Warrior mates/couples that are related (part 1) By Icemist

Icemist lists couples in the series who are related to each other.

Art by StormFalconFire

HI!! It’s Icemist, and today I will be figuring out which Warrior cat mates are related. Foster family will not be included, but mates are. I tried to think of the hardest ones that are related. In this article I will be doing ThunderClan & ShadowClan, and in my next article I will be doing SkyClan & Half Clan couples/ships.


Cloudtail & Brightheart!!
I love this couple! Isn’t it so cute how Cloudtail(paw at the time) cares for Brightheart(paw) when she is attacked by the dogs?? Anyways, they are related, but through mates. Cloudtail’s mother is Princess, whose brother is Firestar. Firestar’s mate is Sandstorm, whose mother is Brindleface. Brindleface’s sister is Frostfur, whose daughter is Brightheart!!! Wait, Brightheart’s one gen older than Cloudtail??

Cloudtail – Princess – Firestar – Sandstorm – Brindleface – Frostfur – Brightheart

Pinestar & Leopardfoot.
I HATE THIS. THE AGE DIFFERENCE IS JUST DISGUSTING. But lol this about how they’re related, not how disgusting this is. Leopardfoot’s mother is Swiftbreeze whose mother is Flashnose. Flashnose’s sister is Daisytoe whose daughter is Moonflower. Moonflower’s daughter is Snowfur whose mate is Thistleclaw. Thistleclaw’s mother is Poppydawn whose mother is Fallowsong. Fallowsong’s sister is Sweetbriar whose son is Pinestar! Pinestar’s only one generation older than Leopardfoot?? If my math is correct that is…

Leopardfoot – Swiftbreeze – Flashnose – Daisytoe – Moonflower – Snowfur – Thistleclaw – Poppydawn – Fallowsong – Sweetbriar – Pinestar

Stemleaf & Spotfur!!
I like this couple! It’s sweet, and nice! I can’t wait to see Spotfur’s kits!! So Stemleaf’s dad was Thornclaw, whose sister was Brightheart. Brightheart’s mate was Cloudtail, whose mother was Princess. Princess’s brother was Firestar whose daughter is Leafpool. Leafpool’s son is Lionblaze whose daughter is Spotfur!! Stemleaf’s one gen older than Spotfur too!

Stemleaf – Thornclaw – Brightheart – Cloudtail – Princess – Firestar – Leafpool – Lionblaze – Spotfur

Thornclaw & Blossomfall.
Just like PineXLeopard, I hate this ship because of the age gap. Though this isn’t quite as bad. Thornclaw’s mother is Frostfur whose sister is Brindleface. Brindleface’s mate is Whitestorm whose other mate is Willowpelt. Willowpelt’s son is Graystripe whose daughter is Blossomfall!!! Just like PineXLeopard, Thornclaw is one generation older than Blossomfall.

Thornclaw – Frostfur – Brindleface – Whitestorm – Willowpelt – Graystripe – Blossomfall

Firestar & Sandstorm!!
I LOVE THIS!!! THIS IS IN MY TOP TEN. Anyways, Firestar’s sister is Princess whose son is Cloudtail. Cloudtail’s mate is Brightheart whose mother is Frostfur. Frostfur’s sister is Brindleface whose daughter is Sandstorm!!! Firestar’s one gen older than Sandstorm? Wow I did not except so many different generations…

Firestar – Princess – Cloudtail – Brightheart – Frostfur – Brindleface – Sandstorm


Raggedstar & Yellowfang!!!
I like this couple actually, but not when Raggedstar loses his temper. Ok, so Raggedstar’s mother is Featherstorm whose other mate is Blizzardwing. Blizzardwing’s other daughter is Fernshade whose mate is Wolfstep. Wolfstep’s father is Toadskip whose other son is Clawface. Clawface’s mate is Rowanberry, whose sister is Yellowfang!! Lol there’s lots of “others”. RaggedXYellow are actually the same gen!!!

Raggedstar – Featherstorm – Blizzardwing – Fernshade – Wolfstep – Toadskip – Clawface – Rowanberry – Yellowfang

Blizzardwing & Featherstorm!!!
I don’t really have an opinion on this couple. So Blizzardwing’s daughter with Hollyflower is Fernshade, whose mate is Wolfstep. Wolfstep’s father is Toadskip, whose son with Nettlespot is Clawface. Clawface’s mate is Rowanberry whose sister is Yellowfang. Yellowfang’s mate was Raggedstar whose mother was Featherstorm!!! They are the same gen too!!

Blizzardwing – Fernshade – Wolfstep – Toadskip – Clawface – Rowanberry – Yellowfang – Raggedstar – Featherstorm

Clawface & Rowanberry!
First of all, what kind of name is Clawface?? And two more things: In Yellowfang’s Secret, Clawpaw(face) was really nice and cared about his brother Nightstar when he was sick. But I hate how he killed Spottedleaf, she was a medicine cat!!! So Clawface’s father is Toadskip whose son with Poolcloud is Wolfstep. Wolfstep’s mate is Fernshade whose father is Blizzardwing. One of Blizzardwing’s mates was Featherstorm, whose son with Hal was Raggedstar. Raggedstar’s mate was Yellowfang, whose sister is Rowanberry!!! Same gen too!(Why are all the ShadowClan mates the same gen??)

Clawface – Toadskip – Wolfstep – Fernshade – Blizzardwing – Featherstorm – Raggedstar – Yellowfang – Rowanberry

Wolfstep & Fernshade!!
No opinion on this.. Wolfstep’s father is Toadskip, whose other son with Nettlespot is Clawface. Clawface’s mate was Rowanberry whose sister is Yellowfang. Yellowfang’s mate was Raggedstar whose mother is Featherstorm. Featherstorm’s other mate is Blizzardwing, whose daughter with Hollyflower is Fernshade!!! SAME GENERATION AGAIN??!!!

Wolfstep – Toadskip – Clawface – Rowanberry – Yellowfang – Raggedstar – Featherstorm – Blizzardwing – Fernshade

Tigerheart/star & Dovewing!!
I like this! So, Tigerheart’s mother is Tawnypelt whose brother is Bramblestar. Bramblestar’s mate is Squirrelflight whose father is Firestar. Firestar’s sister is Princess whose son is Cloudtail. Cloudtail’s daughter is Whitewing whose daughter is Dovewing!!! FINALLY!! TIGERHEART/STAR IS ONE GENERATION OLDER THAN DOVEWING.

Tigerheart – Tawnypelt – Bramblestar – Squirrelflight – Firestar – Princess – Cloudtail – Whitewing – Dovewing.

Well that wraps up this article!!! My next article will be Part 2 of this, since I didn’t want this article to be too long. (I hope I didn’t make any mistakes) Comment what type of article you want me to do next! Hasta luego!!!

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