight
Squilf, the poofy ball of energy. I really love Squirrelflight, and I loved how she was just so spunky and feisty as an apprentice, but matured later on, and became more thoughtful. Her relationship with Leafpool is so sweet, and they’re so loyal to each other! I love how she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, and that she’ll go lengths to do something that she believes is right.

Before I get to number one, let’s go through the honourable mentions: Ferncloud, Crookedstar, Leafpool, Leopardstar, Needletail, Sandstorm, and Shadowsight!

Now onto number one… drumroll please…

1. Ivypool!
Ivypool is so amazing! I love her development, and how she’s an easy character to relate to. She started off as a jealous sister desperate for attention, and grew to a fierce and loyal warrior. She was super brave fighting against the Dark Forest. She eventually settled down and had a family with Fernsong, but (SPOILER ALERT FOR ALITM) Bristlefrost died :’(.

Now onto my least favourite characters! Please note that this is my opinion and that I understand if you like the character.

10. Finleap
I really don’t like Finleap because he was super toxic to Twigbranch. He didn’t respect her decision to not have kits, and he thought that Twigbranch was only good to give kits, which is super sexist and wrong. Twigbranch honestly should have ditched him from the beginning.

9. Dovewing
I don’t like Dovewing because I find her whiny and self-centered. She whined about her powers all the time, and then when they finally disappeared, she whined about that too. She abandoned her Clan to run off to have her kits in a dirty city, and forced Tigerheart to abandon his Clan when he was deputy to come to be with her. Overall, I don’t really like Dovewing, but I can see why some people do.

8. Twigbranch
I find Twigbranch whiny like Dovewing, and very selfish. For example, when Pebbleshine visited her as a ghost, she wanted her to stay with her forever and ever, and lose her place in StarClan. How selfish is that?

7. Pinestar
Pinestar… I really don’t like him at all. He abandoned his Clan to go become a kittypet! He also abandoned Leopardfoot and his just-born KITS all to become a kittypet! Seriously, how did this cat become deputy in the first place? Pinestar has no loyalty at all, and also, thanks to him, Sunstar only recived eight lives instead of nine lives.

6. Stoneteller
Stoneteller is super ungrateful. The Clans saved him and the Tribe a bunch of times, and he got mad at them! Seriously! Without the Clans, Stoneteller would be dead. I know he’s trying to keep his pride, but he should be grateful.

5. Lionblaze
Lionblaze is just… boring. Boring as a rock, and quite frankly, dumb as a rock too. He had nothing interesting about him, his power was lame, and his chapters were boring. He is a very standard character, and had no development at all.

4. Silverstream
I don’t like Silverstream at all. I find her whiny, bratty, and a Mary Sue. In fact, I wrote an article about it some weeks ago that’s probably been published by the time this comes out. It’s called Why I Hate Silverstream if you want to check it out (totally not advertising, hehe :P) I explain why I dislike her in that article.

3. Star Flower
I don’t like Star Flower because of her relationship with Thunder and Clear Sky. So she charms some teenager into falling in love with her and then ditches him and goes to marry his… dad?! How weird is that? I find her kind of Mary Sue-ish too and if I have to read another one of her “beautiful golden pelt” or “luminous green eyes” I MIGHT just barf.
(Sorry for the mini-rant).

2. Spottedleaf
Spottedleaf. I find her a total Mary Sue. Sweet, kind, dies in the first book, falls in love– all Mary Sue qualities. She also was a stalker to Firestar. She literally knew him for ten chapters, and then died and floated up to StarClan and stalked his dreams. And Firestar practically fell in love with her when she was dead! (How good can this cat smell??) I also find it very annoying that Firestar can never choose between Spottedleaf and Sandstorm. Obviously he’s going to pick the mate he’s spent his entire life with and who he has great-grandkits with over the cat he had a high school crush on for three chapters.

Like with my favourite cats, let me list the honourable mentions–more like dis-honourable hehe. They are: Tigerstar II, Turtle Tail, Millie, and Daisy.

Now number one, my least favourite cat, which isn’t a very great title to have.

1. Thistleclaw
I… really don’t like Thistleclaw. Let me keep it simple: Spottedleaf’s Heart.

That concludes my article! I hope you enjoyed it! If you disagreed or agreed, please tell me in the comments! Thanks!

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  • Great article, Swift! I agree with the majority of everything that you wrote… you made some very Personally, disagree with Dovewing. She may have seemed whiny in some situations, but shininess is generally about what the reader believes, not the cat. She’s not very self-centered. After all, she was very concerned for Ivypaw once she discovered that her sister was training in the Dark Forest, and when Ivypaw was kidnapped. She yearned to be a ‘normal cat’, which is understandable! Her powers were a significant part of her. When they were taken away, I can empathize with her being sorrowful – she had just lost one of the things that made her a great asset to her Clan – of course, she would be sad. As for her and Tigerheart, she followed her heart and was aware of her emotions… at least that’s good! This is just my opinion, and I respect yours too.

  • Great Article! I also love Mapleshade (she is such a girl boss ikr?) and Ivypool! But I do hate Spotfur and Jayfeather (IM SORRY 😭) and I also hate Dovewing! Like alot ..

  • I totally agree with Ivypool being number one but Mapleshade DID NOT deserve that high a place, she wasn’t a ‘Girlboss’ she was an evil cat who put other cats at fault for her mistakes and killed 3 cats, most fans only like her because she was a girl villain but that’s different then defending her! I would do the same thing if I were appledusk tbh.

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