Why Squirrelpaw in TNP is to Love! by Ashenpaw

Ashenpaw shares why they think you should love Squirrelpaw in The New Prophecy.

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Hello! Today I’m going to be talking about TNP Squilf and why her personality is to love.

She’d usually argue with Brambleclaw as an apprentice, and they’d be frenemies. Honestly, I’m sure this behavior is relatable to many young readers around the globe. Let’s look at her life before the great journey:
-Born in Firestar’s Quest, not much to it
-Seen as a loud and obnoxious apprentice, similar to how some kids might act at school with their friends
-Outsmarts Brambleclaw, leaving him annoyed
-Get’s stuck in a bush(I remember this part vitally!)
-Follows Brambleclaw out to four trees
-Has a special connection with Leafpaw/pool

Let’s work with that! She’s the kit of Firestar and Sandstorm, and the sister of Leafpool. In the beginning few chapters, Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw are bickering about where they should hunt. Brambleclaw get’s upset and embarrassed whenever he realizes she might be right. Squirrelpaw was mentioned as ‘the biggest nuisance in the clan’ by Brambleclaw. Sandstorm then breaks in and says that Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw are always squabbling.

Squirrelpaw get’s stuck in a type of bush and is wriggling around, trying to let herself free. Brambleclaw steps in and helps her, but her fur is caught to it and after she gets out it’s mentioned ‘patches of dark ginger fur were still caught in the bush’.

Late at night, when Brambleclaw is going to meet the other journeying cats, Squirrelpaw follows him and get’s to fourtrees with him, only noticed when they’re already there. Squirrelpaw refuses to leave. After that, she goes with him on the journey with the four cats that received the salt water signs and Stormfur. Now, this part was kind of disrespecting Brambleclaw’s privacy, but since she was a very young apprentice at the time she might’ve been driven by curiosity rather then what’s right. Her and Brambleclaw bicker a bit before Squirrelpaw says she’ll tell Firestar if he doesn’t let her go, so Brambleclaw let’s her go with him, and the rest of the journeying cats.

Now, Squirrelpaw’s connection with Leafpaw is interesting. Their connection is that if they focus, they can tell what the other sister is doing. I think this connection is really cool..! But, the Erin’s kind of forget all about it after like-twilight. While Squirrelpaw is on the journey, Leafpaw will check in on her through the connection. I have nothing much more to say about this, but it’s cool! *nervous laughter*

Anyways, that concludes my article! If you agree, disagree, or anything in between, feel free to express your emotions! Goodbye, all!

~ Beanpaw

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  • Quailpaw( Quaz) , she-cat |Crow+Leaf shipper;Hollyleaf, Dovewing and Jayfeather are the best cats!!!! says:

    I loved Squirrelpaw, not Squirrelflight.

    • It’s not that Squirrelpaw has more personality than her adult counterpart. It’s just that her development feels far too much like her mother, Sandstorm, and the results of her development were just far too generic and repetitive. Also, there’s a difference between being influenced by somewhere and undergoing the process of maturity. Brambleclaw did influence Squirrelpaw — indirectly — as he was the one who agreed to bring her on the journey, although it can be noted that she gave him little choice and would’ve followed him regardless. Throughout the journey, Squirrelpaw adopted the characteristics of responsibility and serenity. But it’s a big stretch to say that Squirrelflight’s personality was completely altered and Brambleclaw was the one who was entirely responsible for it, as none of the books really elaborated on who was responsible for Squirrelpaw’s development — more or less, it was Squirrelpaw who influenced Brambleclaw by constantly challenging him, which helped to strengthen his confidence and make him a more open-minded leader during the journey.

      • I agree that her character development is repetitive, it’s just that Bramble seems to progressively suck the fire out of her after they become mates [especially after Squirrelflight’s Hope, but that book is bad for several other reasons as well]

        She’s also a victim of inconsistent characterization imo, because she has a completely different personality than she did in TBC in the new book.

        • I’ve not read TBC because the box set has not came out. ( I think) Could you give me a little bit of detail about her personality in TBC so I can just for fun compare her to when she was younger?
          I’d just like to know outof curiosity. Aswell I have a multi fandom ranked list of characters with the most disappointing character Development change and I am trying to avoid the spoilor page for TBC. So could you kindly give me a few personality traits of Squirrelflight in TBC???

          • CrookedLarkEye ~ Squirrelflight was pretty mature in TBC, and she was very responsible and mature (and quite peaceful) as a deputy. As an acting leader, we saw a tiny spark of determination in her, but it was pretty much the only hint that Squirrelflight had been Squirrelpaw long, long ago. When other cats didn’t do as they were told, she acted fairly mature, although she snapped and bossed a few times, like the typical leader. She wasn’t perfect, and she definitely made her mistakes, but she was overall quite mature and worked to gain the respect of her Clanmates | Dewtail ~ I get why you think that Squirrelflight is a victim of inconsistent characterization, but personally it feels more like the process of maturity over a gradual pace. Also, the same could be said to Brambleclaw. He could also be considered the victim of inconsistent characterization, as Bramblepaw the Adorable Apprentice n TPB and Brambleclaw the Embarrassed Warrior and Efficient Deputy and Loving Dad in TNP and POT was completely different from Bramblestar the Toxic Leader in SqH. ~ Cloudy

        • I hate SqH as well (Mistystar tries to murder an innocent queen in cold blood. No matter his intentions, Bramblestar is downright toxic, both as a leader and a mate. Tigerstar is the new landshark, and Harestar is yet another toxic leader who only cares about territory. Leafstar is the only leader, Squirrelflight gets roasted by StarClan, Leafpool is also roasted and basically trialed while Ashfur gets a free pass, Hollyleaf and Ashfur are somehow friends, etc.). I agree with you on the fact that Squirrelpaw acted differently in TNP than in TBC, but also note that Squirrelpaw was a passionate, girlbossy teenager in TNP and she was a seasoned, experienced, wise acting leader in TBC. Several cat decades had passed, and it’s not like a 50 year-old would act the same as a 13 year-old. I don’t think the entire responsibility of her development should be placed on Brambleclaw, as Squirrelpaw’s development felt more like the process of maturity during her teenager years more than “Oh, I wanna be more like Brambleclaw, so *zap* I become responsible!”. ~ Cloudy

  • I still think that Squirrelpaw was an obnoxious brat. But I think she was better later when she matured.

  • first of all i dont think anyone should “love” squaelpaw mostly because she doesn’t play a good role in the story ark and has no personality in the story. Im glad they killed her character in the next book becuase they had no real interaction with the main story line. there for i think this post is incorrect. and thats why i am right and you are wrong i will always hate squealpaw.

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