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Why Hollyleaf is a major waste of potential by Ashfreckle

Ashfreckle explains why they think Hollyleaf was a missed opportunity.

Art by Marshcold

Hollyleaf is the sister of Lionblaze and Jayfeather, the daughter of ThunderClan’s medicine cat Leafpool, and WindClan’s warrior Crowfeather, and the foster daughter of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, the leader and deputy of ThunderClan. She was born in Leafpool’s Wish, and was a protagonist for 7 books, The Sight, Dark River, Outcast, Eclipse, Long Shadows, Sunrise and Hollyleaf’s Story.
She and her siblings were raised by Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, because StarClan forced Squirrelflight to take them. Their parents were in a cross-clan relationship, and StarClan needed her brothers to exist. She was originally thought to be part of the prophecy, but was later revealed to not be part of it.
Since she was an apprentice, Hollyleaf had thoughts of being a great leader and leaving behind a great legacy. She was disgusted at the thought of her Clanmates requiring her to have kits, she only wanted to be a great leader. She wanted power, she wanted to be strong and possibly feared. She never got the Dark Forest training from Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, and unlike Jaypaw, she didn’t even get approached by them. Hollypaw was obsessed with the Warrior Code and was desperate to follow it, she was strictly dedicated to it. She was the first, and last, warriors She-Cat protagonist to never a mate, and kits. Twigbranch will most likely be forced to have kits because the new writers don’t know how to keep to characters and are terrible, so soon she will be the only one without a mate OR kits. Hollyleaf got made a warrior, and her brother’s mentor, Ashfur, trapped her and littermates in a fire. He claims he is going to murder them, because Squirrelflight rejected him. Hollyleaf is freaking out, then is stunned when Squirrelflight snaps back, “Do it. They aren’t my kits.” After the fire, Hollyleaf and her brothers confront Squirrelflight, and she tells them it is true. Hollyleaf and her brothers go back to camp, and is the only one to not try and convince Ashfur to not reveal the secret at the gathering. Hollyleaf is focused on learning who her parents are, and I like to think that maybe she had the idea of… punishing(Killing) them. Hollyleaf comes to the conclusion that she needs to deal with the problem, and she ambushes Ashfur, murdering him. Sol is accused of the murder and she goes on the patrol to find him. When they bring him back to camp, and Lionblaze releases him because he promised he knew who their parents were, Hollyleaf is the one to drive him out. She finds out who their parents are, and is furious that she is a half-clan cat, the one thing she hates the most. She always thought she was better than everyone because she stuck to the warrior code, then she was revealed to be against the warrior code. That snapped something in her mind, and caused her to

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  • Oops! Got cut off. But if HollyLeaf was born in a different situation, she could’ve been a great leader. My favourite character is HollyLeaf and her death was very sad. She only appeared in 8 books. (Not including super editions and novellas) She could’ve achieved more if she didn’t die so quickly.

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