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Feathertail’s Family Tree by Streampaw

Streampaw takes a look at Feathertail’s family tree.

Art by LuckyStarPuddle

Hello, everyone! My name is Streampaw, and welcome to another Feathertail article! Today I’ll be examining Feathertail’s relatives and adoptive family. Thanks to everyone who suggested article ideas! I’m going to split this article into one section: genetic to completely list Feathertail’s related family. I won’t do the families of anyone’s mate, just who Feathertail is related to. Let’s get started, shall we? (Adoptive is so confusing when you have all of Graystripe’s kin, so I decided to skip it)


We’ll start with Feathertail and her brother, Stormfur, then work our way up from there!

Feathertail was born along with Stormfur to Silverstream (her mother) and Graystripe (her father) in A Forest of Secrets. Silverstream’s side first!

Silverstream’s mother is Willowbreeze, her father is Crookedstar, and they are Feathertail’s grandparents on her mom’s side! Silverstream had siblings – Minnowkit and Willowkit – but sadly, they both died as kits before they could start families of their own.

Onto Crookedstar! Crookedstar’s mother is Rainflower and his father is Shellheart. He had one brother, Oakheart.

Oakheart’s mate is Bluestar, and they had three kits: Mistystar, Stonefur, and Mosskit. Stonefur didn’t have a mate and neither did Mosskit.

Mistystar’s mate is Blackclaw and they had four kits: Reedwhisker, Perchkit, Pikepaw, and Primrosepaw. None of these cats had a mate, which means that currently, there’s no more to talk about over here!

Back to Crookedstar’s parents! Rainflower’s ancestors are unknown, and we don’t know who her mother and father are, so we’ll move on to Shellheart.

Shellheart’s father is a mystery, but at least we know that Willownose is his mother! Willownose’s siblings are Shyheart and Applefrost, but neither of them had known kits or mates. Willownose’s parents are Reedshine, her mother, and Appledusk, her father! Time to analyze Appledusk’s kin.

Appledusk was also mates with Mapleshade, but their three children drowned in a rushing river during a storm. Nevertheless, their kits are Larchkit, Petalkit, and Patchkit, who never got the chance to continue their family. Mapleshade’s parents are unknown and so are Appledusk’s mom and dad, so we end up discussing Crookedstar’s ancestors here!

Back to Willowbreeze! Willowbreeze was born to Reedfeather (father) and Fallowtail (mother) in Crookedstar’s promise. Her sister is Graypool.

Graypool’s mate is Rippleclaw, and they had three kits – Splashkit, Morningkit, and Swankit – who died at a young age, so they didn’t have a mate or offspring. Let’s examine Wilowbreeze’s parents’ family trees!

Fallowtail’s brothers are Cedarpelt and Marshcloud, and their parents are a mystery. Marshcloud didn’t have a mate or kits, but Cedarpelt did, so onto him!

Cedarpelt’s mate is Lakeshine, and their kits are Sunfish (daughter) and Frogleap (son). Both of these cats had kits, so let’s analyze!

Starting with Sunfish, Sunfish’s mate is Beetlenose, her daughters are Vixenleap and Grasswhisker and her son is Whiteclaw. None of these cats had kids, anyways, so back to Frogleap!

Mosspelt is Frogleap’s mate, and their kits are Robinkit, Woodkit, and Dawnflower. Both of their sons (Robinkit and Woodkit) died at an early age, so moving on to Dawnflower, their daughter! Although Mosspelt had others children (Willowshine), they were not with Frogleap and therefore not related to Feathertail.

We have no further information about Dawnflower’s mate, so let’s examine her kits! She had two daughters: Tumblekit and Minnowtail, and one son: Pebblefoot. Tumblekit died early, and the other two of Dawnflower’s children didn’t have a mate nor kits, so we’re going all the way back up to Reedfeather, Fallowtail’s mate!

Other than his mate and offspring, Reedfeather’s family is something hidden from us. Wow, we’re all done with Silverstream’s side of Feathertail’s genetic family, then! Now to examine the kin of Feathertail’s father, the renowned Graystripe!

Graystripe’s father is no longer canon, which is a short way to say that we don’t know who he is. However, I do have the information about his half-siblings and mother.

Willowpelt is Graystripe’s mother, and his half-siblings are Darkstripe, Rainwhisker, Sorreltail, and Sootfur. Let’s (re)start with Willowpelt, first!

Willowpelt’s father is Adderfang, and her mother is Swiftbreeze. Her brothers are Redtail and Patchpelt, and her sisters are Leopardfoot and Spottedleaf.

Leopardfoot mated with Pinestar and had Nightkit and Mistkit (her daughters who died as kits) and the infamous Tigerstar 1.

Tigerstar was mates with both Sasha and Goldenflower, but let’s begin with Sasha! Their kits are Hawkfrost, Mothwing, and Tadpole, but none of these characters had children, so back to Goldenflower!

Tigerstar and Goldenflower’s son is Bramblestar and their daughter is Tawnypelt. Both warriors took on the responsibility of starting their own families, but I’ll analyze Bramblestar’s descendants first.

Bramblestar is mates with Squirrelflight, and their kids are Alderheart and Sparkpelt. (Dandelionkit and Juniperkit died) Alderheart doesn’t have any kits, but Sparkpelt does, so onto her!

Sparkpelt’s mate is Larksong, and they have three kits: Flickerkit (in StarClan) and Finchlight and Nightheart. Neither Nightheart nor Finchlight have offspring.

All the way back up to Tawnypelt! Tawnypelt’s mate is Rowanstar, and their kits are Dawnpelt (daughter), Tigerstar 2 (son), and Flametail (son).

Flametail has no kits, but Dawnpelt and Tigerstar 2 do.

Tigerstar 2 is mates with Dovewing, and their kits are Pouncestep, Lightleap, and Shadowsight. Rowankit and Birchkit died because they could get to a mature age. None of these cats have kits.

Now back to Dawnpelt! Dawnpelt’s mate is Crowfrost, and their kits are Sleekwhisker, Juniperclaw, and Strikestone. Out of these of Tawnypelt’s grandkids (grandkits???), and… drumroll, please… none of them have kids, or a mate!

Wow, we’re now going to look at the remaining of Willowpelt’s siblings’ kin! At least I can spare us some time by ruling out Spottedleaf, who has no kits (or a mate, though she is frequently shipped with Firestar). And Redtail’s out as well.. So this means that Patchpelt’s next!

Moving on to Patchpelt. He was mates with Goldenflower and Robinwing, and his kits are Lynxkit (sadly, another dead kit), Longtail, and Swiftpaw (killed by dogs, as we all know well). And you guessed it… none of these kitties have children, either!

Anyways, we’re back to Willowpelt’s parents, Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. I’ll examine Swiftbreeze’s family tree first!

Flashnose is Swiftbreeze’s mother, though her father is unknown. Swiftbreeze also doesn’t have any siblings, but at least we can analyze her mother’s kin!

Flashnose’s sister is Daisytoe, and these two she-cats’ parents are unknown, so on to Daisytoe!

Daisytoe mated with Rooktail and had Moonflower (daughter) and Goosefeather (son). Goosefeather never went on to start a family, but Moonflower did.

Moonflower was mates with Stormtail, and they had Bluestar and Snowfur. I already talked about Bluestar, Mistystar, and all of their descendants back in the Silverstream section of this article, so we’ll skip past her to Snowfur. Yes, this does mean that Silverstream and Graystripe are related. (though very distantly)

Thistlelcaw was Snowfur’s mate, and they had one son, Whitestorm.

Whitestorm was mates with Willowpelt and Brindleface… yup, Willowpelt, the same she-cat as the mother to Graystripe! Since Adderfang’s predecessors in his family are a mystery to us, now it’s time to look at Graystripe’s kids and half-siblings. (and Whitestorm’s kits who aren’t related to him)

Whitestorm’s children include: Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Sorreltail, Ashfur, Ferncloud, Tulipkit, and Elderkit. We can at least start by removing Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Ashfur, and the kits from this list, as they have no kits.

Let’s go on to Sorreltail, shall we? Sorreltail is mates with Brackenfur, and their daughters are Honeyfern, Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Lilyheart, and Seedpaw. Molepaw was their only son.

Honeyfern, Seedpaw, and Molepaw don’t have mates and kits, but the rest of Sorreltail and Brackenfur’s patrol do, so let’s look at that.

Starting with Cinderheart. Cinderheart is mates with Lionblaze. She has four daughters: Spotfur, Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, and Flywhisker! Her sons are Fernsong and Snaptooth. A fan favorite, Fernsong, is the tomcat I’ll be talking about now.

Fernsong is mates with Ivypool, and their kids are Bristlefrost, Thriftear, and Flipclaw. As we all know, none of Ivypool’s descendants have their own kits, so on to Poppyfrost!

Like Honeyfern, Poppyfrost is mates with Berrynose. She is a mother to Cherryfall and Molewhisker. These two cats don’t have a mate or kits… so, now it’s time for Lilyheart, our last of Sorreltail’s offspring with kits!

Lilyheart’s mate is Snowbush. This couple has a total of three kits: their son, Larksong, and their daughters, Leafshade and Honeyfur. As we already know and I already discussed, Larksong has kits and a mate, so we won’t review that. Currently, Leafshade and Honeyfur are single, so there’s no need to go on to them.

Whew! We’re done with one half of Whitestorm (and Graystripe’s) kin! Now it’s time for Ferncloud and her many children to take the spotlight.

We all understand (and are probably disgusted at) the fact that Ferncloud and Dustpelt are mates. I won’t go into a ‘but they’re uncle and niece!’ rant because this article is about Feathertail and her parents, not the grossness of Fern x Dust. Anyways… Ferncloud and Duspelt have a whopping seven kits: their daughters Hollykit, Larchkit, and Icecloud as well as their sons Shrewpaw, Foxleap, Spiderleg, and Birchfall.

Shrewpaw, Foxleap, Hollykit, Larchkit, and Icecloud don’t have any kits, so we’ll skip them. Birchfall first, since I like him the best out of these options. (Spiderleg is okay, I guess)

Birchfall is mates with Whitewing, and their daughters are the well-known Ivypool and Dovewing. Okay… ending his descendants there, since we went over these two’s kits before.

Time for Spiderleg! Spiderleg’s former mate is Daisy, and their kits are Rosepetal (daughter) and Toadstep (son). These two didn’t have any offspring, but we can look at their half-siblings for more of Feathertail and Graystripe’s kin.

Daisy was also mates with Smoky, and is a mother to Berrynose, Hazeltail, and Mousewhisker. Since I talked about Berrynose yet again prior to this, but Daisy’s remaining kits don’t have descendants, we’re back to Graystripe! Almost done with the article, everyone! Hang in there.

Darkstripe is one of Graystripe’s half-brothers, but he doesn’t have children. Now we can circle back to Graystripe and talk about his kits with Millie, who are Feathertail’s half-siblings. (There are a lot of half-siblings talked about in this article… LOL)

Furthermore, Graystripe and Millie are mates, and their children are Blossomfall (daughter), Bumblestripe (son), and Briarlight (daughter).

Bumblestripe, though once a mate to Dovewing, doesn’t have kits, and neither does Briarlight. (Though I do ship Jay x Briar) Blossomfall is a mother, yet, so branching over to her!

Blossomfall’s mate is Thornclaw, and their children are Stemleaf, Eaglewing, Plumstone, and Shellfur. Eaglewing is single as well as Plumstone, but at least we can analyze Stemleaf and Shellfur’s descendants!

Shellfur’s mate is Fernstripe, though they don’t have kids. Meanwhile, Stemleaf is mates with Spotfur, and their kits are Graykit, Stemkit, and Bristlekit, who obviously don’t have kits of their own. We’re almost done!

Now that I’ve examined Graystripe’s other kits (Feathertail’s half-siblings) and their descendants (Feathertail’s half-great-nieces?), it’s time to wrap up this tree by ending with who we started with, Feathertail and Stormfur.

Stormfur’s mate is Brook Where Small Fish Swim (Brook). They have four kits: their daughters, Lark That Sings at Dawn (Lark) and Breeze That Rustles the Leaves (Breeze) and their sons, Feather of Flying Hawk (Feather, named after Feathertail) and Pine That Clings to Rock (Pine). None of these cats have further offspring, so back to my favorite cat, Feathertail!

Feathertail’s ‘mate’ (I say mate because she and Crowfeather are as close as any mates even though it’s not official) is Crowfeather, though they have no kits. Now that we’re finally finished, it’s time to list the important takeaways from this article!

-Feathertail and Crowfeather are not related, which is a major accomplishment for a Warriors couple
-Silverstream and Graystripe, Willowpelt and Whitestorm, and a lot of other mates are related
-Feathertail, Silverstream, Stormfur, and Graystripe have a lot of relatives!
-Half-siblings and forbidden relationships are common in this family
-Family trees are confusing and lengthy

Now that this article is officially at end, I’d like to say that I’m sorry if I misspelled anything or have any wrong/outdated information about the members of this large family. It can be quite the challenge to completely analyze a family tree, so I’d better relax and read a book before the chronological-listing piece of my brain gets too overworked! Anyways, this article is a part of my Feathertail Article series, where I examine almost everything about my favorite character. Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes out for another article!

Bye for now,


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