Defending the Mary-Sues of Warriors Part 2 by Dawny

Dawny defends more characters commonly labeled as Mary Sues.

Art by Dawny

>Possible Spoilers from DotC to TBC<
{Review of Part One}
In part one, I went over cats commonly called Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus, such as Firestar and Lionblaze. The comments recommended several other cats to include. I also added in less commonly name-called cats like Bluestar and Bramblestar because I found it would be interesting to discuss them, too.

{On to the Article}
I won’t be discussing Dovewing or Ivypool in this series of articles because there’s so much controversy around those two that they’d need a whole article to themselves. I’ll also only use the term Mary-Sue instead of both that and Gary-Stu, just for simplicity’s sake.

)Why she’s labeled a Mary-Sue(
The character Feathertail is often seen as more prissy than heroic or a prophecy fulfiller
Why she’s NOT a Mary-Sue/
She broke the code in her relationship with Crowpaw/feather by mating with a cat in another clan, she was also stubborn and a little rude sometimes, proving her imperfections.

)Why he’s labeled a Mary-Sue(
Gray Wing is a fan-favorite among some, but others find him obnoxious or “too nice”
Why he’s NOT a Mary-Sue/
He has many flaws shown in the series, such as how he did nothing when his brother murdered rogues and loners until it started affecting his group, he was sometimes selfish and not always kind-hearted and clear-headed.

)Why she’s labeled a Mary-Sue(
The ghost of Firestar’s former lover who didn’t break the code for love, Spottedleaf is called a background character with too much screen time and some fans celebrated her ghost-death
Why she’s NOT a Mary-Sue/
She was an under-developed character, not a mary-sue. She wasn’t able to cure every cat, nor was she able to even train an apprentice.

{Honorable Mentions}
Stormstream listed her as a cat who should’ve been in the article, along with Gray Wing and Spottedleaf, so she gets to be an honorable mention
Many BlogClanners, including Streampaw, Ivyshadow, Blazestrike, and Embersky wanted me to include Dovewing, however, there’s so much controversy surrounding her and her sister that they’d take up a whole article, so I can’t do that.

Well, that’s the end of the article! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you have any recommendations or feedback

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