The Clans at their Strongest – My Opinion by Nightstorm

Nightstorm highlights periods of each Clan’s history where they were at their strongest.

Since the Dawn of the Clans, each clan has fallen on hard times but also found themselves at their strongest. In this article, I’m going to be evaluating each Clan at their strongest and at the end concluding which clan was the strongest at their peak.

Before we begin, I’ll elaborate on the term ‘Strongest’. When I say at their strongest, this will be determined by the warriors the clan contained at the time, the battles they won and their reputation amongst the other clans.

NOTE – In the interest of fairness, battles where all 4 clans joined together will be excluded from the consideration on account of them acting more like 1 clan.

1.) Riverclan – Crookedstar’s leadership

Going in alphabetical order, we’re starting with Riverclan, who I believe was strongest under Crookedstar’s leadership. This decision was tough as we have had little expansion on Riverclan beyond Hailstar, Crookedstar, Leopardstar and Mistystar. It is hard to gauge Riverclan’s strength under Mistystar as they never fought in many battles, and she led the clan through a much deserved era of peace, without any major battles between the clans.

Leopardstar was easier to jude. Her leadership contained most of the same warriors as Crookedstar and her clan fought in a fair few battles. Notable warriors included: Stonefur, Mistyfoot, Graystripe, Hawkfrost, Stormfur and Blackclaw. Despite this, she failed to take back the Sunningrocks in A Dangerous Path, essentially forfeited her Clan’s independence to Tigerstar when they formed Tigerclan.

Hailstar’s leadership was filled with battles, primarily over the Sunningrocks, which ended badly more often than not. First they attempted to retake Sunningrocks and lost, then they took it back without a fight. Then they tried to take part of Thunderclan’s forest, which ended very poorly. Finally, they gave up the rocks to Thunderclan and that concludes the battles. Notable warriors include: Shellheart, Mudfur, Whitefang, Oakheart and Crookedjaw – Mudfur in particular was renowned even amongst other clans for his battle prowess.

This brings us nicely to Crookedstar. Under his leadership, RiverClan retook the Sunningrocks and held them for quite a long time, it was noted by Crookedstar in Crookedstar’s Promise how no clan had dared threaten their borders for a long time and how they had won so many battles in the past moons. Notable warriors included: Oakheart, Stonefur, Whitefang, Mistyfoot and Graystripe. It is worth noting that under his leadership RiverClan lost a battle to ThunderClan in Leopardstar’s Honor, and also lost to a combined WindClan-ThunderClan force in Fire and Ice even with the help of ShadowClan.

2.) ShadowClan –

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