My rating of the Windclan leaders by Weedtail

Weedtail rates the leaders of WindClan.

Art by Polyhexian

Hi everyone! Let’s get going with my ranking of the Windclan leaders. The leaders I will be ranking are Windstar, Heatherstar, Tallstar, Onestar, and Harestar. I will be doing a 1-10 ranking and explaining. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Let’s get started!

Windstar: 8.5
Windstar was the first leader of Windclan and although she was a good leader she was a very strict parent and in my opinion didn’t love Moth Flight as much as Dust Muzzle. She did help the clans progress into the clans so she wasn’t all bad but she’s not my favorite.

Heatherstar: 7
We don’t get to see Heatherstar a lot, and when we do she’s more worried about keeping her warriors safe than leading the clan. Yes, this does show that she cares but, again not my favorite.

Tallstar: 9
We get a good amount of Tallstar in the books. I really like how he went against his dad and became what he wanted to be, not what others wanted him to be. He becomes friends with Firestar but is just a little too dependent on Thunderclan.

Onestar: 7
I know what you’re all thinking. Onestar only a 7?! But hang on. While Onestar did kill Darktail to save the clans. He wasn’t a great father. Yes, he was a good clan leader but he couldn’t even stay with his mate to help with the kit! And don’t you think that he was always a little too proud to be in Windclan? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t think that Onestar was a very good cat.

Harestar: 8
We don’t get to see a lot of Harestar as a leader but, we do see him as a deputy. I think he is a good cat but maybe not the best leader. I mean he is very protective of his medicine cat which is good but medicine cats won’t attack each other!

I hope you can agree with what I’ve just said and if you don’t then please tell me what I should have done and why.

Weedtail/star out!

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