Summer Gathering: Team Organization + Guest-Hosted Contests

Just a few more weeks until the Gathering (just a reminder: the Gathering will be held on July 30th and 31st)! I can feel the excitement in the air 😉 It’s time to pick teams and open sign-ups for hosting games. Thank you all for your team name suggestions! 💛 There were a ton of great ideas and it was extremely hard picking just one theme. Without further ado, here are our teams for this summer’s Gathering:

Talented Toucans

Majestic Macaws

Charismatic Cockatoos

Thank you to Hollymist, Scorchpaw, and Frogstorm for the name ideas 🦜

In order to be sorted into a team, leave a comment here saying which team you’d prefer to be in from most preferred from least preferred 😀 There’s no deadline to being sorted into a team (you can be added as late as the days of the Gathering), but I’ll try to have a post out with the official list in about a week!

Here you can also sign up to host a Guest-Hosted Contest! Guest-Hosted Contests are when a member of BlogClan gets to host their own game on BlogChat 🙂 Each contest usually lasts about 30 minutes each. The Guest-Hosted Contests will most likely last from around 2-4 PM EST (but exceptions can be made if necessary, and anywhere from 9-4 EST is fair game) and generally involve asking questions and awarding points to the team of the person who first got it right or gave the best answer. For example: Name That Apprentice, Guess that Quote, Warriors Trivia, etc.

You may submit multiple forms if you have multiple game ideas and there is a chance you will be asked to host more than one game if you did so 🍍 The schedule should be out around a week before the Gathering, so make sure to have your form(s) submitted by then if you want to host a game. If you have a scheduling conflict and can only be available for a specific amount of time, let us know and we can adjust accordingly!

I can’t wait to see y’all at the Gathering! If you have any questions, you’re welcome to give me a holler. See you soon 🌴

✨ Cheetahspark ✨



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