Giving Lion King Characters Warrior Names by Flamie

Flamie gives warrior names to characters from The Lion King.

Art by Toh Eng Chai

Hi! Flamie here. I’m going to be giving some fellow Lion King movie characters some warrior names and why I think fit them. This is always MY opinion. Let’s dive right in!


As you all know, Mufasa is Simba’s father, the King presented at the beginning of the movie. In my opinion, he is a loyal and noble lion who wants to teach his son to be the best King he could be. He’s very fierce and protective and would defend his pride at all costs. As a result, I would say that this lion would befit the name of Tawnystride.


The cunning hyena who tried to make a meal out of Simba and Nala. She’s very ferocious and willing to dive into battle with lions, which is very rare for a “normal” hyena. She helped murder Mufasa and besided Scar. I’d say this character should have the name of Darkmoon.


Simba almost gave up after his father passed away, running through the desert after Scar threatened him. Although, I think that in the end, he was confident and journeyed all the way back to the Pride Lands to defeat Scar and the hyenas. He is strong and determined, and I think that these traits would fit the name of Blazeheart.


I think Zazu was alright, considering he dived into a pile of hyenas when the cubs were surrounded. He was very talkative and willing to follow after another. He was ignored a lot because of his temper as well, upholding the honor of order in the Pride Lands. In my opinion, he’s not my favorite character, but I do feel bad for him being ignored. I think his name should be Loneflight.


One of my favorite characters! I love his sense of humor and how he always makes me laugh when watching the movie. He’s happy, cheerful, friendly, and brave. My favorite part was when he saved Pumba from Nala! How brave of him. The name I’d think would fit him is Littleclaw.


Funny, brave, determined and cheerful, Pumbaa is an amazing character in my opinion. A lot of animals dismiss him because of his smell, and sang Hakuna Matata to cheer him up. He is a friend to all forest creatures and didn’t turn his back on Simba, even though he was a predator. As a result, I give him the name of Pebblefire.

And that’s all I will do for now! I hope you all like this article! -Flamie

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