my most favorite characters in the whole series(My Opinion) by Shadowpool

Shadowpool lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by XxLunaWarriorxX (Amino Apps)

sooo to start off with this is my first article and i really did not know what to wright about so i started doing research and now here we are so lets get into it
10.firestar(of course)
i had to make room for him somewhere, because hes a legend but hes on here because i like his story development. one of the reasons he’s in such a low position on the board is that is stubbornness in the book sometimes gets in the way. Like when he refused to pick a new deputy after graystrip was caught like he didn’t even put a replacement in just in come on dude your embarrassing you clan. But over all hes a great character.NEXT!
i like her and some people might disagree but i think shes a great character.shes made it on this list because of her determination and how she is not afraid to admit she needs any sort of help. but why she is so low is because of her brother.And i know some people might think that in judging her based of of her brother witch Im not so just hear me out. i hate how she says in the book that she dislikes lying but she lies during a gathering a freaking GATHERING! it really irritates me. And then she says she doesn’t believe in star clan and that’s not even the problem. the problem is that even after she found out he brother wanted her to become the medicine so he had connections. she still wants to be the med witch i understand that you want to stay in the clan and help in a way but honey its just not right for you.
i love crowfeather and all but buddy the only reason you place higher that firstar and mothwing. is that you the father of one of my favorite character(jayfeather :3). But otherwise your attitude is just not right boy call down with your lame opinions ok. but theres really nothing else I have to say so NEXT!
girlfriend i love you and all but your attitude gets in the way of a lot of things. like when you just make it harder for every one especially brambleclaw he tries to express his love to you and you just fighht with him. To make it even worse you spend time with ashfur.
I’m not going to say any more because I’m probably going to get into ashfurs cup of tea. which is not where i want to be.NEXT!
is lovely and i was debating on whether or not to even put her on here because she just is so kind and lovely but that’s not what we’re talking about. She’s placed this low on the list because of the scene she made when daisy came like i mean way who wouldn’t be mad that there partner isn’t paying attention to them like it sucks and the you go and take leafpools spot or at least you never thought you did but other wise shes a good character.NEXT!

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  • Oof it got cut off…
    This is all valid reasoning but my only complaint is your arguments against Mothwing. If she wants to be a medicine cat she should be allowed to continue on that path if she wants to. Talking to Starclan is only half of being a medicine cat, and *Spoilers for TBC* after Ashfur’s death, Shadowsight can’t talk to Starclan either, and I don’t think anyone can say with a straight face that he should switch to being a warrior. Plus, all Starclan ever does is screw everything up anyways.

    • StarClan is ALWAYS sending vague prophecies that never make sense until they actually happen! WHY CAN’T THEY JUST SAY WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN CLEARLY FOR…. starclans sake?

  • Squirrelflight was fighting with brambleclaw because she was either a literal child or he was siding with a guy with very obvious evil intentions, and when she tried to explain why she felt that way, he screamed at her to shut up and said that she hated him because he is related to someone she never knew.
    Bramblestar being a stupid, ambitious, angry jerk with double standards is not squirrelflights fault.

    • I politely disagree. Squirrelflight isn’t a child. She’s a fully-grown adult with a warrior name. Birchkit is a child. Flickerkit is a child. Squirrelflight is not a child. Hawkfrost’s intentions are not obvious. All the cats who went on the sun-drown-place felt neutral about him, except for Squirrelflight, who shamed Brambleclaw, insulted him, roasted him, and said that he cared more about him than her, which is a form of manipulating someone into ignoring someone else. Squirrelflight’s only explanation for why Hawkfrost was evil was only “Leafpool said so.” Leafpool is a valid source of evidence, but it cannot be used as an only source of evidence. You don’t go around the city saying that somebody is evil and your only evidence for it is “because my sister said so.” Also, please give me the quote where Brambleclaw screams at Squirrelflight to shut up and says she hates him. To add to this, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw knew who Hawkfrost ever since they met him at his first Gathering. The events at Starlight weren’t their first encounters with Hawkfrost. Squirrelflight didn’t “never know him.” Give me quotes on how Brambleclaw is a stupid and angry jerk with double standards. I apologize if I seem rude, and I do completely respect your opinion. However, I cannot find a source of evidence or references to your statements anywhere in the books. ~ Cloudy

      • First of all Squirrelflight was a child on the journey to the sun drown place. She was the human equivalent of 14-15. Squirrelflight trusts her sister with her life, and when her sister told her that, she started getting suspicious.
        Squirrelpaw only knew Hawkfrost at gatherings, yes. She didn’t know him.
        Brambleclaw has double standards because he yells at squirrelpaw on the journey constantly for even the slightest mistakes, while when Crowpaw does similar things Bramble is just mildly annoyed and doesn’t say anything. He also yells at her for not trusting hawkfrost when they are coming back from the gathering.
        Reminder that Brambleclaw is constantly much older than squirrelflight throughout the entire arc. Half of the arc she is a literal child.

      • i would agrue that bramble bad and squilf good, but ive done it soo many times. Ive just kinda given up

        However i will say that in TNP she was at fault too. However in almost every single case she was mostly in the right

    • Not gonna insert myself into this argument but I’m just going to point out you listed ambition as a negative quality and a bad thing which it is not. The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of ambitious is ‘having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.’ Doesn’t say anything about murder or subterfuge anywhere. I feel like warriors and many other fantasy book series kinda fails to address that not all ambitious people are evil murderers who are going to fight their way to the top no matter what the cost, when really ambition is actually a very good thing to have that will get you places in life 🙂

  • Great article, but I disagree with how you said that Squirrel starts the fights, not Bramble. Umm, no. Bramble is the one who starts fights, plus he is very mean to her in Squirrelflight’s Hope. Really, they should break up. Squirrel x Leafstar!!!!!!!!! <3

    • I understand how Bramblestar started the actual argument in SqH, and I won’t deny that he’s downright toxic in that book. However, it was Squirrelflight who technically instigated the fight by leaving ThunderClan deputyless and leaving SkyClan leaderless, and also by getting herself and the leader of SkyClan captured by a mysterious, powerful group of rogues. Also, why do you ship Squirrelflight x Leafstar? ~ Cloudy

      • No, while she was she was going behind his back, he was being completely unjust. And leaving thunderclan without a deputy didn’t matter, because Bramblestar was not letting her do anything anyway

  • Quailpaw( Quaz) , she-cat |Crow+Leaf shipper;Hollyleaf, Dovewing and Jayfeather are the best cats!!!! says:

    Good article. Sad it got cut off… maybe you could post the rest in comments

  • I agree with your opinion on Mothwing. At first when I knew her, she was just a medicine cat that doesn’t believe in Star Clan. But when I read Mothwing’s Secret, I understood more about her personality. She’s also now in my top 10 list of the best cats! Great article! Sorry you got cut off.

  • I also agree with Spotted she is so kind but to bad people keep posting mean things and saying rude things she sacrificed herself the first time she was trying to save 4 KITS from an EXPERIANCED WARRIOR and she was a med cat so she wasn’t that used to fighting anymore. the second time was when she saved Sand when she didn’t need to and sand would just go to starclan if spotted wasn’t there. Also shame that your article was cut off I wanted to see what you would say about spotted

    • I respect that you like her, but she fell in love with an apprentice that she interacted with twice, then stalked him and his daughter and grandson in their dreams. I get that she cared about him but she was dead and he had a mate

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