A Heavy Analysis of Bluestar’s Kithood and Apprenticeship – Bluestar Issues Part One by Melodypaw

Melodypaw takes a look at Bluestar’s life.

Art by Ospreysplash

Bluestar! I’m gonna be honest- I don’t like her very much. She’s OKAY, I guess, but I don’t love her on the level that some people do.
Bluestar was born Bluekit to Moonflower, alongside Snowkit. Now, before I continue, I’m gonna go on a tangent. Moonflower. A CANON cat. While it’s true that the Erin team, at first, said that they wouldn’t be using ‘moon’ in names because it’s sacred to the clan cats, they DID use moon. Deal with it. I’m so tired of dealing with, “You can’t name your cat Moonsong!” Because I can. HOWEVER, PLEASE don’t use being able to use moon in a name as, “Oh, so I can name my cats Starglow, Dragonpelt, and Emeraldstar?!” Because that’s a whole new level. Now, tangent over, back to Bluestar.
Bluekit grew up normally, at least throughout her kithood. Also, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Thrushpelt didn’t show up as Thrushkit, or even ThrushPAW, at all. (Please tell me if I’m wrong, I haven’t had time to read too far into Bluestar’s prophecy recently)! Bluekit also went into Pinestar’s den without permission and dared Snowkit to eat poppy seeds, one of the most well-known herbs in the clans. It would be reasonable to say Snowkit and Bluekit had a good understanding of what poppy seeds were and what they did, and yet Bluekit told Snowkit to eat them. When Snowkit and Bluekit become ‘paws, Moonflower proceeds to die horribly in the battle with WindClan at the paws of the WINDCLAN MEDICINE CAT. Like- WindClan, new medicine cat, please! So you know, ThunderClan drags this newly crowned adolescent into a warzone so she can watch her own mother be thrown into the enemy doctor’s office to destroy their medicine, only to be brutally murdered. While Bluepaw is STILL watching. Logic at its best.
After her mom dies, Bluepaw starts to lash out at everybody, starting at her mother’s vigil.
“Why did you have to make her look like she’s asleep? She’s dead!”
“No one’s trying to pretend Moonflower’s still alive. She walks with our ancestors now, in StarClan. But she’s still watching you, as closely as she ever did. She’ll never leave you, Bluepaw.”
“She has left me. I don’t want her to be in StarClan. I want her to be here, where I can see her and talk to her.”
-Bluestar’s prophecy, page 140
Even throughout her kithood and apprenticeship, Bluestar’s behaviour could be erratic and sometimes unreasonable. Can a tabby change its stripes, or does she continue to have strange changes of heart and erratic behaviour all throughout her life?

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