Warriors Theory: Emberdawn by Dewtail

Dewtail shares their theory about the mysterious Emberdawn from A Light in the Mist.

Art by permaconfusion (tumblr)

Hello everyone and welcome to part 1 of Warriors Theory!

I’m Dewtail, and this article is a garnering of my tangential ramblings!

So like most of you, I was reading A Light in The Mist and found one of Embix’s cameos in the series as Silverhawk’s deceased mate. There is also another Emberdawn in Leopardstar’s Honor, who is Mosspelt’s sister.

I will prove to you today, friends, that these two cats are reincarnations of each other. Now, this is a stretch, a rather large one at that, but a lot of the evidence is there.

The first thing we need to do is place the first Emberdawn’s [Silverhawk’s mate] life in the Warriors timeline, and by extension, Silverhawk’s and their unnamed kit.

So we know that Silverhawk is from some time before the events of the Prophecies Begin, as he’s shown training Thistleclaw in the Dark Forest. But can we place the exact era he was in?

SIlverhawk mentions attempting to murder his leader so his kit can become leader, which means his kit was likely the deputy at the time.

The thing is, we don’t know which Clan Silverhawk was from. Any Clan will work for SIlverhawk, Emberdawn and their son since the pool of deputies that will fit their criteria is quite small. The next step is looking at deputies to find someone suitable to be Silverhawk’s and Emberdawn’s son.

Gorsefoot of WindClan, mentioned in the allegiances of Goosefeather’s curse, matches Silverhawk’s description perfectly, so he can be added to the list as well.

Gorsefoot being the deputy of WindClan only in Goosefeather’s Curse would suggest that something happened to him. Perhaps the same operation that was launched by Silverhawk to make his son the leader?

Additionally, Silverhawk being quite well acquainted with Mapleshade in Crookedstar’s Promise and A Light in The Mist would make sense as they would have been from around the same time.

The main hole in this is that we still don’t know how Emberdawn died [either time] and why would she be reincarnated into a different Clan? Well, the Emberdawn in Leopardstar’s honor has no confirmed kin other than Mosspelt, so what if she was found somewhere as a kit? It’s not too much of a stretch, but now we can move on to the next bit of the theory: how Emberdawn died.

Now, even though both her mate and her son were killed during their exploit, Emberdawn [the one from A Light in The Mist] was not. So let’s assume she lived a normal life in WindClan and subsequently died to find her son in StarClan, perhaps, but not her mate. She goes to look for her mate in the Dark Forest but is caught and killed, [and fades] and Silverhawk finds out later.

Plausible? Yes.

The more interesting alternative, though, is that Emberdawn was reincarnated into a second Emberdawn by StarClan, and while slowly being forgotten, her power over her reincarnation decreased until she faded as she was forgotten by everyone. I’m not quite sure if Dark Forest cats remembering StarClan cats counts to further their existence, but it’s still plausible regardless. It’s certainly more interesting and fits with every part of the lore we’ve been given. [I know the fading has been retconned but it’s interesting to work with] It also explains how Silverhawk remembers her but Firestar doesn’t, as she would have faded years prior to his death.

Are the two Emberdawns literally a coincidence? Yes, but do I care? No.

Am I overthinking this? Definitely.

Anyway, this is the end of the article, and remember it’s all just a theory, a Warriors theory!

Thanks for reading!


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