Updates to the warrior code that I think are necessary by Dovefeather

Dovefeather shares what they think should be updated in the warrior code.

Artist unknown (Source: Family of Warrior Cats Wiki)

Hello there it’s dovefeather! i’m here with my first article,

Disclaimer: this is my opinion if you do not agree that’s your opinion so please don’t hate on me

1. Medicine cats aren’t allowed to mate.
I think this rule is absolutely ridiculous, this rule only started when one medicine cat (i forgot her name) couldn’t handle the responsibilities.
I do agree that the medicine cat shouldn’t just abandon her obligation to the clan. So the solution to that is if a medicine cat want to settle down to have kits, she will have to make sure there is a suitable replacement for the clan. Once she is done having and nursing the kits she will resume her role of a medicine cat.

2. Cats from different clans can’t mate.
This doesn’t make sense either, the update to this rule is that cats from different clans can mate. But they cannot just abandon their duties. So the solution for this one is they must complete all of theirs duties before seeing each other. Another reason why this rule is a thing it’s because the clan would fight on who keeps the kits, the solution for this rule is that the kits get to stay with their mother until they’re old enough to decide for themselves weather they want to stay with their mom’s clan or their dad’s. which ever they decide they grow up in that clan the other parent gets to visit them.

3. Cats from different clan cannot cross each others borders.
The update for this one is that cats can only cross the border if it’s: A an emergency.
B friendly visit. C going to gatherings.

4. This is not really a rule but it should be kits should know some basic fighting moves so that when a battle happens they would know how to defend themselves. I’m not saying that they should fight in a battle but just in case the clan fails to protect them they need to escape.

5. Kits are not allowed out of camp until they are apprentices.
Update to this rule is that they are allowed outside of camp if there are no signs of foxes or badgers, and when they are outside they must have at least their parents or warriors with them for protection.

That’s all for today signing off ~ dovefeather

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