Summer Gathering: It’s here!

The gorgeous art you see above is by the talented Ospreysplash!

Can you believe it? The Gathering is here! 🦜 Make sure to check out the schedule to see what we have planned. Also, if you aren’t on a team yet, there’s no deadline to joining! Head on over to the teams post and comment to join a team 🌺

Because it makes it easier to give out points to teams (and because it’s just fun), we encourage you to make your live chat avatar one of the corresponding pictures below! However, if you aren’t able to it’s totally fine 😉

Give some love to our amazing volunteer artists! 💙

Talented Toucans

Art by Icepaw(pelt)!

Majestic Macaws

Art by Slatepaw!

Charismatic Cockatoos

Art by Eggpaw!


Contests are officially due at 4pm EST on Sunday! Try to get them in on time, but it’s okay if you need an extension.

Writing Contest Prompt

Very tempted to make the writing prompt relate to the hit movie Rio (2011) but instead I’ll give you something easier to work with: A Clan has moved to a tropical territory (this can be BlogClan, one of the warrior Clans, or a made-up Clan). However, they didn’t realize this territory is heavily populated by tropical birds! You decide whether the birds want to help the Clan or push it out. You can write from the birds’ POV or the cats’. Get creative!

  • Writing contest submissions can be posted in a comment on this post
  • Keep it blog friendly!
  • Word count: however much you can fit in two comments maximum (not a hard cap–if you need a little more go right ahead)

Art Contest Prompt

This time the prompt is that there basically is no prompt ( 😛 ) except to make the art relate to summer, the beach, tropical birds, etc. You can include BlogClanners in it if you want. You can even make the art relate to your writing entry if you’re doing both! The sky is the limit–there’s pretty much no way I could say you’re off-theme unless you decided to draw horses or something (unless they were horse-bird hybrids… which I realized is just a pegasus…).

I’d prefer if you posted the link to your art on this page! You can also DM me on discord (cheetah#4155) or email me ( if it’s easier.

And that’s it! Let the fun commence ☀️

✨ Cheetahspark ✨



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