[Jay's Wing and Half Moon share a tearful moment under a crescent moon]

Exploring Jayfeather Ships: My opinion! by Dawn

Dawn shares their opinion on the various ships Jayfeather is included in.

Art by Silverzoul

Hey, Dawn here! Today, since Jayfeather ships seem to be such a hot topic, I’m in for the debate!
There’s an abundant of Jayfeather ships out there, and a majority of them aren’t canon. I’ll be exploring a wide variety of them, rating them, and giving reasoning. Comment below with a Jay ship if I miss one!

Jayfeather x Half Moon
Okay, this should be canon in my opinion. Some argue that Half Moon liked Jay’s Wing, not Jayfeather, but she loved him, even if not exactly as Jayfeather. It’s the only Jayfeather ship that’s canon, and they actually have chemistry! Jayfeather and Half Moon fall for each other- and no, it’s not a one-sided love. Personally, I love this ship, and I don’t want Jay boi to die alone. So I rate this a 9.5/10, only because the Erins broke apart these two.

Jayfeather x Briarlight
These two could be cute together, and Jay did care for Briarlight. They do have chemistry, atleast from Jayfeather, and if Briarlight hadn’t died, this one could be very canon. Although they have a big age gap, and can’t really relate to each other, Jayfeather cares, and I’m pretty sure Briarlight would be for it( although she shows no signs of romantic affection)! Even if they never became mates, because of the medicine cat code, this is the second best reality for Jay boi! I rate this ship a 8/10.

Jayfeather x Cinderheart
I mean, these two have no chemistry. Lionblaze might have some chemistry with Cinderheart, sure, but Jayfeather doesn’t. Also, Cinderheart shows no affection for Jayfeather, and same for Jay boi. They aren’t into each other, and the only relationship they have is sister and brother in law, and I think they’re good enough with that. 0.5/10 though, because if it did happen, it would be very odd.

Jayfeather x Stick
Seriously. Are. You. Kidding. Me. This is a joke, and no, Jayfeather felt no ROMANTIC attraction to that stick. Sure, he might have been attached. I know a lot of cats who are attached to a certain object, because it holds memories or something dear to one’s soul. But he did not love the stick, and certainly did not showcase any signs. He did sacrifice himself for it, but we would all do that if the most precious item( or person) was in danger, wouldn’t we? Even if he loved the stick, you can’t mate with an inanimate object. So no stars for this one.

Jayfeather x Breezepelt
Okay, these two hate each other. They’re like, arch-nemesis, head to head, and people ship this?! I see that it could be cute though, in all non-canon-ity. Like, if Jay boi or Breezepelt cooled down a little and they REALLY liked each other, it could work. But the new code hasn’t come out yet( so the old rule of no mating with other clan cats remains I guess), and medicine cat code?! So this could be an opposites attract thing, but it’s highly unlikely to happen, so 3.5/10.

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