Bramblestar or Ashfur? by Rosebloom

Rosebloom wonders who would be better for Squirrelflight.

Art by baimon2000

I, Rosebloom, got this idea from Mistystream, so look at “Is Bramblestar or Ashfur better for Squirrelflight?” by Mistystream as well. Published on February 22nd, 2022. If you have not gotten to the point where Squirrelflight has kits with one of them {just in case I will not say who.}, please read at your own risk. *Anyways,* this is my opinion, I don’t favor hate comments so if you disagree just say so politely.


Ashfur and Squirrelflight always had a bond, but a bond that only exists in friendships. Squirrelflight never realized how much Ashfur loved her, {SPOILER AHEAD} !!{read on with caution}!! So Squirrelflight and Ashfur never became mates. When {warrior name spoilers ahead} Squirrelpaw/flight came along with Bramblepaw/claw/star, Crowpaw/feather, Featherpaw/tail, and Stormpaw/fur on their journey to find The Tribe of Rushing Water. That gave her and Bramblestar a chance to bond. So when they did, Ashfur and Squirrelflight never got that special bond. Their relationship was never really developed, which makes it hard to support. {who Squirrelflight chooses spoiler ahead} When Squirrelflight chose Bramblestar, Ashfur was outraged. He went mad with anger instead of being happy for her. He even threatened to kill her kits!! Like, dude! Chill *out!* So they aren’t exactly the *best* potential couple ever.


Squirrelflight mated with Bramblestar and had {warrior name spoiler} Alderheart, Sparkpelt, Juniperkit, and Dandelionkit. Though only Alder and Spark survived until adulthood. So with that happening most Warriors fans would be like “Omg! IT’S TRUE LOVE FOREVER!!” But Bramblestar was honestly kind of abusive. Not physical abuse, like the kind that immediately comes to mind, {ew!}, but he shot down all of her ideas, and a few times he listened to Squirrelflight then later he just stole it! Ugh! But in the end, they grew stronger as a couple. Though… One thing still questions me. Why did StarClan let Squirrelflight have kits when she is the ThunderClan deputy? {I haven’t read enough to get to ‘Squirrelstar’ so I don’t know if her destiny was to become deputy then quit .-.}

My results.

Again, my opinion, please no hate comments! But I… {drumroll please!} I think Bramblestar is more suitable for Squirrelflight. He has his flaws and honestly so does Ashfur. But Ashfur went all, ‘I’m a maniac! Love me or I’ll kill everyone you love!!’ So that’s not really… Just- Just no. Again, I got this idea from Mistystream. Comment down below what your opinions are! Byeee!!

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