Why ThunderClan’s Golden Age Should End by Smokeflower

Smokeflower argues why ThunderClan should stop being in the spotlight.

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Hi! It’s Smokeflower here. Today I’m going to list the reasons why Thunderclan shouldn’t be so prosperous and get all the glory that they do. In case you hadn’t noticed, Thunderclan isn’t my favorite. So, yeah. Before you log off, please listen.( Also yes, there are spoilers.)*spoiler warning for everything except tBC and DW*
1. It’s impossible
Thunderclan was weak and in shock from the many casualties from the Dark Forest’s attack. The fact that they suddenly had 14 nursing queens and 50 more warriors practically overnight is virtually impossible.
2. They get too much credit to begin with
We see the POV of a Thunderclanner, partial, former, future, or current in 9 out of 10 books in Warriors. The only times we don’t are super editions and novellas. Fireheart/star – ThunderclannerBrambleclaw – partial and currentStormfur – partialHollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze – partial and currentDovewing and Ivypool – former (Dovewing) current (Ivypool)Violetshine, Twigbranch, and Alderheart – former (Violetshine) current ( Twiggy and Alder)
3. The leaders act like the other clans are incapable
Bramblestar decided in Bramblestar’s Storm that even if Shadowclan turned down their offer to help with the badger(s? it’s been a while). In real life, this is often viewed as ignorant and rude. Rude because Bramblestar basically invalidated Shadowclan’s capabilities as a clan . BRO!! If Shadowclan couldn’t handle themselves, they wouldn’t be here right now. and it’s ignorant because Bramblestar assumed he knew best. Jerk face.
4. It’s not practical.
When a clan meeting is called, the Erins sometimes write ” so and so and so and so and so and so got up. That one brindle queen and the five elders, ____ and _____ and ______ and ______ and _______ herded so and so’s kits forward, who were _____ and __________.” Instead, they should write “all around camp, cats rose to their paws and headed for the Highrock.” The Erins say that the have to keep track of all the 400+ names and purrsonas, and that has got to be exhausting. It seems to me that they’re just creating more work for themselves.
5. Unfair battle advantage
This is kind of self – explanatory, but their numbers give them a 70 – 30 “balance”. Nearly all the exhilaration that keeps me reading a battle scene comes from me not knowing who will win. When the numbers are in the favor of a clan and you almost certainly know that they are going to win this skirmish, it kind of kills the mood.

I’d like to know what you think! Argue or agree, stay neutral, I want to know how you feel about this topic. I hope you enjoyed this article (BTW thx for reading it! :D) and your day/night!

~~ Smokeflower~~

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