Why Ivypool should have been the 4th cat in the prophecy by Shadeleap

Shadeleap explains why Ivypool should’ve been the fourth prophecy cat.

Art by Ivylight

Hello fellow BlogClan clanmates! I’m Shadeleap. Welcome to my first article! To begin, let me just say that Ivypool is my absolute favorite warrior cat, so forgive me if I seem a little biased, I tried my best! 🙂 I hope you enjoy! (Warning: Spoilers for OOTS and some for TBC)

Reason #1: Ivypool was their only known ally in the Dark Forest.

Argument against this: The three could have recruited Birchfall, Thornclaw, Mousewhisker, or Blossomfall
Disproving the argument: Yes, they could have. But can you see any of them being ordered around by the Three, or reporting what they’d seen? Even if you can, it makes more sense for Ivypool to be their ally because she’d be way more comfortable with her sister, medicine cat, and sister’s former mentor.

Continuing on, Ivypool made sure that she wasn’t brainwashed while training in the Dark Forest. She reminded herself of their plot, hesitated to spill blood, and stayed loyal to her Clan, which is a sign of greatness, and a reason for her to be a part of a prophecy.

Reason #2: She is brave, loyal, and strong

Argument against this: So was Firestar and more than half of their Clanmates
Disproving (ish) the argument: Yes, her Clanmates were loyal, yes, they were strong. But were all of them brave enough to face the Dark Forest, knowing that failure would most likely result in death? Look at Beetlewhisker. He stood up to Brokenstar and didn’t live another hour. Ivypool even comments that “he’ll lie in the Dark Forest forever!” Also, if we look at ALitM, every living cat who died in the Dark Forest died forever. They didn’t even go to StarClan, or the Dark Forest if necessary. Were many ThunderClan warriors ready to face that as Ivypool was? I don’t think so.

Reason #3: Ivypool was willing to face it all and sacrifice everything, especially in the Great Battle.

Argument against this: The whole Clan fought, risking everything, and the cats who died in the Great Battle lost more than Ivypool did.
Disproving this: Ivypool had the hardest job in the Great Battle. She had to hide that she had been a spy from the Dark Forest while trying to get the Clan recruits to turn and fight for the Clans. If she’d failed, all the Dark Forest trainees and Dark Forest cats would have killed her instantly.

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  • Dang, it got cut off. Rereading this, I noticed how cringy it is 😐
    My last point was that Firestar is overrated and has been in way too many prophecies. Plus, he didn’t even do much of anything in the Great Battle.
    (Will I get first comment on my own article?)

  • Great article! Ivypool should have been the 4th cat, and she deserves it. Also, if she was the 4th cat, maybe people would stop saying Firestar’s overrated. Awesome! (First comment)

  • Good article however Ivypool would become something called a Mary sue if she was the 4th cat plus it made sense that firestars is the 4th

  • Nice article! I disagree, though
    It would’ve ruined Ivypool’s whole story of always feeling lien second best if StarClan came along and said “Btw you’re special now.” To a cat like Ivypool, her entire identity would be shattered and to some readers, it would show that Ivypool’s role in the DF was useless.

  • Nice! But mentioned by somebody else, if that’s what happens, Ivypool and Dovewing will basically just switch places, Ivypool becoming a naive Mary Sue and Dovewing turns jealous of her sibling. (For any Dovewing-lovers, I apologise if you think me calling Dovewing a “naive Mary Sue” sounds rude. It’s just my opinion, so)

      • (I know I’m late, but anyway) OK, that explains it. I always liked Ivypool being a normal cat because if she’s the Fourth, the series will literally go like: “The two new kits are part of the prophecy. The two siblings never fought and the four prophecy cats defeated the evil ghosts. Cats died. The end.” Anyway, her anger really adds a bit more drama to the books. It’s just my opinion tho

  • Quailpaw( fur/star) , she-cat |ThunderClan|Crow+Leaf shipper;Hollyleaf and Jayfeather are the best cats!!!! says:

    Good article, though I still think that Dovewing is better. My favourite warrior cats ( the tie first place) are Hollyleaf and Jayfeather! Good article!