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Changing Warrior Names and Genders by Brightmoon

Brightmoon gives different warrior names to cats if they had been the opposite binary gender.

Art by MoonshadowArtworks

Hello!!! My name is Brightmoon and today I am going to take some warrior cats, switch their genders, and then give them new names. Have fun!

Squirrelflight: I was thinking that if Squirrelflight was a tom maybe her name would be Squirrelclaw because she is a quick and fierce fighter. Or maybe Squirrelfire for her fiery personality and her father is Firestar. I also like the name Squirreltail because she has a bushy tail and I just like that name for some reason.

Brambleclaw/star: It was kind of hard to think of something but if Brambleclaw was a she-cat I was thinking Bramblebush or Brambleshine. Once again no idea why but two more came to mind, Bramblerose or Bramblethorn.

Firestar: If Firestar was a she-cat I was thinking something like Fireflower, though I think Fireheart should still stand. Or maybe Fireshine for his bright personality and how he is the light of ThunderClan.

Graystripe: If Graystripe was a she-cat maybe something like Graymoss because his fur soaks up water like moss. Maybe Graypool or Grayriver because of his relationship with Silverstream. Opps, Graypool is a warrior already. Sorry.

Silverstream: If Silverstream was a tom her name would be Silverfish because of her loyalty to RiverClan (not counting the Graystripe situation). Or maybe Silverstripe or Silverclaw.

Leafpool: I think that if Leafpool was a tom her name would be Leafheart for her calm, kind, and gentle nature. Another name is Leafstem because… of… plants? I know! Not my best argument.

Mothwing: I think that if Mothwing was a tom her name would be something like Mothflame because of her burning desire to help her Clanmates and moths are drawn to the light. Something else would be Mothpelt or Mothwhisker. I don’t know why I like whisker names.

Hawkfrost: If Hawkfrost was a she-cat I would imagine his name to be Hawkfeather. I know that hawk isn’t the best she-cat name starter. Another could be Hawkflight. I don’t really have much to say for this one.

Bluefur/star: I think that if Bluefur was a tom, her name would be Blueheart because she is loyal to ThunderClan and loves it with all her heart. Bluestorm is another possible name because she is fierce.

Whitestorm: If Whitestorm was a she-cat I think his name would be Whitesnow because snow is white. Once again, not my best. I hit a block on this one and I like the name Whitesnow.

Breezepelt: If Breezepelt was a she-cat his name would be Breezeheart or Breezeflower. I am just kind of lured to Breezeflower but it doesn’t really go with his personality. So maybe Breezestorm instead.

Sandstorm: If Sandstorm was a tom I feel like her name would be Sandheart for all that she endured. She had a sadder life than some people think. She could also be named Sandstripe or Sandsnake.

Ashfur: If he was a she-cat I think that the name Ashfall would suit him because it looks like ash falled on him. Another name could be Ashstorm for the storm that was swirling in his heart when Squirrelflight rejected him.

That is it. I had other ideas but you couldn’t really change them. I hope you enjoyed it. See ya!

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