Applekit explains why BrightStream needs a Super addition with MapleStar by Applekit and MapleStar

Applekit and MapleStar share why they think Bright Stream deserves a super edition.

Art by Warrior Cats Database (tumblr:)

Hi I’m ValleyStream and today, my sister MapleStar and I are going to wright a article about why Bright Stream needs a super addition

She only survived to chapter ten, and and we both think that we would all like to hear some Backstory. Also, we’d like to hear more about her Decision to leave the cave! ( Also MapleStars favorite character is BrightStream)

Unlike others, you never actually saw Bright Stream die. All we saw was that Bright Stream was carried into the sky. We don’t know if she actually died. Maybe she was dropped and couldn’t find her way back to the others and died separate. Or maybe she found them after dawn of the clans was over.

Would be wonderful to see her giving birth, and how she raised her kits. Of course this would all be in the wild though, if she survived, which is actually pretty likely. Valley Stream and Maple Star both agree that it was unnecessary for her to die. It would be cool to see what she would name her kits, and there’s always clear sky. I mean like, why did she have to die?

We have no idea about right streams mother, father, or littermates. Valley Stream and Maplestar have some fan theories for you. First of all, her littermates. Maybe turtle tail since we don’t know anything about turtle tails family either, and rainswept flower! as we know, her father Is Shaded moss! Rainswept flower probably wasn’t the only one in that litter, so it’s a possibility she’s a sister to bright stream and turtle tail. So that has another piece of the puzzle put together, we know that her father is Shaded moss. Who is shaded mosses mate? Maybe snow hare. Snow hare has no official mate or family or anything so it’s quite possible. Or maybe their mother died when they were still kits. No one knows for sure, but we do know one thing: We need A family tree. It’s not like they where born out of the wind and sky or just appeared in the air. They need to have a mother and a father and probably littermates.

The End
Well those are our reasons why we think that right stream deserves a super edition. This is just our opinion, and it probably isn’t true with the family tree stuff. Our idea may not be true. But still, we hope that you enjoyed this article, and may star clan like your path.

ValleyStream and MapleStar Out.

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