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Wildfeather05 lists some misunderstood or hated characters from the series.

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Here are my top 5 characters who are misunderstood or receive more hate than they deserve. You don’t have to agree with me about everything I say here but I hope this article makes you think about your opinions about these five cats. πŸ™‚

5. Ravenwing
(I don’t really like him but anyway)
Ravenwing didn’t deserve to die. He simply did his job as a medicine cat and told the truth. Ravenwing wasn’t the one who chose to exile Mapleshade and her kits. Oakstar himself chose to exile them. How could Ravenwing know that Oakstar wanted to exile innocent kits? I think Ravenwing should have persuaded Oakstar to not to exile them but he didn’t deserve to die.

4. Bluestar
I don’t understand why some people hate her. Bluestar had made a lot of mistakes; she was unfair to Swiftpaw and many others at Thunderclan. She was really irritating at times but that’s understandable considering how much she had gone through. Her mother and sister died, she didn’t have a good relationship with her father, her mate and kit died, Tigerclaw betrayed her and many other things I cannot remember right now.
I don’t really blame Bluestar for what she did during the last books from the first arc. She went crazy because of the bad things she had to go through. I bet most people couldn’t handle it any better than she did.

3. Scourge
To be honest, Scourge is overrated but also hated and quite misunderstood. Yes, he was a harsh and cold-blooded cat but never completely evil.

The rant I wrote about Scourge a while ago ( is really old and I want to add a couple things about him: Ruby, Socks and Tigerpaw/claw/star aren’t the only reasons why Scourge turned evil. When he fled to the city as a kitten, most city cats he met were aggressive & mean towards him. They prevented him from getting food and even tried to hurt him.
I believe the city cats’ behavior towards Scourge (and each other) made him paranoid and hateful towards others.
The vicious city cats also peer pressured Scourge into killing one of the forest cats and probably some others. Peer pressure and the fear of being rejected by the city cats made him do terrible things.

“This is just like Socks and Ruby, but worse!”
– Scourge thinking about the city cats he met.

2. Squirrelflight
I have seen people calling her mean names just because she chose Bramblestar instead of Ashfur. If you think Squirrelflight is horrible for rejecting Ashfur, please calm down! I respect your opinion but hating on a fictional cat just because of her choice to not to be mates with someone is a bit extreme.
I don’t think she used Ashfur to make Brambleclaw jealous. Squirrelflight herself said that she didn’t intend to hurt Ashfur’s feelings or make Brambleclaw jealous. (go read the books if you don’t believe me!) She got mad and yelled at Ashfur at some point but that doesn’t mean she’s abusive. And even if she was abusive like some Ashfur fans say, it doesn’t justify Ashfur’s actions!
No matter how “evil and abusive” Squirrelflight is, it doesn’t justify Ashfur trying to kill four innocent cats who had nothing to do with the drama between her and Ashfur.

He doesn’t deserve so much hate. Yes, he killed Moonflower and it’s awful, but he had a good reason to kill her. I’m not saying that Moonflower deserved to die. I know that it wasn’t her idea to destroy Windclan’s herb supplies but Hawkheart had the right to defend his herbs from her. It’s kinda unfair that Hawkheart is so hated. He just defended Windclan’s right to get medical care and prevented many sick/injured Windclan cats from dying!

I hope you liked my article :3

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  • I would like to politely disagree with Ravenwing and Hawkheart. Ravenwing knew (atleast most likely, that Mapleshade and the kit would suffer and be exiled. As for Hawkheart..he want against the Medicine cat code and the warrior code, and enjoyed killing moonflower by the sounds of it.

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