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Is Mapleshade Really That Bad? by Gentlekit

Gentlekit wonders if Mapleshade was really in the wrong or not.

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Hi! Gentlekit here! This is my first article, so if there’s any way I can improve it, please tell me in the comments 😀

I know everyone thinks Mapleshade is this evil cat who only wants power, but is that really the case? First of all, she didn’t just kill the three cats she killed when she was alive just for fun, she believed that it would help her kits. Plus, was really that wrong for her to be mad at Frecklewish? I mean, killing her was definitely wrong, but she did stand there and do nothing while Mapleshade’s kits were drowning, right? Any cat would at least be upset if that happened to them! Mapleshade didn’t kill Ravenwing for no reason either. Yes, it was very wrong for her to kill a medicine cat, but can you blame her? Ravenwing leaked her secret to Oakstar, even after she promised to tell the Clans later, but he still did it. There have been a lot of cats who had mates in different Clans, but did any of their leaders treat them the way Oakstar treated Mapleshade? Of course, the leaders weren’t exactly happy, but they never exiled the cats the way Oakstar did to Mapleshade. Finally, I agree that killing her own mate (Appledusk) was wrong, but she was probably feeling pretty angry and hateful at that point. She most likely felt angry and upset that Appledusk had moved on, and was able to stay in the Clans, even after he confessed. I don’t think she should have killed him, but I kind of understand why she did what she did. If all of this never happened to her, she might have ended up as a loyal warrior of Thunderclan, and went to Starclan when she died, instead of doing all of those things that she did. She wasn’t a bad cat, at least in the beginning, but I think part of the reason she turned so awful was because of the things the Clans did to her, and the things that her own mate, Appledusk did to her.

Do you think Mapleshade was as terrible as everyone thinks she is? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Murder is still a crime. And mapleshade didn’t redeem herself when she died. Why would a crazy triple murderer go to heaven, where her victims went? (And i still believe Frecklewish is in starclan.)

    • yes, of course murder is a crime. but Maple wasn’t the only cat who did this. i would like to point out that Mapleshade killed for her kits. Clear Sky, aka, Skystar, loterally murdered 10+ cats because he felt like it. that was all. the only reason. and of course Mapleshade didn’t redeem herself after death or try to for that matter. she literally lost all hope in Starclan, and saw no reason to look up to them anymore. thats not evil!

  • Although I do think Mapleshade’s actions were driven by grief, maybe she could’ve found another way, such as talking to StarClan at the Moonstone to find out what happened to her kits.
    There were other ways she could’ve done things besides turning to violence. She didn’t have to blame Reedshine, because Reedshine never knew that Appledusk had gotten a mate already.
    Darkstar could’ve shown more mercy on Mapleshade, like letting her stay a bit until she knew where she wanted to go. Frecklewish DEFINITELY shouldn’t have let Maplshades kits drown, but she didn’t have to kill Frecklewish. I think Mapleshade had a right to be devastated, and I wanted Appledusks head on a stick. I was fine with Mapleshades revenge, then read more stuff, watched mor videos about her, gave her plan some thought, and decided StarClan was right to put her in the Dark Forest.
    Oakstar should’ve shown mercy on Mapleshade, like Darkstar did to Appledusk. Making her clean the dens and report for a patrol like, three times a day for the next twelve moons would do it. Mapleshade should not have killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk (even though most of them sort of deserved it)
    Not to be picky or anything please don’t take offense, this was a great article 🙂

    • Frecklewish didn’t let her kits die, have you read mapleshades vengeance? She just saw mapleshade crossing the river, then saw the patrol coming to get he. She couldn’t hear mapleshade screaming for her kits because the river is flooded, atleast 20 ft wide, and it’s pouring down rain. Then Frecklewish left thinking they would be safe. She could not have done anything on the slight 1% chance she saw the kits drowning.

      • We don’t know that, what if frecklewish wanted them to drown

  • She litterally murdered three people. If someone you knew killed three people that they didn’t like, would you want them to walk free? Of course not! Who cares if mapleshade did it “for revenge”, SHE KILLED THREE PEOPLE THAT WERE TANGENTIALY RELATED TO WITH HER CHILDRENS DEATH. Ravenwing didn’t know Oakstar would kick her out, Frecklewish just saw her starting to cross the river, then left thinking she be fine because there was a riverclan patrol, and Appledusk, who actually tried to save her and the kits. Mapleshade is the one that chose not to cross the bridge or go to twolegplace when it was pouring down rain. Her stupid actions caused her childrens death. This argument is so stupid it hurts my brain.

    • ok no need to be rude. Maple wasn’t dumb just not thinking clearly. Ravenwing isn’t dumb either. he should have known that Oakstar would have punished Maple because the father was literally someone who hurt him. he couldn’t keep his mouth shut until maple was ready to tell Oakstar herself? thats stupid. also, Appledusk may have helped the kits, but honestly he literally disowned them and called them “a mistake” afterwards. also, youre right about Frecklewish. we don’t know that she wanted the kits to drown, thats just what we assume. maybe she was just dumb and didn’t think to help? i mean, come on. if you say a child dying inthe street but paramedics were on the way, would yu not help either? seems inhumane.

  • Good article! Although everything you say here is true, I do not believe it is that simple… Yes Mapleshade turned evil because she was the victim of an unfortunate and terrible situation she had little control over but she still killed three cats. Maybe she couldn’t control what happened to her before that, but it was her choice to become a murderer.

      • Mapleshade literally shows the signs of Hallucinations of her kits telling her to mudererd cats. She had no control whatsoever.

        • Yes, she hallucinated. But the facts are that the hallucinations didn’t kill those cats, Mapleshade did. To say that she had no control whatsoever when she had the presence of mind to premeditate and plan out 3 murders just doesn’t make sense to me. Her hallucinations are tough- but if you murder three people, you get locked up somewhere whether you hallucinate or not. The difference here is that Mapleshade might end up in an insane asylum. This might seem like a callous analysis, but it’s just the real-life consequences of murder, hallucinations or not.
          Also, saying Mapleshade had no control over her actions kind of discounts her role as a villain in the series. I find Mapleshade to be a good villain however much I condemn her actions, but if you say she had no control over her murdering 3 cats it quite frankly makes her sound lame, in my opinion.

  • Vinepaw/Vinebranch(Vine that clings to branch) Looking for mentor/AKA Slothclaw and Cherrymoon says:

    Awesome article!!🐱🐈‍⬛

  • Even though Appledusk is a complete jerk and the other cats were pretty mean to her, killing them was completely wrong. But, she was not in her right mind, and then she just got even more insane. I think she needs serious help, not the Dark Forest.
    Lovely article, btw. 😉

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