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Brackenpaw rates characters from the two latest arcs.

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Hello! It’s Bracky here, back with another article! Today I will be rating the PoV (point of view) characters from the two most recent arcs. How this will work is I will discuss the character with all of their pros and cons. The scale will be from one star, which is that they were a terrible cattheir PoV was boring or bad, to five stars, which is that they were amazing and awesome! Let’s get started.


AVoS Povs

I decided to start with Alderheart, since he’s the first PoV character that is introduced to us in AVoS. He is a nervous, anxious, kindhearted cat who struggles with being a warrior, so it’s pretty obvious from the beginning that he’s gonna change and become a medicine cat. He is a good character, with a lot of emotional, touching moments with Twigkit(branch), which I really liked! I also ship him with Needletail, since it’s just a really cute ship! But, in my opinion, he’s a bit too anxious. People are like that, and I understand that, but… idk.
Rating: Four-and-a-half stars.

She’s one of my favorites!! I relate to her a lot, and I really don’t see why she gets so much hate in the fandom. If you never knew your mother, and nobody knew what happened to her after you were born, you would probably want to know more about her, right? Ok, maybe that’s not everybody, but it’s understandable!
Anyway, Twigbranch is kind, brave, and, like Alderheart, is a bit anxious. I relate to her a lot, and I feel like she should be a relatable character for middle schoolers who are struggling with their place in the world, and how they fit in to it. She is a tad bit too clingy, though, so I’ll be ticking off a point on that, I’m afraid.
Rating: Four-and-a-half stars.

Like her sister, she’s one of my favs! She has an interesting PoV to read, and she also has a TON of development, which I love about her <3 However, she did sometimes get on my nerves as an apprentice, but she’s still high up there (plus, she’s the mom of my all-time favorite character)!
Violetshine is brave, loyal to those she loves, and is supportive of her family and friends. Although she is a bit unfeeling and foolish as an apprentice, she had a very broken childhood, and she made up for it. But still, actions have consequences, so here’s her rating:
Four stars.

Now let’s get on to TBC PoV’s!


Personally, I really don’t like him that much. But he is a morally good cat, who is just very naive and without him TBC wouldn’t have happened, but still. He does make up for it and is very brave, but at the cost of a ton of lives. His actions killed Bristlefrost, his cousin and best friend, as well as a whole bunch of other cats like Stemleaf, Berrynose, Dappletuft, etc. While he didn’t know what would happen, it still did. And actions have consequences. His rating:
Two-and-a-half stars.

This is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really like her either. She’s just… kinda boring, and I only started to kind of like her after she got some sense into her brain and stopped being so biased. But anyway, she did stop Ashfur and save the Dark Forest from disappearing, but other than that… she’s just really shallow and bland. She is brave and kind, yes, but bland. More of a building material for the other two protagonists, if you ask me. Her rating:
Three-and-a-half stars.

My favorite cat EVER, as I mentioned in Violetshine’s section!! He is kind, brave, funny, and a very good cat with the sweetest little crush that blossomed into an amazing relationship that is RootXBristle <3 All he wanted to do was prove to himself and to SkyClan that he was not “weird” like his father, Tree. I’m glad that, by the end of TBC, the father-son duo was awesome and terrific and so heart-warming, and I love that he is willing to put off one of the most important days in a warrior’s life, his warrior ceremony – to help those in need. Without Rootspring, Shadowsight would have died, and nobody would’ve known.
He truly loved Bristlefrost with all of his heart, and tbh, one of the only reasons I was sad when Bristlefrost died was because I knew that he would miss her terribly. I love his whole character, his development from an immature apprentice to a mature warrior, and his relationship with all of his family and Bristlefrost! But, because of his immature choice as an apprentice and semi-hotheadedness, I’ll be taking off a half-star. His rating:

Welp, this concludes my article! Let me know what you thought about my ratings <3 Until next time, Bracky out.

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  • I think it’s a bit hypocritical when you say you love rootspring but don’t like bristlefrost. I don’t really like bristlefrost either, she is really overrated, but Rootspring? He is boring and naive and angry. He is a child and doesn’t really do anything important. He relationship with bristlefrost is rushed and one sided. Rootspring is 3 stars.
    Also, it’s not Shadowsight s fault that bristlefrost died. Bristlefrost chose to save his life, and she sacrificed herself. You say “actions have consequences” when he didn’t have any actions. It’s not his fault ashfur manipulated him. It is much more Bristlefrost’s fault that Stemleaf died, she is the one that warned the clan about Stemleafs group.

    All in all, i don’t really agree with your broken code opinions (I do with the AVOS ones). Rootspring is a boring, two dimentional male character that the only interesting and unique part about him is that he is overpowered. Shadowsight is a sad guy that is manipulated and injured and tormented throughout the arc, and that is really his only personality. (Better than rootspring though) Bristlefrost is the only one I agree with. She is pretty interesting until she confesses her fake, rushed love to rootspring. Their “relationship” ruined bristlefrost’s character and made it her only personality. She gets better in the last book, but then she gets killed off for her boyfriends character development.

  • great article! I don’t like Shadowsight for those reasons (First comment)

  • Good article! Although as a middle schooler who is a weird nerd who doesn’t fit in with a lot of my school I can say that Tiwgbranch is not relatable and that I very strongly dislike her because she’s so self-centered and naive and it just gets on my nerves although I can understand why some people like her. I would also rate Shadowsight a little higher. He was the only main character of TBC who I actually liked and found not to be cardboard and I really loved his character growth as TBC went on 😀 Nice job! I also really like Alderheart <3

  • To be honest, AVoS was the most boring and anti climatic Arc from the warriors series.
    Reason 1. Alderheart is just plain boring after the first 3 books, he basically just continues his daily routine while thinking about acouring problems around him and does absolutely nothing to solve them. He didn’t solve anything to help the clans other then what he did in the very first book, we basically just spectated what was going on from his view and that was basically all Alderheart was used for.
    Reason 2. After all that sister Drama in OoTS I was hoping to finally get a break, but oh no, Half of the AVoS Arc was about to 2 sisters pointlessly arguing non-stop which is it not what I wanted to see.
    Reason 3. We ended up watching Twigpaw go back and forth between Thunderclan and Skyclan, what a waist of time.
    I would give Alderheart a rating of negative 2 stars for being useless.
    Twigbranch and Violetshine get a negative billion stars for waisting pages.
    And Needleail gets 1 star because she caused problems between the 2 sisters for no reason but died heroicly

    • Tbh I’m not quite sure why some people enjoy AVoS when half of the Arc was just boring and the sister drama is repeated and annoying, the characters are plain basic or annoying. Twigbranh was just an annoying character along with boring alderheart. :/

  • id say that violetshine was the had the best pov in AVOS. UNlike twigbranch, who was the classic THunderclan protagonist, Violetshine made a lot of bad choices. I also liked how she attacked Twigbranch, because it showed how scared and determined she was. I also love Needtletail so much, and they have a interesting relationship. Needlteail is such a good character. Just seeing how fast Darktail impacted her really made you feel the desperation that both VIoletshine and Needletail felt. Violetshine was very traumatised, had survivors, guilt etc. She was willing to attack riverclan and her own sister just to survive in darktail’s group. And, like i said, her feelings of hatred towards Twigbranch made sense. VIoletshine grew up in the hostile shadowclan where nobody loved her, never even tried to hide their disdain for her, and only kept her around because of the prophecy. She would have followed Needletail until the end of the world if she hadn’t died. her character made sense, and you could really feel the gravity of her situation, while Twigbranch was over there thinking she had the worst life because she couldn’t decide what clan to live in

  • 🌊✨Streampaw adores reading and writing! Feather x Crow forever! 💙 I can' t wait for school to begin! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Incredible article, Bracky! Your analysis of each character were very expressive and explaining of your opinion and I appreciate your open-minded yet well-written tone in this article! I haven’t read either of these arcs so I’m uncertain of my opinion yet. Great job!

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