Darkstripe’s Parentage by Blazesoul

Blazesoul takes a closer look at Darkstripe’s parents.

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Hi Blazesoul here with my 3rd article. Today I’ll be talking about Darkstripe’s parents and why they makes no sense to me.

Spoilers for Bluestar’s Prophecy and Redtail’s Debt.

Darkstripe’s parents are Willowpelt and Twanyspots. Well why is this crazy? You should be talking about Graystripe if you want to talk about crazy. Willowpelt was still a paw when Tawnyspots got sick over and over again. She was just a new paw even! So Willowpelt was still an paw when Tawnyspots died. (I’m not sure if paws can’t have kits because their too young or it’s against the warrior code.) So in the rest of this article I’ll be naming multiple theories about Darkstripe’s parentage.

Theory number 1:
Darkstripe’s birth was a mistake. But the reason paws can’t have kits is it is against the warrior code not that they are to young. But Willowpelt is a loyal warrior so why did she have kits as a paw. The reason most likely is it was a mistake. Willowpaw could have been taking of Twanyspots keeping him warm with her pelt. Or she was cleaning his pelt when this happens.

Theory number 2:
Willowpelt and Twanyspots weren’t as loyal as they seem. They could have been meeting in secret once Twanyspots got these bouts of sickness. Of course when he was feeling better. And when he died Willowpelt could have been devastated and carrying kits. So she kept quiet and was made a warrior before having her kits lying about a tom that was still alive or that recently died was the father.

Theory number 3:
Victoria Holmes lied. Willowpelt and Tawnyspots were never mates. But why would she do this? Well fans were insisting for info on Darkstripe’s parents. So she gave them the first male and female cats that popped into her mind and it was Willowpelt and Twanyspots. I think this is the most unlikely reason.

These are the 3 theories for today. Tell me down below which one you think are most likely. Next cat I’ll be discussing parentage about is Swiftpaw! Tell me anymore you want to find out about down below.

-Blazesoul out.

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  • Wow, Blazesoul, I’m shook 0 – 0 But also, we do need to talk about this. What is wrong with Willowpelt? Not even her, just the Erins in general sometimes. Wait, I’m just realizing something. This could be a genetic thing. Swiftbreeze and Adderfang are Willowpelt’s parents, correct? So they are Patchpelt’s, Leopardfoot’s, Spottedleaf and Redtail’s. Patchpelt had kits with ANOTHER VERY young she-cat (A.K.A Goldenflower, their kit is supposed to be Swiftpaw) Leopardfoot got together with a very OLD tom, Pinestar, and had Tigerkit/star, Nightkit & Mistkit. Redtail supposedly got together with yet ANOTHER young she-cat, (Brindleface) and has Sandkit/storm, and Spottedleaf stalks a young tom even after her own DEATH, A.K.A Firestar. Omg guys, I’ve solved it. It’s a genetic thing! Just like Bluestar. Moonflower got together with Stormtail instead of Sunstar, and Bluestar got together with Oakheart instead of Thrushpelt. (I’m sorry to any shippers, my opinion.) Tell me if you guys agree because I feel like I’m onto something ….

    • 1: It is not at all Willowpelts fault if she hypothetically gave birth too kits when she was an apprentice (when she did not)
      2:Goldenflower was not young at all when she had Swiftpaw. Read Bluestars prophecy, it will give you more context
      3: Redtail never, in canon, took a mate or had kits.

    • Rosefall make an article, I would read it, it would be very interesting to read.

  • *Edit to my last comment* Ok. I’m just now learning something. Apparently, Longtail isn’t Robinwing and Fuzzypelt’s kit—but PATCHPELT’S???? Did ANYBODY else know this??? Because I sure didn’t! Wow, the Erins really pull the most RANDOM stuff out of their pockets. Also, did anybody know that Robinwing’s first litter were two kits named Cherrypaw and Chestnutkit? Because I didn’t. Comment down below for more shocking family trees please because I thought I knew a lot but apparently not o . O

  • Darkstripe only has one confirmed parent, Willowpelt. Victoria Holmes didn’t lie, she just made a guess without research, then took it back.

  • Great article! However, the warrior code never states that apprentices can’t have kits. Personally, I think that it’s not against the warrior code for apprentices to have kits; it’s just that it rarely happens, and most apprentices understand that it is not very moral or physically healthy for them. However, your theories for Willowpaw accidentally having his kits or the two meeting in secret are very interesting, although I think that most people believe that Vicky just stated the first two cats that popped up in her mind. In my opinion, Darkstripe’s parents are actually Leopardfoot and Thrushpelt — Leopardfoot was stunned and horrified at Pinestar’s choice to leave ThunderClan, and she sought friendship and peace within Thrushpelt, which was how they got together. ~ Cloudy

      • I don’t know, just a headcanon that would make sense. Darkie’s parents probably aren’t Willowpelt and Tawnyspots, and it would make sense for two cats older to be his parents. Leopardfoot might’ve been stunned from grief at Pinestar’s decision to leave ThunderClan, and Thrushpelt might’ve been sad because of his rejection to Bluestar. Eventually, Thrushpelt’s feelings for her faded; eventually, Leopardfoot knew she needed to move on with life, and her grief faded over time. Thrushpelt comforted Leopardfoot and helped her move on, and Leopardfoot saw Thrushpelt’s compassion and warmth and fell in love. Again, this is just my opinion. It’s not confirmed; it’s just a headcanon. ~ Cloudy

  • ……. Wow. Just…… Wow. This was a really amazing article. I had no clue that Tawnyspots was supposed to be darkstripe’s dad. I didn’t know who but if Willowpelt had him when she was a ‘paw….. Yikes

    • He was never supposed to be Darkstripes dad. It has never been mentioned in any book who his parents where, and when one of the authors said tawnyspots, they just guessed a random warrior and didn’t consult anyone.

  • Great article! Villains don’t just appear out of nowhere and say “I’m evil”. There is always a reason. I generally don’t like to look at the very old family trees, things were messed up back there

  • Wow. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. Just wow. I really like this. I believe that both 1 and 2 make sense, but I don’t think Vicky would lie purposely.

  • (Twanyspots hehe) My theory: Willowpelt fell in love with a charming rogue she met at the border. When the rogue found out she was having his kits, he showed a side of his personality Willowpelt hadn’t seen. He started acting cruel (sorry I’m kind of making up a story) and doing things like making Willowpelt hunt for him. Willowpelt asked Tawnyspots to pretend to be the father and he agreed. When Willowpelt was almost due for her kits, the rogue left her. Willowpelt, being devastated, swore she would never mate outside her clan again, but always had a soft spot for half-clan kits. (Which might explain why she protected Featherkit and Stormkit when they were in ThunderClan- or was that another queen?) Anyway, Willowpelt decided to tell her only son who his father really was. For the rest of his life Darkstripe tried to prove he was just as good at hunting and fighting as any other clan cat- even if it meant bullying other cats. It would also make sense why Darkstripe hated Firestar: they both had non-clan fathers. Darkstripe didn’t like being half-clan, so of course he hated other half-clan cats too. Eh? You have to admit, that would make a good short story.

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