Giving Warrior Names to the Dungeon Dogs Characters by Brightmoon

Brightmoon gives Dungeon Dogs characters warrior names.

Hello everyone! My name is Brightmoon and today I want to give Dungeon Dogs characters warrior names. I made one before about Castle Cats. CHECK IT OUT!!! (: If you want more information look up Dungeon Dogs Wiki. I recommend downloading both games, they are fun and free.

Remember, I am not doing all of them.

Ken: He is a dark colored Shiba Inu, is very serious, and one of his skills are sly. So I decided on Shadow something. I chose Shadowheart because as I said he is serious and he has a brown heart marking on his chest.

Poppy: She is a Pomeranian and is VERY violent. Her answer to everything is fighting it. I was going to start with Poppy obviously. So I chose Poppyfang for her fighting skills.

Poof: She is a White Pomeranian and Poppy is her older sister. She looks like Gidget, pink bow and all. Her coat reminds me of clouds so I picked Cloudflower. I don’t really have a reason for the flower part.

Rex: He is a Black Labrador Retriever so of course I chose Black for it to start with. I decided on Blackflame because he is a brave knight. He also has a burning desire to meet his brother and get him on his side.

Fendo: He is a German Shepherd and his role is the perfect puppysiter. He wears a green cloak at some point so Fern comes to mind. I chose Fernnose because he has a brown snout.

Donna: She is an American Cocker Spaniel and she is actually blind. It said that she has a magical butterfly that guides her so I picked Flutter. I decided on Flutterflight for the way her butterfly flies and butterflies flutter while they fly.

Miriam: She is a Rottweiler and an alchemist. I thought of Robinfeather because she has ginger on her feet and face and robins have ginger bellies. I picked feather because robins have feathers.

Kili: He is a Siberian Husky and loves bad puns. I LOVE Huskys and if I could I would own one. I chose Ice for the beginning, I would have chosen winter but it is leafbare in the warrior world. I decided on Icestorm because I like that name.

Rockbell: He is a bulldog and works with metal. I will start with Rock because ROCKBELL! I think his name would be Rockheart, I haven’t done any heart names yet. Also he has a giant hammer!!!

Raimu: She is a Shiba Inu and has big eyes. So I picked Amber because she is a sandy brownish color. I decided on Ambereyes because she has big eyes. She keeps demanding that Ken/Shadowheart make the doge face.

I hope you all enjoyed this. Check out the cat version and download these games. They are fun! Bye!!!

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