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Blazesoul lists couples who are related.

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Hi I’m Blazesoul and today I will be naming 10 warrior cats who are related and mates and how they are related.

1. Willowpelt x Patchpelt
Okay Wllowpelt and Patchpelt these two are easy their brother and sister. Their parents are Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. Now Patchpelt is old right? Well Tawnyspots died and was older ten Patchpelt and Willowbreeze was still mates with him at one point she was an paw when he was sick and dying. Anyways Patchpelt is from the first litter Swiftbreeze and Adderfang had while Willowpelt was from the second.

2. Dustpelt x Ferncloud
A little less known but Dustpelt is Ferncloud’s uncle. Dustpelt’s parents were Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. His siblings are Frostfur, Brindleface, and Ravenpaw. Brindleface was mates with Whitestorm. She had Ferncloud, Ashfur,she also had Sandstorm.

3. Whitewing x Brichfall
This isn’t known most likely but they are cousins. Brichfall’s parents are Ferncloud and Dustpelt. Ferncloud’s parents are Brindleface and Whitestorm. Brindleface parents are Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. Her siblings are Dustpelt, Frostfur, and Ravenpaw. Frostfur is mates with Lionheart. They have Brightheart, Thornclaw, Brakenfur, and Cinderpelt. Brightheart is mates with Cloudtail and they have Whitewing, Dewnose, Snowbush, and Ambermoon.

4. Firestar x Sandstorm
A warrior at heart Firestar and a sweet gentle prickly she-cat Sandstorm are our next couple. Firestar’s sister is Princess. Princess is mates with Oliver. She had Cloudtail. Cloudtail is mates with Brightheart. Brightheart’s mother is Frostfur. Frostfur’s sister is Brindleface. Brindleface’s daughter is Sandstorm.

5. Sorreltail x Brakenfur
Sweet motherly Sorreltail and protective Brakenfur. Brakenfur’s parents are Frostfur and Lionheart. Frostfur’s siblings are Brindleface, Dustpelt, and Ravenpaw. Brindleface is mates with Whitestorm. Whitestorm is also mates with Willowpelt. They have Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, and Sootfur.

6. Spotfur x Stemleaf
Brave Stemleaf and caring Spotfur. Stemleaf’s parents are Blossomfall and Thornclaw. Thornclaw’s parents are Frostfur and Lionheart. Frostfur’s siblings are Brindleface, Dustpelt and Ravenpaw. Brindleface was mates with Whitestorm. Whitestorm was also mates with Willowpelt. They had Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, and Sootfur. Sorreltail is mates with Brakenfur. They had Molepaw, Seedpaw, Cinderheart, Honeyfern, Poppyfrost, and Lilyheart. Cinderheart is mates with Lionblaze. They had Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Honeyfur, Spotfur, Flywhisker, and Snaptooth.

7. Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight
The couple who break up then get back together every single book lapse. Brambleclaw’s parents are Goldenflower and Tigerclaw. Goldenflower’s brother is Lionheart. Lionheart’s mate is Frostfur. They have Brightheart, Thornclaw, Brakenfur, and Cinderpelt. Brightheart’s mate is Cloudtail. Cloudtail’s mother is Princess. Princess brother is Firestar. Firestar’s mate is Sandstorm. They have Squirrelflight and Leafpool.

8. Cloudtail x Brightheart
More kittypet blood! (Why mind?) Brightheart parents were

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  • Dustpelt is siblings with Ravenpaw– Great article. I don’t know what’s up with WIllowpelt and Patchpelt. Sorry it got cut off!

  • Amazing article! What’s up with them being cut off recently? I’d like to mention two things:

    1. At this point, all the the cats in each clan are at least distantly related to each other. We don’t know exactly how long the clans have been around, but we know they have been around for a while. After just the period of time the books take place in, I’d have to guess at least half the clan is somehow related to him. About a year ago I made a Firestar family tree and multiple names appeared in multiple places on the tree, meaning that the mates I was adding were related. If it only took that long for Firestar’s ancestors to take up a large portion of the clan, I’d have to guess

    2. In many species, it’s normal to be mates with your relatives! Some species even have protection in their genes so their offspring don’t end up with genetic deformities. Although warrior cats possess human qualities, they are still cats, and becoming mates with their relatives is unavoidable.

    Although it’s still weird for the characters to be dating their cousins and uncles and other relatives, this is a realistic thing for cats to do, which is kind of gross but also very… interesting. I was very excited to see someone made an article on this topic!

  • Jeeeeeez did not realise all this I knew dust X fern were realated though. Cut off!! Great article though

  • I feel like if the Erins didn’t go in and retroactively add all these familial connections [something that is admittedly hard to avoid when making a series, i speak from experience] there would be significantly less incest.

    It’s gotten more egregious in the later series since EVERYONE is related to Firestar.

    [Lilyheart and Snowbush, Sorrelstripe and Dewnose, Sparkpelt and Larksong, the list goes on, I’m sure~]

    [and out of the three queens that 85% of the clan is descended from in one way or another [Brindleface, Willowpelt and Frostfur, Brindleface and Frostfur are sisters]

    Either more cats who aren’t related to everyone [stormcloud, daisy, cherryfall or molewhisker] need to have kits, there needs to be more kittypets or rogues in the clan, or we could just wipe everyone out and start over.

  • Loved the article!!! Fire and Sandstorm aren’t blood related btw. other than that, its perfect. i think everyone in warriors is related, exept when someone from outside the clans comes in.

  • the age gap between thornclaw and Blossomfall. XD there are too many age gaps in Warriors. lol. Great Article, sorry it got cut off

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