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My opinions on Clear Sky/Skystar by Blossomshine

Blossomshine shares their opinion on the SkyClan founder, Clear Sky.

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Hi! My name is Blossomshine, and this is my first article! Today, I’m going to be sharing my opinions on Clear Sky, a character in the Dawn Of The Clans arc.
Not all of us like Clear Sky (and with good reason), in fact I haven’t met any people who do (but I know you guys are out there) but if you think about it, Clear Sky isn’t all bad.
So I’m going to go over all of Clear Sky’s bad traits and mistakes, and then all of his good traits and stuff he actually did right.
I don’t think many people have done articles about Clear Sky, so I thought that it might be interesting to write one 🙂
Anyway, let’s get started!

Clear Sky wasn’t always the fox-heart that he acted like.
During The Sun Trail, book 1 of Dawn of the Clans, he was actually pretty decent. He was a strong, confident cat, one that I could easily see becoming a good leader one day.
He was a loving mate, caring deeply for Bright Stream.
Clear Sky was an important cat on the journey through the mountains, staying strong even when Bright Stream died, an example of his resilience.
But then things went downhill.
Upon arrival, Clear Sky led a group of the mountain cats into the forest and started creating borders.
He kicked Jagged Peak, his own neither, out of his group just because of his broken leg, instead of caring for him and helping him grow confident and strong again.
He was willing to stand by and watch Fox kill Gray Wing over BORDERS.
And then he just stood by and watched Storm, who was expecting his kits, leave his group to fend for herself. Did I mention she was EXPECTING HIS KITS. I mean, who does that?
Then he rejected his son Thunder, though I suppose Thunder did have a better life with Gray Wing anyway.
But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. It just begins.
Then he pretended like neglecting Thunder was part of a bigger plan, brought Thunder to his own group, kicked Frost, a member of his group to die, and then started the Great Battle and KILLED his own Tribemate, who helped to raise him.
And all he had to say for it is, “I’m not greedy. I’m just powerful.”
Ummm, okay Clear Sky…
But he regretted that decision.
His third mate, Star Flower, softened him. She understood him, and was always by his side, which reassured him of his leadership skills.
He was a very loyal mate to her, loving her enough to put aside his own pride to beg the other leaders for help when Slash took Star Flower.
And his kits helped him realise what a horrible father he had been to Thunder.
And he DID save Gray Wing’s son.
By the end of Dawn of the Clans,

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  • Congrats on your first article being published! I’d read it but haven’t read Dawn of the Clans.

  • great article! I enjoyed it even if it was cut off. I’m neutral on Clear Sky, i don’t hate him but don’t love him either

  • Great Article however..
    You may think ClearSky changed or sum what became satisfied, but his actions in Moth Flights Vision say otherwise…
    He breaks Winde runners leg on purpose and kills a cat in the most brutle way possible. He couldn’t care less about the other clans but when his own clan is in danger he pleads for help and right after he receives the help he needs he goes back to being the jerk he always was.
    Clear sky even thows a massive tamper tantrom when his kit dies which is quite normal for a group of feral cats. Clear sky was alawys a generally bad cat and will never change, one moment he’s beginning for help, and the next ignoring the other clans when they need help. He thinks only of himself and gets away with killing many cats while while ” Mapleshade) gets screamed at by WC fans . Sure Mapleshade kills a few cats but Clear sky thinks it’s very convenient for all 5 clans to go to war because one of his kits died, aswell as keep a medicine cat hostage and kill his own medicine cat.

    Clear Sky is just a Fox heart who doesn’t deserve to be the leader of Skyclan.

    • Completely agree! My article was cut off, but I go on to say that Clear Sky was incredibly selfish to not allow Moth Flight the sap to save Slate. And at a Gathering, he said to Wind Runner, “I’m never wrong.”
      Which was really annoying.
      So in conclusion, Clear Sky wasn’t all bad, but he is an incredibly selfish and arrogant cat.

  • I love Moth Flight’s Vision as a whole, but it’s main flaw is it’s treatment of Clear Sky. He had phenomenal character development in Dawn of the Clans, which was completely thrown away in that book.

  • Quailpaw( Quaz) , she-cat |Crow+Leaf shipper;Hollyleaf, Dovewing and Jayfeather are the best cats!!!! says:

    Great article! I agree 100%! Sad it got cut off… maybe you could try and remember the rest so you can post it in the comments!

  • Amazing article!
    I totally agree!
    I don’t really think that anyone is bad or good.
    We all do good and bad things, but that doesn’t really make us good or bad…
    We all do good stuff, but also bad stuff.
    Maybe Mr. Doitnow the math teacher is the nicest person outside of your school!
    A lot of people say Clear sky is BAD, BAD, BAD with no good intentions.
    Like you said, he was a really good mate to Bright Stream, and he loved Storm, and felt horrible when she left him.
    He does do terrible things, and he is mean….not nice…..WHY CLEARSKY WHY?????????

  • Vinepaw/Vinebranch(Vine that clings to branch) Looking for mentor/AKA Slothclaw and Cherrymoon says:

    Love IT awesome article and I h8 Clearsky.

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