My opinion on the Cinderheart/pelt Situation by JuniperSparrow

JuniperSparrow shares their opinion on Cinderpelt and Cinderheart.

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Hey everyone, um. This is the first time I’ve done this so… uh.. I’ll just start now.

The main problem with Cinderheart is that HER BROTHER IS NOW HER DAD!!!
That bothers me a lot! In case you forgot: Cinderpelt died to save Sorreltail and her kits. Cinderheart apparently got reincarnated into Cinderkit’s body with no memory of her earlier life. THIS IS SO WRONG!!!!! Couldn’t……. Couldn’t Ferncloud be giving birth instead?! Or Brightheart who is also Brackenfur’s sister, if the Erins want to make things weird? Though, it would kinda be the same thing.. Just… NOT HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!!! It breaks my heart so much that once everyone new about this whole situation, they all look at her differently. ESPECIALLY BRACKENFUR!!! Does no one realize that literally every time he looks at her, how many memories he must get?! It’s like, Cinderheart isn’t his daughter, she’s his sister again!!! Time to talk about Lionblaze. Jayfeather is the one who tells her (Cinderheart) about.. The whole Cinderpelt thing. And that must have been an emotional and big discovery and stuff. And it was Jayfeather who told her and was there, that might make it more of a… An avoided subject, for them (Lionblaze and Cinderheart). It also wouldn’t help that Cinderheart, for a brief period of time, thought she was destined to be a medicine cat and that she couldn’t have a mate. So, because of what the Erins did, Cinderheart and Lionblaze’s relationship is complicated and sort of unstable! It would also make things a little strange for her kits, though it would be a lot less dramatic for them. Like, Fernsong, for example, is Brackenfur his uncle or his grandpa? It’s not so terrible and confusing and traumatic and stuff for the kits, i guess, because they were born after everyone found out about Cinderpelt. But Cinderheart didn’t know who she was and was lied to all her life!!! That’s just wrong, i think. It could be awkward for Firestar too. Cinderpelt had a crush on him, he didn’t like her that way though. And Cinderheart wasn’t in love with Firestar? I.. Think… I also believe, it would be interesting to read Cinderheart’s POV in all this. So I think the Erins should do that. Anyway, I should probably mention, while talking about Cinderheart and Cinderpelt, that Cinderheart actually breaks her leg at one point while training. And, we all know that Cinderpelt gets permanently crippled in The Prophecies Begin. That (i mean when Cinderheart broke her leg) is when we learn (or Jayfeather, i mean) that she is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt.

Well. That’s it, I guess. I don’t really know what the point of this was, but it was fun writing about her, and my opinions (they are VERY strong, heh)! So thx for reading!

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