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Is Mapleshade Really Evil? by Brightmoon

Brightmoon decides once and for all if Mapleshade really deserved to go to the Dark Forest.

Artwork by Lunarkisa

Meow! My name is Brightmoon and this is my second article. Today I want to put my paw down and decide if Mapleshade really deserved to go to the Dark Forest. Enjoy!

So, I know what most of you are thinking, “Obviously Mapleshade is evil and deserved everything that she got.” But I want to get down to the facts and decide. I know everyone will have different opinions and please state them in the comments. Let’s get started and talk about what happened first. Mapleshade should not have become mates with Appledusk.

They should not have because they were from different Clans and just about every Clan relationship in Clan history has blown up in smoke. But love is love and all that mushy stuff and it’s not her fault. Next thing. WHY IN THE STARCLAN’S NAME WOULD OAKSTAR KICK OUT A QUEEN AND HER KITS?! I mean seriously!

“I have given ThunderClan three fine kits. I am a queen and I should be treated with respect.” ~ Mapleshade “Mapleshade’s Vengeance”

Next on the agenda, it is not Mapeshades fault that the kits drowned in the river. She couldn’t have known that the river would flood and sweep them away. Yes, she could have just waited but she was desperate and Appledusk was one of the only cats she had left. Though none of this would have happened if OAKSTAR hadn’t KICKED THEM OUT! Also Appledusk is the WORST MATE EVER!!!

This is Appledusk’s fault too in a way. While Mapleshade thinks that he loves her in ThunderClan he is mating with another cat in RiverClan behind her back. That is basically CHEATING! I need a moment to calm down. *Moment of silence* Anyway, in summary, it is not Mapleshade’s fault, it is Appledusk and RiverClan’s fault.

I mean, Darkstar literally refused shelter to a grieving queen and let Appledusk stay. I wonder what she would have decided if Mapleshade still had the kits with her. Hmm. Next let’s talk about the cats that Mapleshade killed to avenge her kits. First up is Ravenwing, the cat that told ThunderClan his suspicions about Mapleshade’s kits.

Ravenwing had received an omen about a river bringing three cats into ThunderClan that didn’t belong there. As he watched the kits play in the river and how Appledusk acted he guessed that they were half RiverClan and that Appledusk was the father. So he told Oakstar and the Oakstar kicked them out. Many people would argue that Ravenwing was just serving hisClan and wasn’t trying to ruin Mapleshade’s life. I actually agree with that, if I was Ravenwing I would have told Oakstar.

I don’t think he knew that Oakstar would kick out Mapleshade like that but I don’t know what he had expected. Larchkit was avenged and then she went after Frecklewish because Mapleshade believed that Frecklewish saw but didn’t try to save her kits. Frecklewish did see them but also saw the RiverClan patrol and thought that the kits were saved. I’m not sure if Frecklewish is innocent or not because many of you say that maybe she couldn’t swim or something and I agree. But she actually broke the warrior code because she did that.

When she killed Frecklewish Petalkit was avenged and then she turned to Appledusk. She killed him and he deserved it, no complants on that one. Then she died from some severe claw wounds and ended up in the Dark Forest. I feel bad because she never got to go to StarClan and see her kits. She didn’t kill cats for her own ambitions, she was driven by grief and wanted revenge.

She had a reason, there is a difference. Then later she kind of destroyed Crookedstar life in a way but once more, she did it because of revenge. Then MANY seasons ago in the battle with the Dark Forest she attempted to kill Sandstorm and ended up killing Spottedleaf instead. She was trying to kill Sandstorm because seasons in the Dark Forest rotted her heart and because Sandstorm had the life she had wanted.

To sum it all up I don’t think that she really “deserved” to go to the Dark Forest but after a while she did. It was because of her actions to the grief that she went to the Dark Forest. She was basically a loyal ThunderClan warrior who fell in love with a RiverClan cat. Bye!

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  • Oak star deserved to go to the dark forest because he was neglecting kits I mean if freckles wish went for that he should too and fire heart at least tried to help some kits at least when they were drowning in main series

    • Fireheart is a very different cat than Frecklewish, and for one he didn’t have his closest family member drown in the river he was swimming in. Losing someone is traumatizing and it’s enough to cause people to have lifelong aversions to certain things [in this case water]

      Oakstar was also being emotionally manipulated by Mapleshade and was very angry that she had been lying about the parentage of her kits. Using the death of somebody’s child [or brother] to push your own agenda is, frankly, cruel and selfish.

      • Where does Mapleshade on purposely emotionally manipulate Oakstar in the book? She never planned to manipulate Oakstar , it just kind of happened.

  • Great article! I think Mapleshade didn’t deserve the Dark Forest, though a lot of her actions after she went there were pretty bad. I still love her though!

  • Yeah, totally agree, she was just driven mad by grief. Oakstar was cruel to kick out a queen raising kits. Mapleshade never deserved to be in the dark forest.

  • Cool article! I agree that Mapleshade went to the DF because of her actions, but honestly, actions are what shapes up a person’s character. It’s doesn’t matter what happens to you, but what you do in return. That’s why in my opinion, Mapleshade deserved the Dark Forest.
    She tried to kill a respected medicine cat, her former clanmate and friend, and then worst of all, a queen. I think that is enough to get sent to hell.

  • Great article! I agree that Mapleshade doesn’t deserve to go to the Dark Forest. I think Mapleshade turned evil in the Dark Forest because of peer pressure. If you took any cat in the clans and placed him/her in the Dark Forest even though it’s not their fault. After a while, and meeting a lot of different cats that hate the clans, wouldn’t that cat be pressured to act like them? I think that’s what happened to Mapleshade. I honestly think if Mapleshade went Star Clan, she would be able to live a happy life with her kits, and she wouldn’t be an evil cat.

    • She didn’t turn evil in the Dark Forest, as she was happy to arrive there. The legitimacy of her ever being a good person is questionable because she not only uses the death of Birchface to further her agenda, but emotionally manipulates Birchface’s family and lies to the blatantly through omission. That’s cruel. Plotting to murder an innocent queen and her kits is evil. Forcibly blinding someone and leaving them to die an agonizing death is evil. Digging up a medicine cat’s corpse to be eaten by scavengers is evil.

      Mapleshade is not a good person and never was. She shows no empathy for anyone except herself. Even her kits, the ones she avenged, are only dead because she was too impatient and distracted with trying to get to Appledusk to find a safe route.

  • Quailpaw( Quaz) , she-cat |Crow+Leaf shipper;Hollyleaf, Dovewing and Jayfeather are the best cats!!!! says:

    Oakstar and Mapleshade should swap- Oakstar to the Dark Forest and Mapleshade to StarClan

    • I disagree, Mapleshade murdered three cats and endangered a total of eight more [her three kits whose deaths she caused, Reedshine and her three kits, and Perchpaw]

      Oakstar exiled someone who was using the death of his child for her own gain. He shouldn’t have exiled the kits, but it can be explained. These kits are the product of a cat who watched Birchface [and his apprentice] drown and did nothing, and a cat who lied to his face and exploited his grief. He doesn’t want them, and he has a right to not want them.

    • no she belongs there. She ruined poor crookedastars life for being in riverclan, and murder so many cats in the DF

  • 🌴 🌺 🍍Hollymist the mercat is chilling on her imaginary private island {Holly/Holls}🍍 🌺 🌴 says:

    I feel really bad for Mapleshade, but she is a villain. What she did when she was alive was bad enough, but when she died she caused even more trouble. I really wish she hadn’t have turned evil and justhe waited till she was in StarClan with her kits.

  • Good article! Though, I will disagree. Just because Oakstar did something undoubtably wrong doesn’t mean that Mapleshade wasn’t also in the wrong. I don’t think its right tom say that she wasn’t wrong for murdering cats (and an apprentice, practically a kit) just because other people prompted her to. She still murdered cats!

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