Warrior names that apprentices would’ve had by Ambersky

Ambersky gives names to apprentices who never received a warrior name.

Art by annamon54

Hello! It’s me, Ambersky & today I’d thought I would make a small article about some predictions of future names for apprentices that either died, were edited out of existence or were just never heard of again after the were shown to be apprentices . These are my predictions of what they’re names would’ve been so let me know your names for these cats!

Starting with RiverClan!

Cypresspaw: I would’ve loved her warrior name to be Cypresscall. We never really had a warrior cat with the suffix ‘call’ so having a warrior name such as Cypresscall would be a first & also very pretty

Wavepaw: Her name would’ve been Wavespring for me. It just sounds really cool & adventurous for her

Oatpaw: To me, I feel like Oatpaw’s name would’ve been Oatpad. It’s short but also rhymes well together. And it would’ve been different then just ‘Oatwhisker’

Copperpaw: Next up is Copperpaw! I think her named could’ve Coppershine. I don’t have a real reason except that it sounds cool

Perchpaw (MV): I would like his name to be Perchmeadow. I think it works for him since in dreams Meadow symbolize Peace.

Pikepaw (BotC): Pikepaw’s name should’ve been Pikeberry. It’s sweet & yet very flavorful & I think that’s what Pikepaw’s personality could be.

Pikepaw (MO): To be honest, I have nothing that would’ve stuck out for Pikepaw. bu the only name I could think of that would’ve been cool would be Pikethorn.

Primrosepaw: It’s a simple name since I couldn’t figure a whole lot from her, but I think her name would’ve been Primroseclaw. After being named after her father.

Duckpaw: Duskshade, I think it would’ve worked for her personality & maybe she like laying in the shade from time to time.

Rushpaw: I think her name would be Rushburr. Not sure why, but I like it.

Tanglepaw: Tanglecloud. I like to think he would stare at the clouds & play in the rain while swimming. Maybe he could’ve suggest his warrior name to be Tanglecloud

Splashpaw (TNP): I like their name to be Splashpond. the suffix ‘pond’ has never existed so having them be named Splashpond would be another first & also sound like they’re more gentle & caring.

Lightningpaw: I think his name could something totally rad & new. Aslo factually accurate since Lightning can cause fires. So I think his name would be Lightningfire.

But yeah. That’s all the RiverClan apprentices that I can think of or that I have looked up. Let me know if you want more of these kinds of articles *& do let me know what name predictions you have. I hope you all have a good day! Ambersky out.

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