My favorite and least favorite cats by Violetfrost

Violetfrost lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by lokidrawz

Hi guys, Violetpaw/frost here with another article! A while ago, I wrote an article about my favorite and least favorite characters, but my opinions changed, and that article was really bad so I’m writing another one.

I’m going to start with my favorites.

15. Swiftbreeze

I think Swiftbreeze is the best mother in warriors of all time. She was a great mother to all her kits, supporting Leopardfoot when she was kitting and just being an amazing mom and cat, which is why I love her.

14. Rainswept Flower

Rainswept Flower is my favorite DOTC cat. She was very kind and a great friend to Turtle Tail. Her relationship with her father was also very sweet.

13. Honeyfern

I love how kind Honeyfern is and her relationship with her sister. I really wish she hadn’t died 🙁

12. Alderheart

I love Alderheart because of his personality being kind of like mine, and he was a good father figure to Twigbranch

11. Brambleberry

Brambleberry is a sweet and underrated cat. I think she is very awesome and was a great mother figure to Crookedstar.

10. Yellowfang

Yellowfang is my favorite medicine cat because of her grumpy but kind personality, and her relationship with Cinderpelt is one of the best mentor-apprentice relationships in the warriors books.

9. Zelda

Zelda is my favorite kittypet because she was a great friend to Violetshine and I also kind of liked her development.

8. Violetshine

Violetshine is probably the warrior cats character I relate to the most. I love her sweet moments with her sister and she’s a great mother.

7. Sandstorm

Sandstorm was a good mother to Leafpool and Squirrelflight and I also love lots of sassy characters.

6. Ivypool

Ivypool was a pretty bad sister, but I love her because she helped save the clans. Also IvyXFern is very adorable and I love it.

5. Thrushpelt

Thrushpelt is awesome because he was a good friend to Bluestar and helped take care of Mistystar, Stonefur and Mosskit instead of going crazy.(coughAshfurcough)

4. Feathertail

Feathertail is one of the warriors characters I defend the most. She’s very kind and caring, and she saved the tribe. FeatherXCrow is also one of my favorite warriors ships and I will defend them both forever.

3. Rosetail

I loved Rosetail after rereading Bluestar’s prophecy for the gazillionth time (lol). She was an interesting character and a pretty god friend.

Okay these next two are more of a tie so I’m putting the honorable mentions here

2. Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight is one of my favorite cats because I liked her personality being somewhat annoying and then becoming a mature and responsible cat. She’s a grat sister and a great mother to all the kits she took care of. I hate her sister though

1. Dovewing

Dovewing is one of my favorite cats, because she is a great sister, mother and mate, and is also very loyal. She always cared about everyone and ran away from her home to keep her kits safe. She didn’t want to be in the prophecy at first but managed to help save the clans and she’s a pretty cool character.

15. Star Flower

I like Star Flower as a villain, but her dating Clear Sky after she broke up with his son is gross

14. Sleekwhisker

She’s an interesting character, but I hate her. She’s a backstabbing traitor and literally helped murder her best friend.

13. Slash

Slash is horrible. He mistreated all the cats in his group and tried to force Violet Dawn to become his mate.

12. Darktail

I hate Darktail because he’s another backstabber and killed many cats and almost killed Violetshine.

11. Tigerstar l

He’s a huge hypocrite and just a bad cat.

10. Leafpool

Oh my gosh, Leafpool is so overrated. She is a huge spoiled brat and way too perfect. She ran away with Crowfeather when it was way better to stay with her clan, and I despise LeafXCrow with a burning passion.

9. Bumblestripe

I have never gotten why anyone could like Bumblestripe. He constantly manipulated and guilt tripped Dovewing when it was clear she wasn’t interested and didn’t get that if she doesn’t like him, don’t keep trying to pressure her to be with you and have kits with you. Plus, he tried to make Dovewing have kits with him at Purdy’s funeral which is incredibly disrespectful.

8. Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf is a huge hypocrite. She murdered a cat and then told everyone the secret anyway. She’s super bossy and yelled at Ivypool for having a conversation with a ShadowClan cat. She tried to kill her own mother and follows the warrior code way too much when it has several big flaws.


Lizardstripe is a horrible mother. She neglected all her kits and let her kits bully Brokenstar just because she didn’t want to take care of him.

6. Rainflower

Rainflower is the worst mother ever. She hated Crookedstar just because he was “ugly” and changed his name from Stormkit to Crookedkit and was always saying how Oakheart was better than him just because of Crookedstar’s jaw injury.

5. Tom

Tom was a horrible mate to Turtle Tail. He was mean to her and stole her kits, which basically caused her death

4. Ashfur

Ashfur was way too obsessed with Squirrelflight. He literally almost destroyed the dark forest to be with her. And he’s the reason lots of cats died.

3. Brokenstar

Brokenstar is the worst leader ever. I doubt he even cared about ShadowClan. He caused the deaths of lots of kits who were too young to die, and he probably almost destroyed ShadowClan.

2. Thistleclaw

Thistleclaw is horrible. He tried to get his apprentice to kill a kit and is the reason Tigerstar is evil. Plus, Spottedleaf’s heart, which is just… ew.

Before my least favorite cat here are some honorable mentions

1.Clear Sky

I despise Clear Sky. He was a horrible leader and a horrible mate to Bright Stream and Storm and a horrible brother. He killed Rainswept Flower and didn’t even care and banished cats from his group if they didn’t recover from wounds when he didn’t even have any kind of cat who knew things about healing. He took One Eye and Tom into his group and One Eye almost destroyed all the forest and he became mates with a cat that had been in a relationship with his son. He was super distrustful of Micah for no reason and said it was his fault when he died when it wasn’t. So yeah, that’s why I hate Clear Sky.


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  • Nice article, I agree with some of your choices. Also yes, I appreciate Sleekwhisker as a villain but she always annoyed me for some reason.
    Zelda is so cool and underrated, I used to ship her with Violetshine
    I like both Dove and Ivy too

  • wow this article has turned into a Dovewing war.
    And then there’s me in the corner talking/screaming about Hollyleaf.

  • I guess the only reason I hate DovexTiger is because Tigerheart stole thunderclan herbs, and Dove’ ran off with him, I guess I never got over that. And it IS very, very wrong to run off with another person and ditch your clan and family from that-In fact, (and this goes for why I think the half clan relationships rule should NOT be changed) In fact, if Thunderclan and Shadowclan were to fight, Dovewing would end up having to fight her clanmates. (the cats seem to keep forgeting this is why the rule is there) Im sure she knew this. (I won’t go into whether or not she was mean to Ivypool, idk much on that, i think both of them were jerks to each other) So, here is the complete list on why I hate Dovewing: (1) Dovewing ditched her whole family and clan for another cat from another clan, which is forbidden. (2) I noticed that she didn’t bother to comfort or even check in with Ivypool or even speak to her in the Broken Code Light in the Mist after the poor Bristlefrost scene. She ignored her. That’s kind of odd, considering Ivypool’s kit sacrificed herself for Dovewing’s kit. (3) Dovewing knew that she might have to fight her kin and family and clan if a Shadow/Thunder battle happened. Now think about it-this goes for (1)-if you found out that your friend just ran away from home in some kind of affair with a classmate or whoever without parents’ permissions, and had kids, and did all this while knowing that she might have to fight her family (this is where it stops getting realistic)-well, you probably wouldn’t think very highly of that friend. (4) Oh and even if she rejected both Bumble’ and Tiger’ she still could have been happy in Thunderclan, you never know! Most people in real life don’t marry their first fiancee/date or whatever!

  • I’d like to point this out again this time using a parent perspective.
    1 Dovewing basically runs away from home with her boyfriend who her parents have never meet or approved of.
    2 Her parents, family and clan are not sure if she will ever return, the average parents would ask themselves ( “Have a raised my child correctly? What did I do wrong?”).
    3. Dovewing comes back with? 3 children and married to the leader of a different Clan.
    4 She tells you she is going to live in her mates Clan now, she does not ask her parents permission and doesn’t even bring her mate to meet them.
    5. Dovewings family will only see her a few times a year at gatherings that only last 15 minutes.
    6. Dovewing mate who has the responsibility of an entire Clan decides its a great idea to put another’s Clan of 30 cats, lives in grave danger (Skyclan).
    7. Dovewing does nothing to stop her mate when all other cats in ThunderClan including her family disagree with her mate.
    8. A few years later her sisters daughter dies a horrible death and doesn’t care, if she cared she would have most certainly visited her sister who feeling so much pain and grief.
    So yeah that’s what Whitewing and Birchfall see as parents if you just curious to see only parents view. I should really make an article about this :/

    • 1: Dovewing is a full grown adult at this point and doesn’t need her parents’ permission to date someone.

      2: She did worry her Clan, but she came back. Originally she was going to stay with the guardian cats.

      3+4: Dovewing, again, is an adult and does not need her parents’ permission to be with Tigerheartstar.

      5: Gatherings last all night. There are also around 12 Gatherings a year.

      6: Nothing that Tigerheartstar does is Dovewing’s fault, she can’t control him.

      7: Dovewing is not a mediator and has no duty to be one.

      8: You can’t assume that she just didn’t care, we don’t get her perspective and you just don’t know. Dovewing was also very pregnant at the time of Bristlefrost’s death and it might’ve been dangerous for her to travel to ThunderClan and stay with Ivypool. All of the Clans were recovering from Ashfur, not just ThunderClan.

      • 1. 3. 4. Tigerheart is from a different clan. I don’t how how to explain this politely but its just wrong to not have your parents permission, a article I believe you made explains how warriors is similar to real life. That’s all I’m going to say, it’s just very wrong what Dovewing and Tiger heart did.

        • Adults to not need their parents’ permission to date someone, period. They have agency to make their own choices. And it’s not like Dovewing has a close relationship with her parents, especially Birchfall.

          Most parents of roughly 25-year old children trust their adult offspring to make good decisions. These are also the same parents who tried to convince Dovewing to become Bumblestripe’s mate, without acknowledging the amount of discomfort Dovewing clearly felt surround her coddling, emotionally manipulative suitor.

          My article has nothing to do with half-clan relationships at all. My article exclusively speculated about the parallels of real-world xenophobia and racism to the treatment of rogues in Warriors.

          • Cats can date anyone they want other then cats from other clans. Dovewing has her own choice to decide however running away from your family with a mate Dovewings parents haven’t even met , is wrong. Aswell as coming back with 3 children, married to a cat twice her age.

        • Dovewing;s an adult, she doesnt need parents permission for stuff

        • Hopping in here because this is an interesting debate:
          In theory, for Warrior Cats to be role-models to the reader, they shouldn’t be enforcing that Dovewing can only love someone of her parents say so
          Especially as a female, this is an out of date practice. Yes, Dovewing should’ve at least introduced her parents to her boyfriend, but her parents shouldn’t be acting like only they can choose Dovewing’s love life. Dovewing, maybe as a cat who wanted not to disappoint anyone, especially her sister, decided to not tell them, knowing the possibility of her sister disowning her as a rule-following cat (in AVoS. Ivypool grew out of this later). She probably was down on herself now, and thought the best option was to attempt to start a new life with the cat she truly loved, rather than being forced to be with Bumblestripe the creep in a Clan she didn’t belong in
          (Sorry if this came off as harsh! I’m just throwing in my take on the situation. Nice article Violet 😁)

          • I’m not saying her parents need to choose for her. I am saying Dovewing can’t just run off with some person your parents have never met and have 3 children with them. Dovewing shouldnt have mated with a Cat from another clan but the way she did it was wrong. There were other ways then what she did.

      • Just imagine for a sec, your barely grown up kid just disappears without telling you, then comes back months later with three kids. It doesn’t matter how old they are, you’re still worried and will want to know your new son-in-law. You don’t disown your daughter after they reach 18. You care about them their whole life and care about their life!

          • That’s still not correct , running away from home with some person your parents don’t even know exist is just plain wrong

            • Parents are supervisors for much of our lives, but they shouldn’t be so controlling as to ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED WILL ACTUALLY DIE if u dont introduce u to someone. And yeah, i get that Tigerheart was more than just ‘someone’ to Dovewing, but any parent – child relationship like that is… a little over the top. Parents should trust you to make the right decision with partners. They’re not the one’s getting married or going on a date with your partner.

  • Leafpool is my favorite character! How could you say she’s a brat? She is very kind and cares for her sister and gave her comforting advice like, a gazillion times!!!

    I very strongly ship LeafxCrow. She tried her best in following Spottedleaf’s advice, “follow your heart” and thought that it meant to run away with Crowfeather. She realized her mistake when Midnight told her and Crowfeather about the badger’s plan to attack, and stayed with her clan when the two came back. She also comforted Crowfeather after Feathertail’s death, and gave him love when he needed it.

    She is not perfect. She made mistakes and tried hard to make things right. She cared for her kits so much and it broke her heart to pretend they were her sister’s kits. It hurt a lot too when her kits didn’t want to forgive her and her sister for what they’d done.

    Leafpool’s life was very hard, and her death crushed me, but she died a heroic death. Nobody will ever convince me she’s a brat.

    • Actually Leafpool never though once about missing her sister when she ran away with Crowfeather. Not even one did Leafpool consider how her sister would feel when they ran away.

  • I agree with most of these things except for leafpool, I think shes a good and well thought out cat, but i respect our opinion

  • 🌊✨💖 Elegant Lark Soaring Over Shining Stream. Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article, Violet! I agree with everything! (Especially Thistleclaw, as he had a multitude of second chances and didn’t have too good reasoning for what he did)

  • Well done! I like the jokes you casually slipped in here and there. I have a few things to say…
    1. Yes, Sleekwhisker IS an interesting character! And my favorite villian.
    2. Star Flower and Clear Sky’s ship is DISGUSTANG 🤮🤮🤮
    3. I dont agree with Dovewing, but it is a very good and well written article.

  • So …I disagree with a lot but agree with a lot to but I’m just gonna piont out one that I disagree with the most…
    So leafpool she loved crow feather so much but even though she did she felt guilty cause she new feather tail loved him and she was doing the wrong thing but feather tail did like semi approved of it like she approved but not really cause leafpools a med cat but yk what I mean anyways ..she was a great sister to and she had a very tough life and she’s not perfect she had to go through so much pain when she had jay feather holly leaf and lion blaze /and even when they were so mad at her and hated her for what she had done she still loved them with all her heart and when holly leaf tried to kill her (and also when she killed ashfur) she still loved her and then (crooked stars mom disowned him cause of his looks ) .. all aside great article! .,,..,,…,,.,

  • YEESSSSSS finally someone doesnt hate dovewing :,)
    Although I disagree, I love Clear Sky!
    Sure, he was selfish, but he warmed up to everybody and became softer and kinder as he grew older. That’s the part that haters leave out.
    It was mentioned in both of the Ultimate Guides.
    But anyway, GREAT ARTICLE!!!!

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