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Warrior mates/couples that are related (Part 2) By Icemist

Icemist lists more couples who are related to each other.

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, deputy, leader, and medicine cats! (Looking for better ways to start articles) It’s ICEMIST! Today I will be continuing Part 2 about warrior mates/couples that are related!!


Breezepelt & Heathertail!!!
Before I read Crowfeather’s Trial I used to hate this, but now I like it. Breezepelt’s father is Crowfeather whose mother is Ashfoot. Ashfoot’s brother is Onestar whose daughter is Heathertail. Heathertail is one gen older than Breezepelt.

Breezepelt – Crowfeather – Ashfoot – Onestar – Heathertail

I literally could not find a single one for RiverClan, so good job RiverClan!!


Finleap & Twigbranch!!

I know. They are ThunderClan. But since their family is SkyClan, I decided to add them here. Don’t ask me why I didn’t do that for TigerXDove in my last article… ANYWAYS, Finleap’s father is Sandynose whose mother is Clovertail. Clovertail’s other daughter is Tinycloud whose daughter is Pebbleshine. Pebbleshine’s daughter is Twigbranch!!!! Finleap is one gen older than Twigbranch.

Finleap – Sandynose – Clovertail – Tinycloud – Pebbleshine – Twigbranch

Dewspring & Nectarsong!
No opinion.. Dewspring’s mother is Plumwillow whose brother is Nettlesplash. Nettlesplash’s daughter is Nectarsong!! They’re cousins!

Dewspring – Plumwillow – Nettlesplash – Nectarsong

Hawkwing & Pebbleshine!!
I like this! Hawkwing’s mother is Cherrytail whose brother is Sparrowpelt. Sparrowpelt’s daughter is Pebbleshine!! Again, they are cousins!

Hawkwing – Cherrytail – Sparrowpelt – Pebbleshine

Nettlesplash & Mintfur!!
No opinion. Nettlesplash’s sister is Plumwillow whose mate is Sandynose. Sandynose’s sister is Birdwing whose mate is Sagenose. Sagenose’s sister is Mintfur. Same generation!

Nettlesplash – Plumwillow – Sandynose – Birdwing – Sagenose – Mintfur

Sagenose & Birdwing!!
No opinion. Sagenose’s sister is Mintfur whose daughter is Nectarsong. Nectarsong’s mate is Dewspring whose father is Sandynose. Sandynose’s sister is Birdwing!! Same generation again!!

Sagenose – Mintfur – Nectarsong – Dewspring – Sandynose – Birdwing

Half Clan relationships!!!!

Crowfeather & Feathertail!!!
I love this!!!! Just not as much as CrowXLeaf but it’s really good! This was tricky. But I found a way. So Crowfeather’s ThunderClan mate is Leafpool. Leafpool’s mother is Sandstorm whose mother is Brindleface. Lol didn’t expect to be in ThunderClan when we’re talking about a WindXRiver ship… Anyways Brindleface’s mate is Whitestorm whose other mate is Willowpelt. Willowpelt’s son is Graystripe whose daughter is Feathertail!! ThunderClan found a way for them to be related…. But they were only related until AFTER Crowfeather became mates with Leafpool… Anyways they are the same generation!!

Crowfeather – Leafpool – Sandstorm – Brindleface – Whitestorm – Willowpelt – Graystripe – Feathertail

Graystripe & Silverstream!!
My 2nd favorite ship!!! It’s AWESOME!! In my opinion. Graystripe’s mother is Willowpelt whose mate is Whitestorm. Whitestorm’s mother is Snowfur whose sister is Bluestar. Bluestar’s mate is Oakheart whose brother is Crookedstar. Crookedstar’s daughter is Silverstream!!! Graystripe is one generation older than Silverstream….

Graystripe – Willowpelt – Whitestorm – Snowfur – Bluestar – Oakheart – Crookedstar – Silverstream

There are more but I don’t feel like doing all of them. In ThunderClan especially I bet every single mate is related almost. SkyClan has a lot too! WindClan I only found one, and like I said, RiverClan has none that I know of. ShadowClan has a decent amount! Well, that does it for this article! I hope you liked it and if you want me to do a certain type of article, comment it! Bye!!!!!

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