My Opinion on Crowfeather by Foxtalon

Foxtalon shares their opinion on Crowfeather.

Hi there! It’s Foxtalon! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite characters, Crowfeather.
Crowfeather’s early life:
His parents are Deadfoot and Ashfoot. I don’t think he had any siblings-if he had, they weren’t mentioned. His father Deadfoot died from the battle with BloodClan.
He first came out in Warriors: The New Prophecy: Midnight. He was chosen by StarClan to go on the journey.
Crowpaw was seen as a difficult, sharp-tempered cat. But I actually liked him from the start (Idk why, don’t ask).
I really did like his relationship with Feathertail. Feathertail really helped him come out of his shell and poof! There is Crowpaw’s first mate!
And then there is Feathertail’s death. I really respected her death but it was very depressing for me. I can’t imagine how sad Crowpaw felt. I admired him for choosing his warrior name as Crowfeather. He then swore to never love another.
Crowfeather then meets Leafpool, who was Leafpaw at that time. Leafpaw was a sweet, great character really! OMG, when Crowfeather saved Leafpaw from falling down the cliff and then confessed his love for her…that was a great part.
Then he (after they got closer) convinced Leafpool (or is it still Leafpaw? I can’t remember) to leave the Clans so they can have a life together. I know she was reluctant to leave her Clan but she was convinced that her love was greater. They meet Midnight along the way who told them about the badgers. The next day, Leafpool told him that she had to go back to her Clan. Crowfeather was obviously heartbroken once again but he agreed and went back to WindClan.
WindClan didn’t like him of course after he ditched them for Leafpool. But to prove his loyalty once more, he mates (again) with Nightcloud who thought was never going to have kits. I wish he didn’t do this though. I know he never loved Nightcloud and yet he did…I can understand how mad she was when she found out. And then his three kits were born. Except one was born dead and another died a few moments later. Only Breezekit remained alive. Crowfeather wanted to love him but he was scared-he thought he would lose him. So he ignored him which caused Breezekit to hate him and turned him into an angry, hateful cat.
And more drama. Crowfeather learns that Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather are his and Leafpool’s sons, not Brambleclaw’s and Squirrelflgiht’s sons. He doesn’t love them (I mean, he really can’t anyway) and they hated them in turn.
Next…you guessed it! More drama. The Dark Forest started recruiting warriors, tricking them into joining them-and one of them is Breezepelt. Breezepelt trained for them and fought for them-even after he learned the reason. He also fought Lionblaze, saying he (or his littermates) didn’t deserve to be alive. Crowfeather finds them and drags his son off his son. Crowfeather also learns that Hollyleaf was killed and he later regrets that he hadn’t learned anything about her. His mother Ashfoot also dies.
There was also the stoat problem. Crowfeather believes that Nightcloud had been killed. He realizes, though he didn’t love her, that he still missed her and wished that they could be friends. His Clanmates believed that Breezepelt might’ve killed Nightcloud. WindClan gets weakened by the stoats and Crowfeather tries to convince Onestar that they need ThunderClan help. He disagrees. Crowfeather doesn’t give up though. He continues trying to help his Clan but in the end, he ended up getting banished from WindClan. He gets a head injury and meets Yew who helps him. He also learned that Nightcloud is alive and went to search for her with Heathertail, Breezepelt, Goarsetail, and Hootpaw. I’m glad they successfully returned with her!
Then here comes the Darktail problem. Onestar gets killed
Okay and here’s some happy news. Harespring becomes leader and appoints Crowfeather as deputy. I really think he deserves it and I think he’ll be a good deputy.
It wasn’t too long before Leafpool also dies too from a collapse of a cave. Though they’re not together anymore, he still grieved for her.
That’s it for now! I hope you liked this article and may StarClan light your path!

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