Warriors,Wings of Fire,and survivors characters as MBTI types by Snowstorm

Snowstorm assigns MBTI types to characters from Warriors, Wings of Fire, and Survivors.

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Hi I’m Snowpaw,and today I’ll be deciding what Myers Briggs Personailty Types(MBTI)certain warriors,Wings of Fire,and Survivors characters are most like.May contain spoilers idk.


This is actually really hard.Shes not scared to say what she thinks but excessive socializing appears to make her mad,so I think she’s an introvert,so I.I think she’s more sensing since she appears to kinda dismiss things that can’t be proven,so S. She appears to rely on her emotions more than her thoughts since she mainly focuses on anger whenever her emotions become too complicated.Im not exactly sure if she’s more of a judger or a perceiver,but I think more judger.She is more assertive than turbulent so her total MBTI type is….ISFJ-A.


Moon is quite obviously an introvert,panicking in social sutuations and preferring the library most.Shes more intuitive partially due to mind reading lol.i think she’s more feeling than thinking cuz she shows she cares not just thinks it and her thought in her POV reveal not much.Shes more perceiving.And she’s turbulent because while she grew more confident later on in the series she still kinda avoids leadership roles.


Introvert or Extrovert?Introvert.Sensing or Intuition?kinda more intuitive I think.Thinking or feeling?honestly more thinking since he doesn’t really show his strong opinions much.Perceiving or Judging?perceiving all the way.Turbulent or Assertive?definitely Turbulent.


Most of the ISTJ Personailty characteristics describe her.i can’t tell if she’s assertive or turbulent tho but probably more assertive.


Storm is extroverted since she doesn’t appear to get tired of socializing unless it’s Whisper,so E.I think she’s more sensing due to most of her role in the second arc(not gonna include spoilers doe).Shes definitely more of a feeler than a thinker.Storm is also definitely more perceiving than judging in my opinion.She also doesn’t mind being put in a leadership position,is fairly confident in herself most of the time,and is described as a natural born leader.i also personally love her but we don’t talk about that right now.


Basically what I said above about Storm can also qualify for Tsunami.

7.Sunny(WoF)-ENTP-T or ENFP-T.

Sunny is extroverted.I think she’s more intuitive due to her attitude towards the Dragonet Prophecy and her not immediately dismissing Moon after she reveals her powers.I think she’s more thinking honestly since most of her ideas get said by Clay and not herself,but she acts more like an ENFP so maybe not.Shes definitely more perceiving.i think she’s also more turbulent since she constantly worries on whether she’s not bossy enough or too bossy.

I think that’s all for today.I know I did way more Wings of Fire characters but I’m too lazy to redo it so yeah,bye.

4/15/2022-date of writing

Snowwy out

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