Icemist gives KOTLC(Keeper of the Lost Cities) characters warrior names by Icemist

Icemist gives warrior names to characters from Keeper of the Lost Cities.

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Hello! This is Icemist, and today I will be giving KOTLC characters warrior names. Keeper of the Lost Cities is my favorite series(other than Warriors) and I love it a lot! There will be spoilers for 8.5, and I will be only doing good characters. So, I’ll be beginning with Sophie!!

The main character.
Abilities: Telepath, Inflictor, Teleporter, Polyglot, Enhancer
Who I ship with: Fitz
I think Briarstream might work for her. Briar, because it means strong willed, and stream because Sophie’s life has been very chaotic, and she’s flowing down an endless stream, not knowing what to expect.

Sophie’s best friend & ex boyfriend, the first elf she met.
Ability: Telepath
Who I ship with: Sophie
Lionstorm. Lion, because he’s brave and supportive, and storm because he has an unpredictable temper.

Sophie’s best friend, has terrible parents.
Abilities: Empath, Polyglot, & 2 unknown abilities
Who I ship with: Sophie, but Fitzphie forever!
Thornheart. Thorn because he’s sarcastic a lot, and heart because he’s an empath and cares about a lot of people(especially not talking in 8.5)

Sophie’s best friend, Fitz’s sister.
Ability: Vanisher
Who I ship with: Tam
Heatherbreeze. Heather, because it means pretty, and Biana always cares about that stuff, and breeze because when Biana first met Sophie, she didn’t like her and when they first started being friends, it was kind of awkward. So breeze.

Sophie’s best friend, and his parents are a bad match.
Ability: Technopath
Who I ship with: Maybe Stina
Nightflame. Night because when Dex is left out of something, it’s cold like the night, and flame because he really tried to make something between Sophie and him. Yeah idk about flame..

I wouldn’t say BEST friend, but friend of Sophie. Hates his parents & twin brother of Linh.
Ability: Shade
Who I ship with: Biana(PLEASE GO AWAY GLIMMER)
Shadefrost. Shade because well he’s a shade, and frost because Tam is pretty cold to people he doesn’t like/know.

Sophie’s best friend, twin of Tam, got expelled before.
Ability: Hydrokinetic
Who I ship with: No one
Wavesplash. Those words are both water – related so yeah…

Sophie’s kind of best friend
Ability: Pyrokinetic
Who I ship with: No one
Fireblaze. Fire cuz she’s a pyrokinetic, and blaze because Marella can be strong even though she’s tiny.

Hated Sophie, but now is kind of Sophie’s friend?
Ability: Empath
Who I ship with: Maybe Dex
Beanpole. 🙂 She was described as having a “beanpole” body so that fits right?

Mr. Forkle!
Person who created Sophie, person who protected Sophie when she was with humans, Sir Astin, Magnate Leto, person who- you know what there’s too much to say about him..
Ability: Telepath
Who I ship with: No one
Whirlpond. Whirl because he hides so much stuff and there’s just so much going on with him, and pond because even though he’s hiding so many secrets, he’s calm and still like a pond.

Sophie’s friend, alicorn.
Ability: None(she’s an alicorn)
Who I ship with: Maybe Greyfall? Idk
Silver Rose. Silver, because well she’s silver, and rose because even though she’s very beautiful, she is very demanding and sometimes annoying to Sophie, when Silveny shouts in her head.
Sophie’s friend, and Prentice’s son.
Ability: Flasher
Who I ship with: No one
Dusklight. Dusk because it’s calm I think, and light because he’s a flasher.

Sophie’s bodyguard, goblin.
Ability: None(he’s a goblin)
Who I ship with: Grizel!!
Stonestrike! Stone because it’s hard, and strike because he’s strong and protects Sophie no matter what.

Keefe’s bodyguard, and my favorite bodyguard. Ogre.
Ability: None(she’s an ogre)
Who I ship with: Bo!! The Ballad of Bo and Ro is my favorite!!!
Sparkclaw. Spark because she’s brave and likes fighting, and claw because she’s strong and protective.

I might create Part 2 if I want, but I’m too lazy right now. My favorite ship is Fitzphie, what’s yours? Comment what article you want me to do next! Bye!

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  • NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOKEEFE IS FOREVER AND FITZ IS A LOSER WITH ANGER ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F.I.T.Z IS THE WOOOOORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K.E.E.F.E IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 🗻🎶🪨DIES🎵🪨IRAE🪨🎵Slate🪨🎶🗻 llll~LINGLING WANNABES UNITE~llll | 🗯(Tchaikovsky Sym. 6 & Verdi Requiem are so good)🗯 says:

      Um, not everybody ships Sokeefe…

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