Best & worst mentor – apprentice relationships By Icemist

Icemist lists the best and worst mentor-apprentice relationships from the series.

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Hello!!!! It’s Icemist(Mist that Wanders over Ice) and today I will be talking about some of my favorite & least favorite mentor – apprentice relationships. This will not be in order or anything, since I have trouble deciding which is better or worse lol. So it’s just going to be ten. But I will be starting with my favorite mentor – apprentice relationship, which is….

Yellowfang & Cinderpelt!!!
I think this is the best mentor – apprentice relationship because they have such an unbreakable bond!! Yellowfang’s snappy & sarcastic personality clashes well with Cinderpelt’s carings & determined personality. Yellowfang is there to comfort Cinderpelt when Silverstream dies, and Cinderpelt was really sad when Yellowfang died. Cinderpelt had a great bond with Firestar(Maybe because she liked him too… 😉 but Yellowfang & Cinderpelt’s bond was one of a kind. When Cinderpelt goes into depression since she couldn’t be a warrior, Yellowfang helps her by making her help out and being useful. This determined Cinderpelt to become a medicine cat. This also reminds me of Jayfeather & Briarlight, except Briarlight didn’t become a real medicine cat.

Cinderpelt & Leafpool!!!!!!
Leafpool, my favorite character, & Cinderpelt, the cat who struggled the most in my opinion. (Quick rant: I know people have said Mapleshade & Crookedstar had sadder lives because Cinderpelt was loved, but she still had a sadder life in my opinion. Cinderpelt could not achieve her dream. Crookedstar did, because he became a leader. Mapleshade well didn’t have a dream really… Cinderpelt watched the one she loved be with someone else for most of her life. Mapleshade did, except she died. Cinderpelt KNEW WHEN she was going to DIE. How sad is that??? Sorry I know it’s not related I just really wanted to talk about that) ANYWAYS moving on to what I’m supposed to be talking about. Cinderpelt was there for Leafpool a lot. Cinderpelt tried stopping Leafpool from leaving because she cared about Leafpool. Cinderpelt never got angry at her, and Leafpool loved her mentor. Sorry if I didn’t explain this one really well, but I just really like it because they treat each other like family..

Lionblaze & Dovewing!!!
This is really great!!! Dovewing is struggling to control her powers, and Lionblaze is there for her. While Jayfeather is being his usual self and snapping, Lionblaze actually helps her, and designs special training for her. Lionblaze & Dovewing are really good friends too, because their powers drew them together.

Rosepetal & Bristlefrost!!!
We don’t see too much of this, but I can see enough. When Bristlefrost fails her first assessment, Rosepetal is understanding about it and makes sure Bristlefrost doesn’t feel bad that she didn’t catch anything. When Bristlefrost tells her about her crush on Stemleaf, Rosepetal relates to her about her crush on Foxleap(tho she doesn’t actually SAY it’s Foxleap, the Erins confirmed it) Rosepetal comforts her and tells her gently that she should move on.

Ivypool & Twigbranch!!!
I really like how Ivypool was one of the reasons Twigbranch didn’t want to leave ThunderClan, because Ivypool meant a lot to her. Ivypool always protected her apprentice, such as when they met the rogues, and Ivypool believed in her. She always encouraged Twigbranch, and even told her about TigerXDove stuff. I really wish Twigbranch didn’t go to SkyClan, but then again, she wouldn’t have met Finleap….

Worst mentor – apprentice relationships

Ashfur & Lionblaze.
This is by far the WORST PAIRING OF MENTORSHIP EVER!! FIRESTAR WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? IS ASHFUR REALLY GOING HAPPILY TO TRAIN HIS LOVE’S “KIT”??? Sorry, I just really hate this, no offense to those who like it. I don’t know where to start.
They tried to kill each other. TWICE. If that’s not enough, I have more!
Ashfur never believed in Lionblaze. He threatened to ruin Lionblaze’s life. Ok, yeah, not that strong, but TRYING TO KILL.

Darkstripe & Ferncloud.
Seriously, what was Bluestar/Fireheart thinking?? Darkstripe with his gruffy & mean personality, when Ferncloud, her sweet & caring personality?? TERRIBLE. I like how Dustpelt watches out for her when she’s an apprentice, but it’s kinda weird that Dustpelt likes her when she’s a kit. I still love the ship tho!

Thistleclaw & Tigerstar |.
If Tigerstar had gotten a different mentor, then he wouldn’t have killed or caused so many cats to die. Thistleclaw had a bad influence on Tigerstar, and that’s what caused him to become evil. They are both evil, ruthless, & murderers. I have to say though, they are a good match!! …

Nightstar & Brokenstar.
This was bad because Brokenstar never cared about Nightstar, and never listened to him. I honestly just feel really bad for Nightstar, he has such a bad health problem, then gets the worst ShadowClan leader as his apprentice.

Tigerstar | & Ravenpaw.
This was bad because Tigerstar was really rough on Ravenpaw, and tried to teach him like Thistleclaw taught him. Tigerstar even wanted to kill Ravenpaw since he knew about the Tigerstar – Redtail – Oakheart thing. This frightened Ravenpaw into leaving Clan life forever, which was very sad..

That concludes this article! Which mentor – apprentice do you think are the best and worst? If you want me to do a certain type of article, comment it. Bye!!

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  • Interesting article! I agree with all of these 🙂
    Yellowfang and Cinderpelt’s mentor/apprentice relationship is THE best and nothing is bad enough to beat Lionblaze and Ashfur’s apprentice/mentor relationship because there is no relationship, just anger, frustration and pent-up hate.

  • Great article! Great points!
    I only politely disagree with the Dovewing-Lionblaze…When I was on Power Of Three, I remember thinking he was kinda controling and unfair. It was, like, one of the three things that made me dislike Lionblaze (the other two being the way he treated Heathertail and the way he murdered Russetfur, I only said three because those are the ones I remember). I thought it was very unfair when he (& Jayfeather, but he was Dovepaw’s mentor) forbid Dovepaw to tell Ivypool about the Three while she was obviously struggling and losing her sister’s friendship, but then told Cinderheart without hesitation because he thought that would make her be his mate. Like, why could he use the Three freely to keep a mate and Dovewing couldn’t to keep a friendship with her sister? That was something I thought was unfair, I also found him controlling of Dovewing…But still, you made great points. I still dislike Lionblaze, though.
    Keep up the good work!

    • The Cinderheart thing is the main reason I dislike Lionblaze! I can’t believe I found someone who agrees!

      • I can’t believe I didn’t see that,
        When loved characters have their wrongs spread out and they mention one, then put up another when you forget the last.
        Somone put all Jayfeather’s instances of being a bad cat together in one article and It really made him seem like a bad person

        • I like Jayfeather 🙂 His purrsonality stands out and I liked to read his POV, he isn’t a bad person in my opinion.
          I liked Lionblaze at the start too – thought Hollyleaf was my favorite POV – but then there was the Heathertail thing and I was like, SO MAD at him – she told him she hadn’t said, and she gave an reasonable explanation! And he “loved” her! Just because it was the right thing to do according to the code, doesn’t mean he had to vilanize his former crush – even more one that WASN’T ONESIDED! Yes, Tigerstar had a part on that, but…
          But them ok, life goes on, we forgot his mistake – me not included, but I half-forgave it -, and then he murders Russetfur – by manslaughter, I admit ^^.
          The reason I was mad that time was the way his Clanmates were so forgiving – “You just killed a deputy but it doesn’t matter because it was an acident! Also let’s pretend ShadowClan has no reason to be mad, and that this attack wasn’t our own idea! BTW that’s ok because she was attacking our leader with seven lives and was killed for it! Also, the new deputy will give ShadowClan away and be its ruin because he isn’t ready! Ok, Lionblaze, you only did your job!” Is the message I got. So that isn’t really his fault…
          But then there’s Dovewing 🙁
          I was SO MAD at him, I mean – he should know what bad mentorship is!
          Dovepaw had no power on her situation. It’s like, she had the power and suddenly had to hide it from everyone, then tell the leader, then the pressure, then the fights with her sister, and they didn’t tell her Ivypaw was training on the Dark Forest, she figured it out herself. Lionblaze was grieving, but the Cinderheart thing was the last straw for me.

    • dont be! its not only you! i remember in a moonkitti video rosepetal told bristlefrost that it was bumblestripe so….. um, yeah im confused

      • Rosepetal says that Bumblestripe is nice once and is shown to be heavily sympathetic towards him, which is perhaps why Moonkitti suspected it is him, but she also seems to be close with Foxleap, Dovewing wonders if she liked him, and the Vicky planned that they would become mates, but someone pointed out that he’s her uncle.

  • Great article, Icemist! I agree with everything and you made wonderful points!

    Yellowfang and Cinderpelt’s relationship was so sweet! <3 You're correct, they're personalities might not seem compatible at first glance, but Cinderpelt helped Yellowfang reveal her soft side, and Yellowfang supported Cinderpelt throughout the duration of her healing from her injury. Yellowfang assisted Cinderpelt in becoming her usual enthusiastic self again afterwards, convincing her (and rightly) that she wasn't to blame for Silverstream's death. I love these two! It's cute how Cinderpelt inherited a portion of Yellowfang's crankiness.

  • The worst mentor-apprentice relationship in my opinion is either Brightheart and Jayfeather, or Graystripe and Brackenfur. Brightheart treated Jayfeather as though he had no potential. She never took him hunting, or taught him how to fight. She took him outside the camp ONCE, and most of the time made him clean bedding and check the elders for ticks. And Graystripe neglected Brackenfur, and left Firestar to train TWO apprentices. Vote which one is worse in the replies to my comment.

  • I agree with all except for Lionblaze and Dovewing. I feel like he’s not kind enough to have such a sensitive apprentice.

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