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Characters I hate (who are dead) by Spottedpaw

Spottedpaw lists characters they dislike who are already dead.

Artwork by Lithestep

This is my 153,683rd article. So, this was originally going to be a “Characters in warriors I dislike”, but then I would have to talk about Bramblestar, AVOS Finleap, Bumblestripe, and Mistystar(but she might die in river, but that’s not out yet). But I decided to shorten it. It is currently 10:30, so if I sound tired, I am. So on with the show!

Darkstripe. He is suck a snake, and is just a horrible guy. He supported tigerclaw, and did all the horrible things he ordered him too. How was he stupid enough to believe Tigerclaw’s rumor that Ravenpaw was a spy?! Darkstripe is a follower to the end, and is one of the worst and most annoying characters ever.

Thistleclaw. Nuff said.

Foxheart. ALSO Nuff said.

Berrynose. He is a whiny little foxheart that is just SO annoying. He is snoggish and rude. He is a bad mate. He is ultra-loyal to the imposter. You go, Tawnypelt.

Shrewclaw. I realize no one has read Tallstar’s revenge. You should, it is very good and well written. (Also, Tallstar does canonically loves Jake.🏳️‍🌈) But, even the people that have read it never talk about a minor antagonist in the book: Shrewpaw/claw. He is a horrible, horrible cat. And he does NOT have a redemption arc. Some fans might say he is redeemed, but no. All he says is that “iT wAs JUsT teAsInG”. He doesn’t apologize. He is just stupid. He tortured Tallstar his entire life. He called him names, made fun of his father Sandgorse, and his job as a tunneler. He made tall paw feel meaningless and worthless. He made tall paw shy and insecure. He mentally abused him. He made his life a living hell. Shrewclaw is horrible. He never does any good in his life. The authors give him a random mate to try to make him more humane, but it just doesn’t work. Tallstars revenge is great, Shrewclaw, is not.

Well, these are some of the jerks that are (thankfully) dead. I would put sleekwhisker, but we don’t know if she is dead. Hopefully this article is interesting, and hopefully Shrewclaw got punched in starclan.


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