Analyzing Warriors, The Moves: Tree Jump by Frostkit

Frostkit analyses one of ThunderClan’s signature battle moves.

Source: PIXNIO

(This is the first post in a series about Warriors moves and what’s wrong with them.)

The Tree Jump, used in Fading Echoes is a very formidable move. It can be used from the ground or the trees, in the case of Fading Echoes, the trees. But is it really the best move, or is it actually pretty weak? Read on. PS. THIS IS ABOUT THE MOVE FROM THE TREES. I HAVE NOT READ BATTLES OF THE CLANS YET.

1. Trees: Okay, so we know that most of the battle happened on ThunderClan territory, or more so in the middle, but whatever. The point is that the trees in ThunderClan’s territory are stronger trees, like oak and beech. The thick and strong trunk, with lots of foliage, are good to leap from, and they give you cover. However, think about what would have happened if the battle was mostly in ShadowClan’s territory. The pine branches are slim and breakable, and even though a cat’s pretty small, it’s heavy on a pine tree. The whole move would have failed, if this had happened, and ThunderClan would be at a major disadvantage.
2. Resistance: As of Night Whispers, ShadowClan began to form a resistance, starting between Rowanclaw and Blackstar. The plan was simple. While the ThunderClan cats are recovering from shock, slither out from under them and attack. (OKAY IM NOT SURE IF THAT WAS THE REAL PLAN.) This is fairly effective, as you will feel immense shock after jumping from a tree. Try it. It’s true.

3. Ground Attack: Okay. Ground Attack would be better because, it is better used in night, as you slip into the shadows. (That’s a ShadowClan thing. Bad joke.) Plus, the move was used during sunhigh, and not many cats blend in too well with leaves. I mean, there are hardly any green cats! Including Firestar. Not the best. Ground Attack also lets you keep your scent downwind, and have a stronger attack. Plus, you’re not shocked from a pounce, and you can use some of the effective moves. Muzzle slash, belly rake, etc.

These are the main reasons why the Tree Jump as ThunderClan used it in Fading Echoes is not very effective. Consider this next time you read Battles of the Clans, which I will read in a few days. Keep a lookout for my second post about Warrior Cats move weaknesses. Next time, the Underwater Clinch will be criticized by yours truly. Frostkit out!

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