[Appledusk and a tearful Mapleshade are arranged revolving around each other]

Why Mapleshade deserves Starclan and Appledusk deserves the dark forest by Orangepelt

Orangepelt explains why they think Mapleshade and Appledusk should go to StarClan and the Dark Forest respectively.

Art by senely

Hello! Today I am going to talk about Mapleshade and Appledusk and why Mapleshade deserves Starclan and Appledusk deserves the Dark forest. Now let’s get started! Mapleshade and Appledusk were at first mates but when Thunderclan found out they exiled Mapleshade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Which is unfair because Leafpool got away with it!!!!) Then Mapleshade and her kits went to the river to get to Riverclan but Mapleshade’s kits drowned because Appledusk did not help!!!!! Then he blamed Mapleshade when it was his fault that Mapleshade’s kits died!!!! And it gets worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He makes the Riverclan leader exile Mapleshade and gets a new mate!!!!!!!

And then Mapleshade started seeing visions of her kits begging her to kill Ravenwing, Frecklewish and Appledusk!!!!!! Then later she goes to the Dark forest when she dies INSTEAD OF STARCLAN!!!!!!!!!! Mapleshade did go a little over the top at the Dark forest but she did have a point unlike Tigerstar who is evil and nothing else!!!!! AND APPLEDUSK GETS TO BE LAZY IN STARCLAN!!!!!!!
Mapleshade was happy when she went to the Dark forest because she would see cats that understand her reason to kill Ravenwing, Frecklewish and Appledusk. She would be even more happy if she went to Starclan with her kits and got to hunt with her kits and feel happy all the time instead of going mad in the Dark forest!!!!!!!

Now time to go through Mapleshade and Appledusk’s good and bad things!!!
First the good things!!!
Mapleshade: Loves her kits.
Appledusk: No good things about him!!!!
Now the bad things!!!!
Mapleshade: None
Appledusk: He hates Mapleshade!!!!!!
So Mapleshade needs to go to Starclan and Appledusk needs to go to the Dark forest!!!! Mapleshade is much better then Appledusk because,
1. He does not love his kits and Mapleshade does.
2. He is evil and Mapleshade is not.
3. He blames Mapleshade when it is his fault that Mapleshade’s kits died.
4. He should not be in Starclan.
So Mapleshade is not evil and Appledusk is!!!!!!!!!! Appledusk is 100% evil!!!!!!!!!!!
Appledusk fans and Mapleshade haters please don’t shout at me but if you think Appledusk is good you are so wrong!!!!! Appledusk is evil and should rot in the Dark forest!!!!!!!
Sorry if I sounded rude but really Appledusk is evil and lots of people love him which is crazy!!!!
Bye for now,

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  • I agree with you on all these but I do think that both all of them needed to go to the dark forest. I also feel like Mapleshade should have been given the chance to see her kits again.

  • Can I please explain why I hate it when people say that it’s ONLY Maples fault? Just now I was looking in the Warrior Cat forums online, and people were DEFENDING her attackers with stupid things like, “Well, Ravenwing got a sign from STARCLAN so it’s not his fault and Maple is stupid for EVER thinking that she could possibly cross the river cuz it’s not like she doesn’t have anywhere ELSE to live and Riverclan can EASILY be accessed by ANY OTHER WAY so she’s better off waiting in the woods during a storm with three babies for a bunch of hostile Thunderclan cats to get there and FORCE HER OUT. Yeah, Maple is the stupid one here, not Oakstar who kicked out three kids while it’s dangerous outside, DISOBEYING the code, naw. It HAS to be MAPLES FAULT.”

  • I hate Starclan so much. Here’s them in a nutshell:
    “Hmmm… oh what’s this? Maple had babies with a RIVERCLAN cat? Those kits who have done nothing wrong and probably never will are a PROBLEM! Instead of thinking about this rationally, let’s sent Ravenwing a terrible Omen so he rats Maple out to Oakstar! It’s not like this leader may be blinded by rage knowing that Maples husband possibly killed his son and cast out a queen and three babies causing something really bad to happen or anything! This is a good plan, let’s do it!”
    Later: “How dare Mapleshade be angry at Ravenwing for ratting her out!? Or hating Frecklewish for watching her kits die? Or… *GASP* No! She’s mad at APPLEDUSK for cheating on her and disowning his dead kits? UNACCEPTABLE! Let’s send her terrible gruesome visions and hallucinations of her dead drowned babies and make her go insane! That will teach her!”
    Later: “WHAT? SHE KILLED RAVENWING APPLEDUSK AND FRECKLEWISH!?!?!? Oh well, let’s send her to cat hell so she’ll hate us and her Clan even more. So what do we care? It’s her problem, not ours LMAO have fun burning in hell Maple!”
    AND THEYRE THE GOOD GUYS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • I’d like to say that Starclan should learn some justice. Ashfur killed four cats ( one attempted) and went to Starclan because he “ loved to much” really?!

  • I totally agree, Mapleshade was the one caring for the kits while Appledusk layed around RiverClan. Appledusk blamed the kits deaths on Mapleshade, even though HE caused the deaths. ( RIP Patchkit, Larchkit, and Petalkit )

    • Yeah, if only she hadn’t have killed Ravenwing, THEN maybe just maybe she’d had a small chance of going to StarClan.

  • “So Mapleshade is not evil and Appledusk is!!!!!!!!!! Appledusk is 100% evil!!!!!!!!!!!
    Appledusk fans and Mapleshade haters please don’t shout at me but if you think Appledusk is good you are so wrong!!!!! Appledusk is evil and should rot in the Dark forest!!!!!!!
    Sorry if I sounded rude but really Appledusk is evil and lots of people love him which is crazy!!!!”
    Please respect people’s opinions. You have the right to have your own opinion, but others do too.

    • I agree, Appledusk is evil. Mapleshade did what any mother would do. She saw her kits begging her to help, so she did what she thought would help them. Here is what I think about Ashfur vs Mapleshade in Starclan.

      In Squirrelflight’s Hope, Squirrelflight and Leafpool were mainly judged by Yellowfang, so it seems like she could have judged Ashfur too. Yellowfang did not know very much about true love, (see: Raggedstar’s treatment of her) and she knew he had been rejected- she could have campaigned to give him another chance.
      Ok, now Leafpool. Leafpool was treated differently for a few reasons, I think. Firestar knew (or at least thought he knew) that her kits were the three. They would need their mother. Maybe they would be closer to her if she was not a medicine cat. And of course, the big thing- She Was His Daughter!

      Mapleshade’s mate had accidentally killed Oakstar’s son/Frecklewish’s brother- they would not be lenient. Neither would Ravenwing, as his duty was to his clan. Mapleshade had been exiled by her family and leader, so it made since she would go right away to the one place she thought she had a mate. When her kits died, she still felt the love that Brindleface gave to Firestar for one of his lives- ready to kill to protect them. And that is what she did. She saw her kits begging for help in her mind, so she killed the cats that had indirectly killed the kits by exiling, rejecting, or watching them die without helping. None of this was something it seems she would do if she was still in Thunderclan: she was never like Tigerclaw/Thistleclaw.

  • I don’t mean to sound mean in any way, but I see why Mapleshade deserves to go to both StarClan and the Dark forest, she went way over the top with killing the three cats. Now, I also know that if Appledusk loved Mapleshade fully and didn’t take another mate, there would be no Crookedstar (as mentioned in Crookstar’s Promise) there would be no Silverstream, so Stormfur and Feathertail wouldn’t have been born, meaning no TNP ( The New Prophecy). Also, Crookedstar’s brother Oakheart was mates with Bluestar (as mentioned in Bluestar’s Prophecy) so Bluestar wouldn’t have had the decision, there would be no Mistystar, and lots of other things could’ve happened if Appledusk hadn’t been so cruel. I absolutely DESPISE Appledusk, but I love some of his decedents (NOT Mistystar). I also love Mapleshade, she deserved more than the Dark Forest, I don’t think how MANY cats she murdered is as important as why she did it. I could go on about this forever.

  • comment translated from swedish to english using google translate by mods – this is to help other members understand the contents of the comment!

    Mapleshade killed for her kits that she didn’t even get to see again!! After she died she came to the dark forest and never got to see her kit!! I think Appledusk,Frecklewish and Ravenwing deserved to die because it was their fault she went crazy! Starclan let Ashfur in but sent Mapleshade off to the dark forest where she hated it even more. She was just a mom who wanted to be with her kits! Her life is one of the hardest in the warriors series: first she was mates with Appledusk and had his kit, then she saw him with someone else. Then Ravenwing saw her and told Oakstar who exiled her, she goes to the river where her kit drowns and Frecklewish watches. She went to Riverclan where she was rejected by Appledusk who blames the kit’s death on her. She has visions of her kit’s death that drive her insane, and she takes revenge by killing the cats she believes were responsible for the kit’s death. I think she deserved to be in starclan with her kits while Appledusk should be in the dark forest! I love Mapleshade and that’s my opinion please no hate 😉 – from HazelSight

  • I agree with you 100 percent i love maple and wish she went to starclan i think if she went to starclan she couldve recovered her loss and grief and be reunited with her kids its sad and terrible she went to the dark forest she was not ok towards the end of her life as someone whos been cheated on i can feel her pain but he didnt just cheat on her he cheated on her while she was pregnat its great to see someone defending mapleshade

  • Things i hate abt Appledusk:
    (and why he deserved Dark Forest)

    1.He blamed Mapleshade for his kits’ deaths
    2.Cheating on Mapleshade
    3.Killed Birchface and Flowerpaw
    4.He probably neglected his kits (please correct me if I’m wrong)
    5.”I love you Mapleshade” *a few seconds later* “I hate you Mapleshade”
    6.Breaking the warrior code

  • not really. mapleshade murdered them because SHE wanted to do it. no one forced her. SHE decided to mate appledusk, and appledusk wasn’t guilty. ravenwing told oakstar, not appledusk! and he was a loyal cat even when being her mate. he didn’t blame her, she did. your comment is sorta wrong.

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